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Kate ([personal profile] kate_nepveu) wrote2015-03-13 09:27 pm
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Big Hero 6

Okay, I spent most of the movie trying to explain the plot to the Pip, because it's really above the level of a three-year-old (SteelyKid loved it), so I cannot say I gave it 100% of my attention, but I am pretty sure it is absolutely adorable. Nothing surprising plot-wise but charming and nicely diverse (I don't know what I think about the San Francisco-Tokyo mashup, though), and I want a Baymax—both the plush ones you can buy and the movie one I can't.

(Note: does contain a significant character death, as is common for superhero origin stories.)
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[personal profile] cofax7 2015-03-14 05:39 am (UTC)(link)
Concur: I really liked it, and in fact I think it had more heart than the Lego movie. (And more diversity!) Also, scarier -- that whole sequence when they were getting chased by the nanobots was pretty frightening for an animated movie.

I went in not knowing it was an origin story, and was surprised how it turned out.
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[personal profile] skygiants 2015-03-14 12:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Ditto to all of this! I actually liked it much better than the Lego movie.
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[personal profile] lannamichaels 2015-03-14 01:22 pm (UTC)(link)
I also think it was better than the Lego movie. I have issues with the Lego movie and its handling of tropes, and I much prefer the tropes in Big Hero 6 to the overdone "random white dude is the chosen one Just Because" with a mixture of "and the chosen one thing is made up anyway". I enjoy TEAM much more than designated heroes.

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It had a bit of a How to Train Your Dragon problem with the college students taking orders from the Hiro, and really I wish we'd gotten more origin for the rest of the team. But I suppose there's hope that we will see more story for GoGo, Honey Lemon, and Wasabi in later installments?

I didn't realize until the special features that Daniel Henney was Tadashi.

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I absolutely adored Big Hero 6. I went in with no expectations and was gobsmacked midway through the opening that Disney had somehow done a remake of Real Genius with all the heart and intelligence of the original. -Ron Avitzur, Pacific Tech.
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I ended up seeing it twice, and really liked it both times. The second time was with a 13 YO who also found it quite enjoyable.