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Kate ([personal profile] kate_nepveu) wrote2017-02-10 09:15 pm
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Steven Universe S04E16, "The New Crystal Gems"


I literally laughed out loud when Pumpkin showed up with a party hat to be Pearl's nose. Oh my gosh.

And Lapis & Peridot used their meep morp skills to build a new sign!

Yes yes, wheel of morality turn turn turn, tell us the lesson that we should learn. That's fine. But Connie, yay Connie! And I love Lapis's lack of fucks but willingness to go along, to a certain point anyway.

(Time dilation issues seem not to have arisen, Diamonds have not beaten them back (as far as we know), that's all fine and good, though I do want to know about the Rubies, darn it!)