Naruto Rendan – Week 12 Coda

May. 28th, 2017 08:50 pm
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The Last – Naruto the Movie – Soundtrack CD
The Last – Naruto the Movie – Soundtrack CD

About a month ago I rewatched the “good parts” of The Last: Naruto the Movie. I noticed a slow, bittersweet version of the Naruto Main Theme. I’m a sucker for slow piano and slow instrumental versions of main themes, so I went ahead an ordered the Soundtrack CD from CD Japan. The music arrived last Monday, and I’ve added the special versions of the theme (there are four tracks) into my playlists in iTunes. More smiles.

Naruto Rendan – Week 12

May. 28th, 2017 08:35 pm
[personal profile] lovelyangel
Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki
Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Shippuden, Episode 479

(Alternate Post Name: Naruto Super Rendan)

Through last week – Week 11 – my running average had been 1 week = 1 broadcast year. This last week I did a quadruple barrage and finished the remaining 3 1/2 broadcast years. This was a binge watch to beat all binge watches. I doubt I’ll do anything like it ever again. But I had fun.

My previous post marked the completion of episode 330 of Naruto Shippuden. Today I finished episode 500. As usual, I skipped the filler episodes. Since the previous post I skipped episodes 347-361, 376-377, 388-390, 394-413, 416-417, 419, 422-423, 427-457, 460-462, 464-468, and 480-483 as per the Naruto Shippuden Filler List. The 427-457 chunk was a big one – 30 weeks – more than half a year by itself.

A lot happened during the Fourth Great Ninja War – most details of which I did not know in advance. The spoilers I knew going into the final 3 1/2 years – I knew who Tobi was… I knew who survived the war… and I knew the outcome of the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke. That’s it.

A couple of things I really liked… Naruto getting more time with Minato… and Sakura attaining the Strength of a Hundred seal.

In principle, the series ended with episode 479 – which covers most of the ground of the final manga chapter – Chapter 700. Episodes 480 - 500 were taken from three novels which are considered either filler or semi-canon. Most filler lists grant the viewing status as “optional.” I’ll say that the three arcs had a filler feel to them. However it was nice to get a take on how Sasuke could evolve on his journey of redemption. And Shikamaru is one of my favorites in the series. Plus the bits of Shikamaru x Temari and Sai x Ino warm my heart. The final arc – episodes 494-500 I’d watched when they were released. I did rewatch the good parts of all those episodes.

One nice touch coming down the final stretch… the studio reverted to using some of the Naruto music from the first two seasons. The music composed for Naruto Shippuden is largely unmemorable, and my ears perk up whenever the old Naruto music is used. Made me smile.

Overall – I liked the series a lot, and I’m glad that I saw all the canon episodes. I gave up on Bleach, and I’ve never been able to get into One Piece, although I’ve tried. For me, anyway, Naruto was the best of Shonen Jump’s Big 3.

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Argh, movie showtimes!

May. 29th, 2017 12:34 am
[personal profile] umadoshi
This afternoon I asked [ profile] scruloose if he'd feel up for seeing a movie on Tuesday night. (Side note: Tuesday is a bit of a pain because it's the night of his yoga class, but at least he pays for that on a punch-card/drop-in basis, so missing one doesn't mean being out the money for it. OTOH, Tuesday is the cheapest option for movie-going, and we're trying--haphazardly, so far--to spend less.) He thought that'd be okay.

I wanted to see GotG2 or maybe the new King Arthur ([ profile] ek_johnston tweeting about it as "Trash King Arthur" has been quite persuasive), but oh my GOSH, the showtime options are horrible if you want to avoid 3D. >.< Both of those movies, at all three theatre locations we use, offer reasonable evening showings in 3D but only offer 2D showings starting by 4 PM or after 9:30 PM. Not exactly useful on a worknight.

OTOH, Gifted is showing in 2D at a reasonable time that night at my preferred location (if we feel like getting a CarShare), and I did want to see that (I wavered for a bit, but after it opened, I think I was generally seeing positive word about it?), so maybe we'll still wind up Going To A Movie.

Meanwhile, at this point only the IMAX (etc.) 3D showtimes have been released for Wonder Woman, but I'm going to operate on the theory that there will be 2D showings Friday night, just...announced stupidly late in the game. (Okay, to be technical, I just saw that my least favorite of those theatre locations is listing a 3:45 PM 2D showing on Friday. I wouldn't call that helpful, but it's something.)

Weekly Check in May 28

May. 28th, 2017 11:00 pm
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Reminder that we have a suggestion post if there’s a topic that you’d like to see discussed but would like to ask the mods to look into. This can be anything from general information, or a how-to-do-a-thing, or something you may want to discuss as a community. Folks are welcome to post directly to the comm as always, but if you’re not comfortable/don’t have spoons, we can help too.

Also if you need help with tags, PM [personal profile] redbird who is our tag guru. Both [personal profile] tanaqui and I are very grateful for the help.

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Facebook Live video from Indivisible on many issues
Support the Guardian newspaper in the wake of the Guardian journalist assaulted by the Montana Representative. The Guardian does good work.
[personal profile] snickfic shares her experience canvassing for her local Democratic party (members only post)

Other Info
Sink Hole Forms in Front of Mar-A-Lago (WaPo)
Montana Republican candidate for House assualted a reporter then got elected anyway (though likely because of 2/3 mail in ballots had already been sent in)

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backstory serial number

May. 28th, 2017 10:41 pm
[personal profile] marycatelli
Was working on a story where I was thinking of stealing from Jane Austen's Persuasion.

Read more... )

It's all about bread and pirates

May. 28th, 2017 10:33 pm
[personal profile] tassosss
1. Instead of getting on with my watch of The 100 season 4, I've actually started my rewatch of Black Sails from the beginning. I admit a little bit is because I'm still nervous about watching The 100 and with Black Sails I know how it all turns out. Also I've got a massive number of Black Sails vid ideas, so I've been ripping my dvds, so it follows that I need to rewatch before I start clipping.

What's really cool about it is seeing everyone as baby!pirates! I mean, everyone but Silver and Max are already seasoned pirates, but it's still cool to see. I'm following the plot of how the Ranger crew is involved and Max's role all much better this time around, and I've got to say it's delightful seeing Anne, Jack, and Charles together again.
spoilers for Ep 2 and season 4 finale )

2. In light of my new bread hobby, we started watching the Great British Bake Off on netflix, which has the 2014-16 seasons. You guys, it is SO GOOD! Everyone is nice, even the judges. They make beautiful food. We started the week with an episode a night, which turned into two episodes by Friday and then the last four tonight because it was down to the end. I just love it.

3. In my own baking adventures, I made bread on Friday in between I was teleworking (and yes, I got all my work done for the day.) I'm... not very happy with it. It was a repeat of the white bread from a sponge starter I've been working on, and I don't think the yeast in my starter is strong enough. I'm worried that I didn't feed it enough during the week it was developing because I couldn't get the bread to rise, or it was hard to tell if it rose, and I'm pretty sure on the second rise it didn't, it just spread out instead. On the plus side I was using bread flour, so I think that helped, and it tasted fine. It was just kind of flat.

I'm starting a new starter tonight, and tomorrow I might be making two batches - one with the new starter after is rises (and hopefully triples in size) oovernight and one with my old starter to compare. I feel bad throwing it out, but I'm just not sure about it. I also might make a direct method loaf bread because I know that one I can do.

4. In Farscape Friday Podcast, we're recording season 3 right now and I have ALL THE FARSCAPE FEELINGS! I love season 3 so much. We recorded Thanks For Sharing and Green Eyed Monster today and I am reminded of how excellent this show is at its best.


May. 28th, 2017 10:18 pm
[personal profile] marycatelli
Vanguard by Jack Campbell

Things are changing. . . the discovery of the jump drive has led to massive expansion of human colonization. And a breakdown of the social order where old Earth might be obeyed.

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Full Fathom Five by Max Gladstone

4 of 5 stars
This is the second book I've read in the Craft Sequence, and I liked it better than the first. Maybe that's because I'm more familiar with Gladstone's world (and an inventive, layered, complex world it is), and maybe it's because the setting for this book--an island, with the appropriate isolationist economy and worldview that the villain will repeatedly murder to defend--has a laserlike focus that the first book seemed to lack. In any event, I can see the improvement in the author's (heh) craft: the pacing and plotting are tighter (perhaps a touch slow in the first half, but necessary to set up and advance the storylines of the two protagonists), the characterizations better, and the ending is nicely landed.

Most of all, the author avoids dragging his story down with infodumps, despite this being an extremely complicated and unique universe. (I mean, hell, in Gladstone's world, gods and goddesses are literal beings that live by and through the numbers and fervency of their worshipers, and they can die. In fact, the death of an idol, which here is an artificially created deity that doesn't quite have the worshipers to attain full sentience, kicks off the book.) He reveals just what you need to know at any given moment while getting on with the story, which inspires trust in the reader. I assumed I would be able to figure everything out by the end, and I did. It was also and absorbing and rewarding ride getting to that end, thanks to the sparkling characterizations of Kai and Izza, the protagonists.

In addition, there's a nicely plotted mystery involved, which ties in with themes of change and the acceptance of the fact that your small, isolated piece of real estate and culture cannot, and will not, remain static forever. The villain wants to hold back that metaphorical tide, and does some terrible things in service to his goal. (He also has a seriously creepy police force in the Penitents, living stone statues that swallow people whole and infect their minds in an attempt to brainwash them.) In the end, he is defeated by Kai and Izza, in a hard-fought and very much earned victory. The book ends on a bittersweet but hopeful note: change is coming to the island of Kavekana, but thanks to the efforts of these two, the people are far better prepared to meet it.

One of the front blurbs on this book mentions it as belonging to the "urban fantasy" genre. This is a misnomer, as it is no such thing. Humans populate this world, but it does not reflect our continents and cities, and culture- and history-wise it is very much its own thing. Max Gladstone's excellent worldbuilding is just one of the attractions of this series, which I wholeheartedly recommend.

Riverdale fic recs

May. 28th, 2017 06:49 pm
[personal profile] snickfic
As I keep telling people, this show isn't good, but I am nonetheless enjoying the hell out of it. And the fandom is producing some fun stuff!

(and I said what about) breakfast at tiffany's by [ profile] somethingdifferent
Jughead/Veronica, 8k. This is just great - the ongoing theme of his book difficulties (including the lack of ongoing themes!), him introducing Veronica to movies, the snark, the eventual big reveal. They both sound so in-character. I love it.

you make me feel like I am home again by [ profile] izzybusiness
Jughead/Veronica, 4.5k. Sweet and gentle and easy, which is saying something, considering how many edges they both have.

While the Rhythm of the Rain Keeps Time by [ profile] FreshBrains
Betty/Veronica, 2k. If you wanted steamy atmospheric sex in the rain, then this is the fic for you.

Nothing Realistic by [ profile] Shippershape
Jughead/Betty, 5k. The author disregards the canon relationship to go with a very sweet slow burn, and I am here for it.

long live the car crash hearts by [ profile] izzybusiness
Jughead/Jason, 5k. My heart belongs with crack ships, apparently. I would never have thought this one up, but this fic is great: melancholy and full of that good teenage angst.

The Story Inverted by [ profile] nimmieamee
Jughead/Cheryl, 12k. Misery loves company, and nobody's life is more more miserable than Jughead's. Unless you count Cheryl Blossom's. This seemed like the most unlikely ship, but the fic completely sold me on it. They're both so tragic in their own ways, and they both sound so completely themselves in this. Also the sex is hot.

Not Since Bonnie & Clyde by [ profile] Lang
Alice/FP, 10k. This is everything I never knew I wanted?? It's a/b/o with alpha!Alice and omega!FP, and it's kind of a character study of Alice, HBIC who still can't quite keep life under her control for all that. But also it's got soapy twists to rival canon and hot mess of a ship that speaks to all my deepest needs. (Head's up that the dubcon is EXTREMELY dubious, so proceed with caution.)
[personal profile] lebateleur
The worst of times. )

The best of times. )


(no subject)

May. 28th, 2017 09:33 pm
[personal profile] the_rck
Scott has scavenged a hard drive from one of his old laptops. It remains to be seen how hard it will be to restore my data and programs. Right now, he's trying to clear his old data off it because there's almost no space there.

We have a program that makes hourly backups, so I probably won't lose files. I'm not sure about applications, though. We've never needed to restore from backup before.
[personal profile] siderea
This is brilliantly put:


I know you want to, and you are constantly being told that you must, excel at and be committed to, for example:

1. earning a living wage
2. healing from and/or dealing with injury, illness, emotional trauma, disability
3. basic self-care and adulting (laundry, financial management, etc.)
[... nine more categories elided... ] enough downtime to keep you functional.

But excelling at each of those is equivalent to a full-time job and you cannot physically do them all. In fact, our society considers basic competence at two of them to be a passing grade. ONLY TWO.[...]
Read the whole thing. Recommended.

ETA: I would spin yet a thirteenth category off from #2. Distinct from health is recovering from catastrophe – I had to deal with both The Evacuation and exciting health issues in the past year, and they were quite distinct, though intersecting. Dealing with moving out of my home, having it remediated, and then moving back in, on no notice, was a full-time job. Heck, I'm not even done. TODAY I moved one of my large garment bags (full of summer clothes, natch) home from [personal profile] tn3270's place. I still have [personal profile] jducoeur's handcart. My house is still full of boxes (though, admittedly, that's its default state.) I still don't know where everything goes. Meanwhile along the way I was also trying to do physical therapy appointments and seeing an escalating chain of medical specialists. Whee.

SIFF hot take May 28, 2017 at 06:33PM

May. 29th, 2017 01:33 am
[personal profile] ironymaiden
Cook Up A Storm

loved it. a chef with a chip on his shoulder takes on a chef with a chip on his shoulder. then they unite in order to deal with their daddy issues. molecular gastronomy, Chinese street food, and Iron Chef-style cooking competition are all a feast for the eyes. There's also a charming neighborhood crowd and evil developers. no romance, just bromance and so much awesome food. if you love Iron Chef or Chef's Table, and all the people who live in the building in Kung Fu Hustle (as I do) then this is for you.

in other news, I found a seat in Pac Place with a power outlet. score.

Teensy extension for everyone!

May. 28th, 2017 08:32 pm
[personal profile] famexmod posting in [community profile] familyex
I'll be going to bed before midnight, so I won't be defaulting anyone or sending out pinch hits until tomorrow morning. I expect to be up around 7am EST. At that time, I will close the collection briefly, default anyone who didn't turn in an assignment or pinch hit numbering from 1-14, and do a placeholder check. Once I've completed this, pinch hits will go out for everyone who completed their assignment but did not have an assignment completed for them. I expect the pinch hit post to go up around 8-9am EST.

As previously stated, I am not giving (individual) extensions, so please don't ask for a further extension.

If you defaulted on your assignment but finish it later, you're still welcome to post it anytime after the collection re-opens tomorrow (which will probably by noon EST). If you complete a treat of any length/size, you're welcome to post that at any time. The more, the merrier! :D

As a final note, Pinch Hit #16 (Heroes, White Collar, House M.D.) is still up for grabs.

Musing on dress

May. 28th, 2017 08:32 pm
[personal profile] flemmings
Since my 30s at least I've found t-shirts unwearable. Too hot in the heat, too cold in the cool: useless, essentially. I suffered with them in summer until I discovered tanktops and cotton hapi coats. But something has changed. Even last summer, a very warm one here, I eschewed my hapi coats because... because... because the t-shirts I had were thin enough to be cool. Even though the thin t-shirts I bought in Tokyo were never thin enough for here, twenty years ago. (Or there, for that matter, but in Japan one must cover up.) Now I can bring out my old shirts, basically unworn for a decade, and use them again.

My neck vertebra have been acting up since, ohh 2008 at least. I loosed a battalion of chiropracters and acupuncturists and physiotherapists on them and eventually things settled down. But I couldn't be having with bra straps: any pressure on the shoulder started the tingling and pain down the arm. Lycra tube tops were the answer, but no one makes them any more. (I don't mean bandeau bras: I mean camisole to the waist, if not beyond.) I mean, they do make lycra camisoles but they all have straps: they don't stay up by themselves. And I still don't have a solution. But Facebook in its infinite advertisementness showed me a video about a bra without underwire (loathe underwire) and soft straps that supposedly fit and supported any breast shape. Ordered some. They came from China (!!) and came with inserted padding. Why they think a 3X size needs padding I don't know, but at least they're removable. And the bras are... well enough, in any case. I'd like a heavier band under the bra, but at least the straps aren't the monsters that sports bras are, which hit all the wrong places. So I am pleased, because a lycra camsiole in the mug is very unpleasant indeed. Also they come in gaudy purple and fuchsia and blue, and will look decorative at the sides of my tanktops: which of course have the men's style low cut armhole.
[syndicated profile] nightvale_feed

A brand new podcast convention, by and for fans of podcasting.

And don't miss the Orbiting Human Circus's between season, self-contained special presentation: The 2nd Imaginary Symphony. To hear the rest, subscribe to the Orbiting Human Circus wherever you listen to podcasts.

A long-awaited update.

May. 29th, 2017 08:38 am
[personal profile] jolantru
For people who are concerned about my previous posts about health:

The CT scan showed that it was just a fluid-filled cyst and my specialist didn't seem fussed about it, only slated another blood test (she's well-known for it amongst the nurses!) when I see her again in July. The blood test is to evaluate my liver functions. So basically ever since I came back from Perth, Australia, I had been exercising and watching what I eat. Gruelling and sometimes downright miserable-making for me - but it's paying off.

Just as well that my body past 40 seems to be rejecting/hating/disliking things gluten and dairy... which was a doozy for me because I love yoghurt and bread. But it seems that my colon doesn't appreciate a lot of it and even a tiny smidgeon triggers it to grumbling.

But hey, I feel fine at age 42.

So, that's the long and short about my health. Just give me lots of nice salads when you see me next time. :D

The week in writing 5/28

May. 28th, 2017 11:55 pm
[personal profile] dira
WIPs currently active: 6

Words written this week: 4,187

WIPs that got no words this week: 0

WIPs that did get words this week:

Codename: Aluminum Bastard (aka broken dick epic): 1,106, and I finished! a chapter! for the first time in three months!! And ahahahha I ruined everything oh god I didn’t know I could make them this sad this far into the story.

Born in the Blood: 720, and… things… are… happening? Probably?


Less-Sad Sequel to “Ring the Bell Backward”: 214

Dragon!Bucky/Tribute!Steve Cap Reverse Big Bang Story: 175

Little Bitty #2 (Jemmie): 313

from Tumblr

Cons are fun

NSFW May. 28th, 2017 07:48 pm
[personal profile] petra
( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )

Quick Note about Cibola Burn

May. 28th, 2017 07:46 pm
[personal profile] dewline
I finally finished my first read-through this weekend, by the by. Seems like the scale of the story keeps steadily escalating with each volume, which I have no complaints about.

One other thing I notice towards the end is how the unintended consequences for economies in the process of scaling up can pile up PDQ...

Gong Yu does not do things by halves

May. 28th, 2017 11:24 pm
[personal profile] branchandroot
In today’s words, Gong Yu is struck by an instant crush on Xia Dong’s danger and competence and it’s /hilarious/. I mean, seriously, she’s nearly drooling (not that this is not a wholly appropriate response to Xia Dong). I think Nihuang may be about to hurt something, trying not to laugh out loud. 

As far as I can tell, Xia Dong is totally blase about it all. Probably she’s used to baby agents having smashing crushes on her and barely notices any more.

Today’s snippet:

Xia Dong gave her a wry grin, and Yu’s breath caught. “You’re part of the clan, now. No need to be so formal.”

Yu blushed deeper, cheeks hot, and clasped her hands tight, wetting her lips. “Xia Dong jie-jie,” she amended, obediently.

Xia Dong clapped her lightly on the shoulder. “Better. Come tell me about how the roads are; it looks like I’ll be headed a little south soon, myself.” She sank down cross-legged by a low table with a tea set sitting out, fluid and graceful, without a single second of wasted motion. Yu tried not to stare.

from Tumblr


May. 28th, 2017 07:21 pm
[personal profile] dewline

Decided to add one for to my feeds. It's a blog devoted to Canadian-made TV series. 


Everybody Should Learn To Code

May. 28th, 2017 10:58 pm
[syndicated profile] atrios_feed
One of my (I am getting old and cranky so there are many) pet peeves is any version of this. All knowledge is good. Some learning also teaches you to think and learn better. Some skills might have good job prospects associated with them, but such things are "trendy" to some degree so by the time you decide you should learn to code you will have probably missed the gravy train.

I've heard many versions of this: everybody should learn a bit of economics, everybody should knit, everybody should garden, everybody should study math, everybody should study Latin, everybody should take humanities, everybody should be STEM majors, everybody should learn an instrument, everybody should..

I mean, everybody should! It's all good. But we can't all do it all, and while a bit of generalization is good, we all gotta specialize a bit both in our vocations and avocations...

SIFF hot take May 28, 2017 at 03:44PM

May. 28th, 2017 10:44 pm
[personal profile] ironymaiden
The Little Hours

adaptation of a bit from the Decameron, set in a nunnery. raunchy, funny but low joke density. it was shot on location in Tuscany, which is stunning (and surprisingly Northwest-like). Aubrey Plaza and the writer/director did a q&a afterward. ([personal profile] sistawendy, it will be released in Seattle at the end of June.)

Imagine Working Worth These People

May. 28th, 2017 09:44 pm
[syndicated profile] atrios_feed
Everybody in the White House is horrible. And while I get that horrible people find a certain kinship sometimes, you still are working with a bunch of other horrible people who all spend their whole day whining, er, leaking, to the press.


May. 28th, 2017 11:55 pm
[personal profile] dhampyresa
This is mostly for tracking purposes, because I know I went swimming more than twice since my last swimming tracking, but I can't remember when or how much I swam, sadly.

Right now my swimming record is 3km in 1h42m, which is 34mn to 1km. I swam this roughly keeping the same speed throughout, given that I had swam 2km in 1h08m. I think my next goal is going to get under 30mn for a 1km. (Meanwhile, Olympic swimmers swim 10km in under 2 hours.)

Time before that I did 2.7km in idk how much time. *squints* I think I did 2.6km the time before that, but I ain't counting it because I'm not sure. (I'm tracking less because of accuracy and more because it motivates me to make concrete progress towards a distant/big goal.)

I was going to go swimming today, but it was too bloody hot and I couldn't make myself. I may try to go one evening this week.

Past total: 27 850 / 585 689. Current total: 33 550 / 585 689.

Warning to those still posting on LJ

May. 28th, 2017 06:19 pm
[personal profile] zdenka
I heard about this from [personal profile] independence1776: Apparently LJ has started suspending accounts that post links to non-LJ sites. There are also claims that posting a link even in a locked entry can get you suspended.

More here.

This is idiotic, because a lot of people (including me) like to share fun links with their friends. Are they trying to lose users? I intend to carry on as normal; if LJ suspends my account, I'll be annoyed for nostalgia reasons, but it's all backed up here on DW.

Bad Beginnings by Nicole Field

May. 29th, 2017 08:00 am
[personal profile] calissa

Bad Beginnings, Nicole Field, Less Than Three Press, Earl Grey Editing, books and tea, tea and books

Published: May 2017 by Less Than Three Press
Format reviewed: E-book (mobi)
Series: Anchors #2
Genres: Contemporary romance, LGBTQIA
Source: NetGalley
Available: Publisher (print and electronic) ~ Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ Book Depository ~ Kobo ~ Smashwords

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

After the recent ending of a relationship, Kit feels lost and uncertain about where he stands without being in a relationship. Dante, on the other hand, has been waiting for this moment for years, and now that Kit is finally single he has no intention of wasting this chance.

But even the most sincere feelings and best intentions aren’t enough to guarantee happiness, and it’s a long road from a bad start to a happy end.

Bad Beginnings is a sweet romance that does a fantastic job of modelling respectful behaviour in a number of different ways.

It’s a friends-to-lovers story. Kit is a lawyer who has started a private practice with his best friend. Having recently split up with his boyfriend, he’s beginning to realise how claustrophobic his life has become: it’s all work and no play. While he’s not exactly happy about this and yearns for the steady relationship his best friend has, Kit is not the outgoing sort. The end of his relationship was a blow to his already low confidence. He’s uncomfortable in his own skin and he’s a bit embarrassed when Dante finds him at the gay nightclub he’s been pushed into visiting.

Dante is the brother of Kit’s best friend and has all the confidence Kit lacks. He runs his own tabletop gaming store, which automatically made him my favourite. He’s also great with people, a caring and considerate guy who tries to help others. When he discovers Kit is single again, he’s thrilled–and he makes his interest plain–but he also never pushes Kit. At every turn, he seeks Kit’s consent and backs off when it isn’t given or is withdrawn.

Consent is not the only way in which the book models respectful behaviour. Kit’s BFF, Con, is a trans man. This is not looked upon favourably by Con and Dante’s parents, who persistently misgender and deadname Con. However, this is never shown on screen. Whenever it takes place within a scene, the author is careful to paraphrase rather than trigger readers by depicting it directly.

Sex is also not depicted directly, so if you like your romances sweet rather than steamy, Bad Beginnings is a good choice.

The relationship between Kit and Dante is the biggest strength of the book and is let down by a weak crisis point. When Kit loses a work case, it triggers a crisis of confidence. However, it’s a sub-plot that never had much strength behind it. It’s a little too vague how Kit managed to lose the case and not entirely plausible that he’s never lost up until that point–particularly since the business has been running long enough to have two employees other than Kit and Con. Kit displaces his feelings of inadequacy by starting an argument with Dante. While this works, the resolution between them came a little too quickly. Instead of seeing Kit wrestle much with what he’s done, we jump back in after he’s already got his life pretty well put back together. It felt a little glossed over, with the story all too eager to focus on the next obstacle of Dante’s parents. The book could have benefited from a bit more length.

Nevertheless, Bad Beginnings was a charming read. I’m delighted to discover that Con’s story is told in the first book, so I will definitely be checking that out.

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I don't write love poems

May. 28th, 2017 04:39 pm
[personal profile] quirkytizzy
Never have. But I did write this entry, of which was about who would be the true love of my life.

The one who found this video to beyond beautiful, beyond haunting, and understood it. Poets of the Falls, a Finnish band with a gorgeous talent for twisting the morbid with the pretty.

A few months later, I met Jesse. I showed him this video.

He wept, so moved by it he was. He saw and he understood. The creepy and derelict in his own psyche echoed mine, and I knew it because he found that video to be one of the most bewitching things he had ever seen.

So I've never written a love poem? It turns out that was unnecessary anyways, because we both looked at something and saw the same thing - parts of ourselves in the other.

That's far grander than any love poem I could ever pen.

(no subject)

May. 28th, 2017 05:23 pm
[personal profile] kittydesade
I got my boots back! You guys I did not properly appreciate my boots until I wasn't wearing them for a week but oh my god I have the most comfortable boots. (After three years of wearing them they'd better be comfortable and broken in to my particular feet.) But for the week I was wearing the cowboy pull-ons everything felt so weird and loose and I missed my boots. But they were resoled, they look beautiful albeit a bit weird since I haven't polished them in forever, and they feel good.

I went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy vol2 and I actually enjoyed it and think it was a tighter story than Guardians 1, to my mild surprise. I liked everyone's emotional journeys, I like the way they didn't do much with Gamora and Quill except to bring them closer together emotionally and relationally and not focus that on the romance so much as a general closeness and understanding. Kurt Russell was fucking funny even if he [redacted redacted] and [redacted]. YONDU. Oh Yondu. I liked him in the first movie and I fucking love him in this one.

I swatched a bunch of my lip lingeries and lip suedes and discovered that I'm not insane, one of the lip lingeries has a different texture to the other two, I'm not sure why. But it looks crappier on my lips than the other two. The lip suedes are fine, still also two of them have a different texture than the other three, maybe I shook one up more than the other, I don't know? But they're fine. Not sure what to do about the lip lingerie. I seem to finally have solidified into a new makeup routine and have all my new makeup equipment other than primer (still working on the sample size tube) and a lash curler, which apparently does make a difference? Who knew? Not me because I only started doing this a year and a half ago. But overall I'm a bit pleased and terrified by the whole thing. Also by my new skin care routine since the couperose serum has done wonders for my skin, so now after a shower I'm seruming my face and moisturizing and then today I put argan oil into my hair and I'm still getting used to this whole routine where I don't just wash myself and go. It's a bit weird. But a faerie queen has to keep up her All Shall Love Me And Despair appearance.

We got the estimate back from the one tree place that's been prompt and communicative (there have been others but since I'm not in charge of calling these service people and I haven't heard anything from the boy I'm not sure where they stand) and it's about what we expected. Actually a little over what we expected but only because he included an estimate for a tree that was only briefly discussed anyway. The back white oak tree is apparently the least of the problems right now, but he included an estimate for it anyway. So I think we're going to do this.

It's a weird feeling to have life going fairly well when the world at large and especially the country is collapsing into a heap of fear and anger and panic and assholes. I have hopes of trials and treason charges and impeachment though. I think that may be contributing to my atmosphere of optimism. Get these assholes the fuck out of here. Then we can work on rebuilding the progress we'd made in the last eight years.

Schedule and FAQ

May. 28th, 2017 04:41 pm
[personal profile] benedict posting in [community profile] auexchange
Table of Contents:
  1. Welcome

  2. Schedule

  3. How it works

  4. General questions

  5. Nominations

This fic exchange is for:

  • What ifs

  • Alternate universes

  • Canon divergence

  • Elseworlds

Alternate Universes come under a lot of different names - this is an exchange to let your imagination go wild.


Who's in charge?

Mod: [personal profile] benedict
Co-Mod: [personal profile] thedevilchicken
Co-Mod: [personal profile] morbane

Please contact the mods with any problems at (email)! NOT via journal messaging, or any other means.

When does this exchange run?

All times in CST/Central

Nomination Period: June 22nd, Thursday to July 1st, Saturday 11:59pm
Sign Ups: July 5th, Wednesday to July 16th, Sunday 11:59 pm
Assignments out by: July 19th, Wednesday
Deadline: September 4th, Monday 11:59 pm
Archive Goes Live: Sept 10th, Sunday [no earlier than 8:59 am, may be later]
Anon Period Ends: Sept 17th, Sunday [no earlier than 8:59 am, may be later]

Where is this?


Canton Quest #2

May. 28th, 2017 02:34 pm
[personal profile] lovelyangel
Between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, my workplace gives me Friday afternoons off. (Since I work a 50-hour week, and my workdays start between 6 & 7 am, the company still gets much better than a 40-hour week out of me.) I had developed a new habit of going to Golden Crown restaurant for lunch on those days, but they’re no longer in business. I thought I’d see if there were any other Cantonese restaurants to try.

Turns out there is Chiam, which is 15 minutes from my home – but actually not terribly far from work. I didn’t get out of the office until 12:30 pm, but it’s less than 10 minutes to the restaurant.

The modest restaurant was lightly busy; there were plenty of open booths. While the restaurant has been in business since the 1970s – the prices seemed like they were from the 1990s. I had a combination lunch #1 – sesame chicken, pork chow mein, and fried rice – which included a choice of soup (I had egg flower soup) and tea – for $5.50. (I requested pan fried noodles, so add $1.10 to that.) Amazing bargain. And the food wasn’t half bad. Sure, it was no Golden Crown (no one will match Golden Crown), but it was reasonably tasty Cantonese food. And I had enough leftover brought home for a second lunch. The kids and I will try a full take-out dinner soon. (UPDATE: We did it tonight. Unanimously voted not as good as Golden Crown – but good enough to be our Cantonese restaurant of choice for now. Thumbs up.)

Combination Lunch at Chiam Restaurant
Combination Lunch at Chiam Restaurant
iPhone 6 photo

Canton Quest #1
[syndicated profile] npr_news_feed

Posted by Merrit Kennedy

People console each other Sunday near a house where several people were killed Saturday in Lincoln County.

The rampage happened at three separate locations in the county, and suspect Willie Corey Godbolt said that he intended to commit "suicide by cop." The state's governor called it a "senseless tragedy."

(Image credit: Rogelio V. Solis/AP)

(no subject)

May. 28th, 2017 05:09 pm
[personal profile] choco_frosh
No contra dance tonight. bother.

Starling Nest Exercises

May. 28th, 2017 03:51 pm
[personal profile] yourlibrarian posting in [community profile] common_nature
I mentioned in some past posts that we have starlings nesting in our balcony ceiling. It's very difficult to get in there so what we often see are them flying up and down trying to get in. I was able to catch one session, though I've counted as many as 13 unsuccessful attempts in a row.

I also added a few more short bird vids to our account yesterday.

Anime Spring Week 8

May. 28th, 2017 01:50 pm
[personal profile] lovelyangel
Kotarou and Akane
Kotarou and Akane
Tsuki ga Kirei, Episode 7

Here are the shows from this season that I watched last week…

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records (Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor): Episode 8
I haven’t read the source material… but it seems obvious the Project Revive Life is the source of Re=L’s name. I think the show will be better once Re=L’s brain gets unscrambled. The action is moving along at a good clip, so I think this arc will continue to be engaging.

Shūmatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii Desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desu ka? (a.k.a. Sukasuka)(WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?): Episode 7
Another character from Willem’s past. Seems like Willem is worth a lot more than we initially saw in this series. And the development with Ctholly was disconcerting; I hope the condition is temporary.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Episode 8
While I didn’t care much for Boruto’s ego puffing up due to his confirmation of something with his eye, the other parts of the episode were smile-inducing. Shikadai remains a strong wingman. Shikamaru & Hinata were stellar as always. (I loved the Scroll of Sealing inside joke.) Hiashi Hyuga was unexpectedly hilarious. Hanabi was hilarious and beautiful. And we learned that Himawari might be a prodigy. Lots of good stuff this week.

Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boys: Episode 7
A rather standard approach to winning another guy over to the growing team. Still, it was kind of fun to watch.

Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, So Beautiful): Episode 7
The episode was pretty well-orchestrated to get me all angst-ridden during the first part – frustrated with Kotarou’s indecision and inaction – and much-relieved during the second part. Typically this type of episode ends up with an excess of interruptions and zero time for the couple to be alone – but a fully-realized date did come out of this. Still, there was that one interruption that ruined the climax. Oh, well. I don’t feel sorry for Chinatsu; she was underhanded. And as always, Akane and Kotarou were adorable. Sound and music remained fantastic.

Clockwork Planet: Episode 8
It’s a messy, nonsensical world… so we’ll have to continue playing suspension of disbelief cards. I’m pretty sure that getting precision mechanical devices red hot would break them permanently, if only by problems caused by thermal expansion. But, anyway, things are happening, and the challenge is in bringing down the current Big Bad. I’m sure the team will figure out a way.

Seikai Suru Kado (Kado: The Right Answer): Episode 7
I dislike the new character, Adam Ward… and this episode’s focus on Gonno was rather uninteresting. Does anyone really care about Gonno’s internal struggles? zaShunina has thrown another MacGuffin into the mix, and I’m getting less and less interested all the time. If this weren’t the only show on my schedule on Friday (not counting 3-minutes of Nobunaga no Shinobi), I’d drop the series from my watchlist.

Boku no Hero Academia: Episode 22
I was rooting for Ochako all the way… and she was doggedly amazing! I’m not surprised by the outcome, though. Ochako remains my favorite character in the series, and she would be the plucky heroine – if there weren’t already a protagonist. Ochako rocks!

Eromanga Sensei: Episode 8
I kinda hate that Sagiri isn’t being honest and direct – it’s a kind of miscommunication and misunderstanding I dislike in many anime series. Elf and Muramasa were quite entertaining though. Masamune’s editor was wickedly funny also. Interesting change-up on the ED song & images.

Uchouten Kazoku 2: Episode 8
I always love Kaisei! This was another great episode… some Benten… some Gyokuran… some Tousen… and not enough Kaisei – but one very important scene. I’m all in on the red fur of fate! All gorgeously rendered by P.A. Works.

Alice to Zōroku: Episode 8
New characters to add to the complexity… an OK intro… but I’d like to get past the intro and go into relationship building.

Isn’t Tousen Adorable?
Yasaburou and His Mother
Uchouten Kazoku 2, Episode 8
[personal profile] catherineldf
Here are suggested books, shows and movies that were mentioned during the WisCon panel, Red as Blood: Women in Gothic Horror.

Gothic Blog: talks about Gothic:

Here's a good primer page:

Your friends at Goodreads:

Gothic Movies:

Some suggestions from the panelists and the audience:


Windward Heights by Maryse Condé

Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys

Affinity and Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

Respectable Horror edited by Kate Laity

Speaking to the Skull Kings and Other Stories by Emily Cataneo

Voodoo Dreams: A Novel of Marie Laveau by Jewelle Parker Rhodes

“The Specialist’s Hat” by Kelly Link

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

We Have Always Lived in the Castle and The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson



Films and TV:

Crimson Peak

The Orphanage

Penny Dreadful (TV)

Victor Frankenstein

The Babadook

Salem (TV)

The Woman in Black

The Handmaiden




The Girl from Raw Blood by Sarah Vaughn

Dude Watching with the Brontes by Kate Beaton

puppy princess

May. 28th, 2017 04:31 pm
[personal profile] readinggeek451
Introducing Princess Canina:

Pink and purple rottweiler with a sparkly silver tiara

About 10" tall, a smaller version of the rottweiler pattern that I used for Dogtor Who. The tiara is made of two pipe cleaners. The eyes (which you can't really see in this picture) are a lighter purple with sparkles.

Her nickname is Princess Pup-Pup.
[personal profile] shewhomust
There is something evocative about sherds - the detritus of the past. Crucial archaeological evidence, of course, and, if you are not an archaeologist, this vivid, tangible reminder of people who have been here before, making things and using them and discarding them. The past seems to echo with the sound of breaking crockery.

Penelope Lively, Ammonites and Leaping Fish

Getting sick of my antivirus program.

May. 28th, 2017 01:16 pm
[personal profile] conuly
I realize that occasional exhortations to upgrade are the price of using a free program, but it's getting out of hand. What do you guys use?


Pink Pineapples Have Finally Arrived (We can't get people to accept golden rice, which is packed with beta carotene, because it's a GMO... but they think pink pineapples are gonna sell?)

Key Crazy: Inside the Wonderful World of Keyboard Fanatics

Juno mission first results: Jupiter isn't like what researchers expected

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other (10+ pics) (Yeah, I know, but at least scroll down until you see the week-old kitten disguised as a kiwi.)

Crows and parrots – brainy birds, but in different ways (Article from 2011)

First Bamboo Biennale Creates Cutting-Edge Structures in Small Chinese Village

Tree-Climbing, Seed-Spitting Goats Help Trees Grow in New Places

Most of the World’s Bread Clips Are Made by a Single Company

Marmoset monkeys learn to call the same way human infants learn to babble

Chicago inmates can order fancy Italian pizza made in jail

How one community rallied to save turtles from becoming roadkill

A Chinese company is offering free training for US coal miners to become wind farmers

All The Wrong People Are Asking All The Wrong Questions About Fidget Spinners

Too many prisons make bad people worse. There is a better way

Accused of underpaying women, Google says it's too expensive to get wage data

Study links Facebook use to reduced gray matter volume in the nucleus accumbens

Palestinian prisoners end mass hunger strike

Two Scientists, Two Different Approaches To Saving Bees From Poison Dust

The Tragic Story of a Texas Teen and the Marines Who Killed Him for No Reason

Tribes bash proposed Trump budget cuts to Native Americans (This is ridiculous. I've never seen anything so universally reviled as this budget!)

11 Years Old, a Mom, and Pushed to Marry Her Rapist in Florida

White Terrorists Killed More Americans This Week Than Refugees Have in 40 Years

GOP focus on lowering health premiums may undermine benefits

Flint Isn’t Ready To Trust Anyone Yet

Girls are increasingly being married off in war-torn Yemen

New Immigration Crackdowns Creating 'Chilling Effect' On Crime Reporting

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