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So I had kind of a lousy day at work today, and seeing that this was an Onion episode was not really a great thing, which colored my reaction to it.

It wasn't definitively creepy and gross, so yay! But the ways in which it weren't . . . didn't really seem to make sense? Not recognizing that they were role-playing a car accident, which is a totally normal kid thing to do? The trench coat, enh, whatever (the picture of Garnet giving them a thumbs-up!). I don't really know if Steven was supposed to squish the winning bug or tap it gently, like knighting it—either it was the latter and that's why it survived for Onion to bring it to Steven, or Onion somehow miscalculated about Steven's morals, but I don't think that's consonant with the rest of the episode, but there's nothing conveyed. And Steven being all "woe is me I'm lonely, I see I was the weird one all along" was . . . also not very in-character? Just go wander down to the boardwalk and keep people company!

(Narrating his adventures with Onion was very Steven, but also excruciating because he's making up stories about someone who's RIGHT THERE.)


Apparently we are now on hiatus with no announced end date??!! Arrgh.

I was thinking about doing a rewatch, once the daily summer episodes ended and it felt so weird not to be thinking about SU so often, and I dunno, I still might—I didn't see a lot of the early episodes and one a day isn't really that much, though it might not be every weeknight.

Date: Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 08:58 pm (UTC)
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Just got round to this one now, and the trenchcoat thing feels like a Bojack Horseman shout-out to me.

Date: Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 01:34 am (UTC)
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I don't know whether it would be your thing. It starts off a combination of scathing entertainment-industry centred satire, parodying the "middle-aged succrssful guy finds he still isn't happy" genre, with clever incidental worldbuilding for anthropomorphic animals uncommentedly living among humans, and slowly accretes character depth and some impressively clear-eyed and realistic treatment of depression, anxiety and insecurity in a wide range of characters, very nicely balanced between having compassion, understanding that depressed people make bad choices, and not letting people away with reprehensible things; definitely a thing where it takes bearing with the relatively less good first half of the first season to get to the good bits. Anyways, it has a supporting character who is very obviously three kids in a trenchcoat pretending to be an adult.
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