If you're playing Zen Koi on Android and you're loss-averse, you need to separately back up your app data: while you can log into Google Play Games or Facebook, that doesn't sync your progress, and apparently the developer can't or won't transfer games between devices.

If your device isn't rooted, you'll want to use the Helium app (free, but you'll have to get the resulting files off your device by going into your file manager of choice and sharing them to email or the cloud; it will back up to cloud storage if you buy the app). This is a little fiddly to deal with, unfortunately; among other things, it requires you to hook your device back up to your computer whenever you restart Android. But it does work for Zen Koi--I tested it by transferring my game data from my tablet to my phone successfully.

Note: any app data backup, as far as I can tell, only works for data associated with the primary user of the Android device. If the game is being played on a restricted account or even a regular account that isn't the one that was originally set up, you can't get the data off.

(I have no idea what the situation on iOS is.)
The kids are away for the weekend and there's nothing really compelling in theaters, and we saw The Lobster on the on-demand list and remembered that it sounded interesting and got good reviews. It's an AU of our world where single people have 45 days to fall in love or they get turned into animals.

So one of those reviews was at the A.V. Club, which said,
Bizarre rules and rituals, deliberately stilted dialogue, flashes of grisly violence that threaten to tilt the humor straight into horror: All of this could only have come from the warped imagination of Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos, here making his singularly strange English-language debut.
And, yeah, basically that, except I found very little humor in it. Really not my kind of thing.

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A note about the ending. Spoilers, naturally. )
Apparently "Bismuth" is numbered as episodes 20 and 21, despite being a single episode, which after tonight's two gets us to 25 on Wednesday (with the 26th being the Internet shorts and extended opening, collectively, because sure, that makes sense, whatever) and the start of season 4 on Thursday, after which we get weekly episodes. Oh, Cartoon Network.

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If you've seen people, including me, enthuse about Steven Universe but the first episode or two didn't grab you, here is an alternative called Flood Order, which I got from Tumblr and am extracting in a spoiler-free version here (not that there are a ton of spoilers at the link). Note that I have not personally tried this, but it seems pretty reasonable.

Start with a mad dash to the halfway point of S1 [*], which is where shit indisputably begins to get real. Because episodes are 11 minutes each, this will take you less than two hours, or in the ballpark of a feature film. The number in parenthesis is the original episode number.

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If you only want to watch a single episode to get a taste, I suggest "Giant Woman," because it introduces a major worldbuilding concept and has a fun song, though Steven is a smidge annoying and there's insufficient Garnet.

I've been idly contemplating attempting to chart out the pace of the series in terms of characters and arcs, and now I want to more than ever, but I don't think my data visualization skills are up to it . . .
Fun fact: I have a bismuth crystal sitting on my desk in front of me.

Less fun fact: I really hate that Cartoon Network's ads contained spoilers for this episode.

Neutral fact: this was a double-length episode. Boo commercials in the middle, yay cute transition images.

Logistical fact: no episode tomorrow.

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But I did not like The Cursed Child.

(Comments disabled so as not to split conversation. No spoilers at linked post, but there is a spoiler post linked therein.)
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Tomorrow's episode is a double-length special, by the way.
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There is a plea from one of the show's staff to avoid spoilers for the rest of this summer, btw.

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