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Kate ([personal profile] kate_nepveu) wrote2017-02-01 10:07 pm
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Steven Universe S04E14, "The Zoo"

How long has Greg been there? Long enough to tell stories about Steven, get acclimated to the routine, and learn everyone's names. I suspect a Diamond's ship is faster than a Ruby's.

I'm assuming this is setup, but it's still kinda slow and obvious. On the other hand, explicit messages about consent on a kids' show is a good thing.

(I don't know if there's more populations we don't see, it's hard to get a sense of the size, or if the keepers do funky things with genomes to keep the population going. We do see one person with gray hair and one Steven-ish sized person.)

I thought at first that the Amethysts didn't recognize physical hurts, only emotional, which seemed ludicrous because the humans could still bonk their head on trees, you know? But instead I think it's that the zoo humans called out for help, asked to have the pain taken away, and Greg didn't when Steven punched him.

And, cliffhanger: captured by Amethysts!

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