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This one's up for auction at Con or Bust (I'm offering a custom-made one, too).

Click to enlarge:

red knotwork front full

The weird waviness is it being unduly flattened by the scanner, because I tried for way too long to get accurate colors with a camera and GIMP and could not.

Pattern by Teresa Wentzler (and a giant pain, it varies the height of the rows it puts in and so I had to take a ruler and pencil in lines so that I could have a proper 1 square = 1 stitch chart). Stitched over two on Antique White MCG evenweave; main stitching in silk, Caron Waterlillies, Cherry 101; satin stitch and Algerian eyelets in DMC pearl cotton size 12, Ecru (best way to do satin stitches EVER); backstitch in DMC 801 (done over one on the diagonals); shiny bits in Krenik #4 Braid Beige (013).

The colors don't quite glow the way I wanted when I saw the silk in the store, but I'm pretty happy with it all the same.

Date: 2015-04-25 03:58 am (UTC)
yhlee: fractal (fractal (art: unHnu icon: enriana))
From: [personal profile] yhlee
That's a gorgeous piece, Kate. :)

I have only once stitched a Wentzler. Unholy pain but the results were so worth it!

Date: 2015-04-25 12:42 pm (UTC)
yhlee: go game (baduk, wei qi) (baduk 1 (photo: ISa [Flickr])
From: [personal profile] yhlee
Having different-height rows would completely mess me up--I'd have to rechart on graph paper. :]

Happy stitching!

Date: 2015-04-25 11:51 pm (UTC)
thistleingrey: (Default)
From: [personal profile] thistleingrey
That's lovely! The variegation intervals work nicely with the pattern.

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