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Feb. 25th, 2017 04:53 pm
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The White House is still working on a new Muslim ban, but has delayed release of the revised executive order to next week.

Gosh, do you think coming up with something constitutional might be difficult? Maybe that's why the White House has finally involved the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security in formulating the ban. It's a pity those pesky analysts at DHS have produced a draft report that disputes that citizens of the banned nations pose a threat.


DHS issued memos placing the vast majority of the U.S.'s 11 million undocumented immigrants at risk of deportation.

But Mexico isn't happy with the plan to deport all undocumented immigrants back to Mexico (even if they're not Mexican)

Santa Cruz’s police chief accused DHS of turning a raid targeting violent gang members into a secret immigration sweep.

It's going to be hard to recruit the ICE and Border Patrol agents needed to enforce any order.

The ACLU and other groups have promised to challenge the crackdown on undocumented immigrants

Border Patrol demanded the ID of everyone on a domestic flight before allowing them to deplane.

Meanwhile, the case of Daniel Ramirez Medina, the DACA recipient detained and accused of gang affiliation based on an apparently doctored statement, continues. I've struggled to find updates on this, so please let me know if you have better sources, but it seems his lawyers are refusing a bond hearing in immigration court, arguing the case belongs in federal court, not immigration court.

Check out our muslim ban, immigration, DACA and protest tags for actions you can take, such as places that will need donations and protests you could attend.

(Note: if you hit your monthly limit for articles from the Washington Post, you can still view them by opening them in a "private browsing" window.)

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Feb. 25th, 2017 12:35 pm
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Scott and I went out to the bank around 11:00 yesterday morning to transfer some money from Cordelia’s account to ours. After that, we picked up food at Plum Market, pizza for him and a spinach pie for me. The weather was really nice, so we stopped by the science and nature center to recapture all of the portals there.

The walking wasn’t particularly good for my Achille’s tendon, but it was so very nice to be out in warm weather. I can tell that I’ve lost a lot of ground in terms of my ability to walk.

During the afternoon, we watched Arrival which I’d gotten from the library and finished a Netflix DVD that had been sitting with about fifteen minutes left on it for a week. Cordelia was annoyed that we watched Arrival without her. It hadn’t occurred to me that she might want to see it.

Cordelia went out to spend time with her friends in the evening, so Scott and I got carry out dinner from Palm Palace which is a place she doesn’t enjoy. I got lentil soup and the lamb saute which turned out not to be the dish I thought it was. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what I had wanted. Scott got a chicken schwarma plate and hummus.

We listened to an audiobook until Cordelia was ready to come home.

My cold is much worse than it was. I’m not at all happy about that. I can still sleep lying down (as long as I take Sudafed), but even when I’m upright things feel not right in my throat and chest.
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This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you’d like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no school. If you have a work question, you can email it to me or post it in the work-related open thread on Fridays.)

Recommendation of the week: Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, by Helen Simonson. It’s a British comedy of manners, but it’s more too. (I recommended the author’s The Summer Before the War last year too, and this one is just as good.)

weekend free-for-all – February 25-26, 2017 was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

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Fiona the baby hippo shows off her moves.

Born six weeks early, the tiny one-month-old hippo has had a rather tough time. But in a video released by the Cincinnati Zoo, Fiona shows off her resilience — and her moves in the pool.

(Image credit: Cincinnati Zoo/Screenshot by NPR)

Rest In Peace, Chris Wiggins

Feb. 25th, 2017 10:17 am
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Chris Wiggins has passed away at the age of 87, following a struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. May he rest in peace. He played Jack Marshak on Friday The 13th: The Series. I never caught very many episodes in reruns on Syfy, although I did like his character from what I saw; I recently purchased season 1 from a library book sale. I’ll finally watch the first few episodes of that this afternoon.

A quick check of IMDB tells me he played Dr. Hardy in Murder By Decree (1979), and apparently was the Great Wishing Star in Care Bears II: A New Generation (1986) addition to a large amount of other voicework. I’ll eventually get around to a rewatch of Murder By Decree.

PSA: Change your DW/Patreon passwords

Feb. 25th, 2017 04:08 pm
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There recently has been a security breach at a service (Cloudflare) used by many companies.

It was ugly: data, including passwords and personal details - was sent, in easily decryptable form, to unrelated websites, and this data was promptly indexed by search engines. Google & Co are trying to scrub this from their databases, but, well, yeah.

I had not known that DW was one of the possibly affected parties.

There's a short list in this article and the full, very long list (with a shorter highlights one) on Github.

Uber, Patreon, Medium, and Yelp are on the list, along with two password managers, and, which claims to be not affected, but [personal profile] siderea just warned that Dreamwidth is also on the list, so I've just changed my passwords just in case.

Wenzhounese in Italy.

Feb. 25th, 2017 03:11 pm
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This Victor Mair post at the Log is fascinating for two completely different reasons. First is the “Devil’s language” aspect:

Wenzhounese is the most divergent variety of Wu and is considered a separate language by some. It is not mutually intelligible with other varities of Wu. It preserves words from Classical Chinese that are no longer used in other varieties of Chinese, and its grammar differs significantly. It also has the most eccent[r]ic phonology, and as a result is considered the “least comprehensible dialect” for an average Mandarin speaker. These feature[s] are a result of the geographic isolation of the Wenzhou area.

There are links to a number of Log posts about the dialect. The second reason is the situation of the Wenzhounese who have ended up living in Italy:

What prompted me to write this post were the answers I received when I asked my informants whether their Wenzhounese relatives in Italy, of whom there are many, learned Italian, and they said, no, they don’t have to. They said that the Wenzhounese in Italy are so numerous and dispersed throughout the country that there isn’t a need to learn Italian. The networks and support services available to them are so extensive that they can easily get by just knowing Wenzhounese.

That’s a common phenomenon in many situations, of course, but I wouldn’t have expected it for the speakers of an obscure Chinese topolect in Italy.

Other Winter-Tide-Related Plans

Feb. 25th, 2017 10:30 am
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In addition to the book launch, I've got a few more appearances scheduled:

May 26-29, Madison WI: Wiscon! I've put in for a Lovecraftian Girl Cooties party and a reading, along with Anne Pillsworth and any other posse members who come too close happen to be in the vicinity and want to join us.  

July 13: Pandemonium Books in Boston.

July 13-16, Boston: Readercon

August 17-20, Providence: Necronomicon. My cover artist, John Jude Palencar, is also going to be there, along with Anne and several other Neolovecraftians. What happens when our schedules align, no one can say.

Still working out a couple of other possible book store appearances, and figuring out cons for the Fall. Also to do before April 4th: Hand in Deep Roots, write about a million guest blog posts, get proper Enochian pronunciations to my audiobook reader, check with the Yith to see if they'll loan me a time turner.

Confusion of meaning

Feb. 25th, 2017 03:31 pm
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Something to do while waiting for your flight instead of browsing the duty-free?

Helsinki airport is decorated with stuffed hares and wolverine, and much of its rich animal life – beavers, lynx, bears – can be shot under a strict licence system.

Enquiring minds wish to know whether licences may be obtained in the departure lounge and whether guns may be hired there as well... though my own thought would be, and are these large predators any threat to travellers who just want to sit and have a drink and try to log on to the airport wifi?

Okay, that garbled sentence, in an article about wolf culling in Finland does follow on from this one: 'Finland has 300,000 amateur hunters, more than 5% of its population.'

But I would consider this serious punctuation fail, no? Do people not read over their text, and are there not editors?

Am somewhat reminded of my speculations about suburban foxhunts of suburban foxes, with concomittent suburban sabs.

Linkspam: fannish/geeky, misc.

Feb. 25th, 2017 11:39 am

Kouign-amann update!

Feb. 25th, 2017 09:13 am
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This is mostly for the St Louisans who read my blog, because I don’t imagine it will do anyone else much good.

I found a place in St Louis that sells kouign-amann!

That place is Nathaniel Reid Bakery.

Nathaniel Reid himself–who is a very personable young man, he was behind the counter when I was there this morning–is apparently an award winning pastry chef guy. The bakery sells all sorts of cakes and macrons and croissants and things, plus coffee (including espresso and such) and hot chocolate (made from actual chocolate and milk and cream, he told me, not any kind of powder or syrup), and tea but it’s the usual afterthought tea generally is. They also have sandwich-sandwiches, and a small space to sit and eat.

I would tell you how the kouign-amann is but I was diverted by the breakfast sandwiches, which mine was even more delicious than it looked or sounded. It was also filling, so that box with the kouign-amann in it will have to wait a bit. But this is an excellent development!

Huge thanks to Anna Schwind for the heads-up on this!

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Prompt for 2017-02-25

Feb. 25th, 2017 11:04 pm
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Today's prompt is "at the end of the tunnel".

Deadline approaching!

Feb. 25th, 2017 04:52 pm
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The [community profile] purimgifts deadline is approaching! The deadline is 16:00 on March 7th Israel-time, which makes it 08:00 same-date US East Coast. If you need an extension, email the mods up to 24hr before the deadline.

If you think you may not be able to complete your assignment at all, we’d rather you default earlier than later. It is possible to do a “partial default”, where you submit what you have and a pinch hitter completes the rest. To arrange for a partial default, email the mods.

Click here for the submission guide.

Lastly, there’s a few recurring issues with submissions. Whether you already posted (some or all of) your works or are yet to do so, please check your works for the following:

* Each work MUST be tagged with one of the day tags (for an explanation about day tags, see the SUBMISSION GUIDE)
* Please do NOT include full (screen-)names of betas or other helpful persons, as those might indicate your identity. These can be filled in after author reveals.
* Podficcers: kindly do NOT have your name in the text of the work until author reveals. (You may leave your name in the podfic itself, or upload an anonymized version; we recognize that due to the nature of podfic, full anonymity may not be possible.)

For any questions, please email the mods at Please do NOT send questions/requests regarding works and assignment by other means. Thank you!


Feb. 25th, 2017 06:48 am
[personal profile] muccamukk
I've been cranky and unreasonable lately (sorry), and am going to take a couple days off line. Back Monday or Tuesday.

Here's a picture of the U.S.S. Nimitz.Read more... )

Of mysteries and wardrobes

Feb. 25th, 2017 09:36 pm
[personal profile] yifu


The Untouched Crime - Chen Zijin: Dead bodies turn up with clues that are left on purpose, but the killer remains elusive. Two seemingly separate cases merge into one in a way that I should have seen coming from miles. The police officers are interchangeable character-wise, and there's only one living woman character of importance.

Holy Mother - Akiyoshi Rikako: A young boy is found murdered, and thus a woman fears for her daughter's safety. Thriller; story has nothing to do with spirituality. I guessed 33.3% of the twist, and the other 66.7% took me completely by surprise. Has detailed descriptions of a victim's murder and mutilation, which might be disturbing for some readers.

Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 up to ep. 28:
"She's pregnant with my child so she can come with us yay?"
Dude. That's. No. Imagine her reaction when she hears you said this. Or maybe you have and are ready with a plan.
Huang Rong might have become more combative after she learns the Dog-Beating technique. Love how she directly stops and fights with Ouyang Feng - favorite fight scene in this week's episodes.
Costumes remain excellent. Yang Kang's wardrobe is tasteful and looks exclusively tailored. Green screen use has improved since Demi Gods Semi Devils 2013 (low standards?).

Hunting Cissa

Feb. 25th, 2017 02:09 pm
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Hunting Cissa_3

According to the zoo website, this is also known as a green magpie, which is a fine name except for their tendency to turn blue if they’re in the sun too long.

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President Kennedy addresses a joint session of Congress on Jan. 30, 1961.

Continuity of tradition and shared power is what ceremonies such as the address to Congress are all about. They start the process by which independent personalities become part of the government.

(Image credit: STF/AFP/Getty Images)

Elevate My Mind

Feb. 25th, 2017 09:00 am
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Mirrored from the latest entry in Daron's Guitar Chronicles.

(Saturday post!!)
I woke up the next morning with Carynne knocking on the door. My head was still under a pile of pillows and so Ziggy got up first. He answered the door buck naked, which seemed overly Ziggy-like even for him, except maybe he knew who it was.

“Not to rush you but a shuttle’s taking us to the airport in a little over an hour,” she said.

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Surprise! Surprise!

Feb. 25th, 2017 08:59 am
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Caitlyn Jenner notices a problem with the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party.

light bulb

Feb. 25th, 2017 07:43 am
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This week was a good week. Despite some frustrating blips, it was mostly a week in which I got my work done, was able to use my flex hours, and felt rested enough to give time and attention to other people. That's a win. It all started with giving myself last weekend off, so I plan to take a bunch of time for myself this weekend, too.

But what also made this week so important / good was a realization I had half way through it. I was emailing with a friend who also has PTSD and who has been having a rough time of it. We've been talking about what it's like to navigate a neurotypical world with these kinds of brains. And the other day zie wrote '[something something] because I'm disabled.'

My whole world slowed. Of course zie's disabled. And if zie is disabled, I'm disabled. Talk about a light bulb moment. So many things fell into place and I had an explanatory framework for the things I find difficult and the things I don't all at once. I remember thinking - how has it taken me this long to realize this? How have I called PTSD a disability but not said 'I am disabled'? It was a really good moment, completely empowering, because instead of thinking of myself of someone who tries but just can't work 8 or 9 hours a day, especially not in my office, I was able to think about how it is literally impossible for me to that with the brain and body that I have. Being able to leave early or work from home are not just personal choices, they're the accommodations I need to be able to function.

So that was huge. But perhaps bigger yet was Thursday, when I was at work for 8.30 as usual, but was scheduled for a meeting (with many other department heads) at 4.15pm I knew that was going to be challenging to do; I knew I was going to be exhausted and unable to think straight by then. But at lunchtime I talked to a close colleague about my realization about disability and she affirmed everything, and I suddenly thought - why am I trying to go to this meeting? So I wrote my boss, apologized, and explained that my disability meant that by 3pm I was completely spent and unable to process new information, so I'd catch up on what happened from someone else who was there.

She never replied, but that's beside the point - it was the first time I'd said "I have a disability" to someone and honored my own limitations. It felt awesome. And it's continued to feel awesome this week to think clearly about what I can and cannot do, and to give myself the space to do exactly that. Instead of constantly feeling like I'm falling short of the ideal worker, I'm realizing how much I do do, and that finding alternate ways to support myself - like working from home in the morning, or napping late afternoon and then working on my laptop afterwards - are absolutely legitimate.

I feel like I woke up to a whole new world on Tuesday. YAY.

Plan for the day: plan for the week.

Feb. 25th, 2017 08:38 am
[personal profile] newredshoes
I woke up early enough today to watch the sun burning off some thick fog right now. It is a lovely, lovely feeling to wake up early and super rested and just lie in bed, feeling happy! This week has been busy but really quite good. [ profile] oliviacirce is coming to hang out at my apartment for the first time in the nearly two and a half (!!) years I've lived here. I have a new fern (I really like ferns) and can repot my poor spider plant that's gotten way too big for its pot as soon as I'm sure I have enough new soil. I've had two 10K-plus walking days in a row. I had an amazing massage from a former construction worker who's not only great at massage but has that dry, nerdy geek humor (we got along at once!). I kind of accidentally bought some real expensive shoes that I'm wildly going back and forth on. (I worry that my general "bombshell" curviness, calves included, is at odds with how delicate they make my feet look. But like!! They're Fryes, and I could probably wear them forever! And I'm sure they look great from outside my own head, you know?) I finished transcribing an interview that had been kind of torturing me since before Christmas. I'm feeling optimistic about so many things! Antidepressants work, friends! Three cheers for mood stabilizers!

One thing I wanted to put to you all: Anyone here have thoughts on IUDs? The nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood recommended I think about getting one in a few months. Yea? Nay? I feel like I've heard several of you rave happily about them. I'm mostly looking in the context of mood swings, to be honest, since my worst moments tend to happen in the week before my period hits.

Some links:
  • My links! Things I’m Verbing: Rebel librarians, CEO presidents and lost boys who need to wander back, as always, includes things that will make you smile as well as shake your head.
  • Broadly, Vice's women's site, wins for headline of the week: "Study: Straight Women Are Having Fewer Orgasms Because of Their Useless Partners." Speak that truth!
  • You know how aggressively bored I am by dudeslash, but this writeup of Jewish gangsters and Meyer Lansky in particular suddenly has me wanting epic stories of gangsters in love: So a Nazi Walks Into an Iron Bar.
  • The iPhone H8: Gonna be so boring

    Feb. 25th, 2017 04:00 am
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    Posted by The Macalope

    [personal profile] mific posting in [community profile] fanart_recs
    Fandom: Westworld
    Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: The Man in Black
    Content Notes/Warnings: none
    Medium: digital painting
    Artist on DW/LJ: n/a
    Artist Website/Gallery: BudapestA on DA
    Why this piece is awesome: A great portrait of the enigmatic Man in Black, with an excellent likeness -- very intense.  I like that the portrait's so detailed and close, with the carnage of 'killed' androids sketched out behind him in the road. 
    Link: Man in Black
    [personal profile] tanaqui posting in [community profile] thisfinecrew
    We've had a few posts and links previously about how to present your arguments so they appeal to Republican-leaning voters, and on how we might refer to Trump. I've now been pointed to some really interesting stuff by George Lakoff, a professor of linguistics at UC Berkeley about how to "frame" the argument to direct the way an issue is perceived and therefore how people respond.

    A classic example he uses is that Republicans talk about removing "regulations" -- which are in fact "public protections" (e.g. for clean water and air) that they want to do away with.

    He's got a lot of stuff on his blog, but here's a couple of places to start:

    A Minority President: Why the Polls Failed, And What the Majority Can Do

    Ten points for Democracy Activists

    A lengthy (20-minute) interview on PBS

    Lakoff is aiming to establish a "Citizens’ Communication Network" -- I'm not exactly sure what he has in mind with this, but he suggests you can "unofficially join" by following him on Facebook or Twitter for more information and insights while he sets it up.
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    Posted by Ron Elving

    President Trump walks down the steps of Air Force One upon his arrival at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., on Feb. 6, returning from a weekend trip to Florida.

    When he enters the historic chamber and re-enacts the ritual on Tuesday, he will be stepping into a dimension of real and limitless consequences — one in which he is still a celebrity apprentice.

    (Image credit: Jose Luis Magana/AP)

    Shouldn't go to SpecTasers

    Feb. 25th, 2017 11:02 am
    [personal profile] hollymath
    I've said before the thing I love about Levenshulme is that it seems to be half people complaining about how expensive the beer is in the posh places is so expensive (more than four quid!) and half people complaining about flytipping.

    Yesterday morning seemed typical of that, when I saw on a local facebook group
    • Someone asking if anyone else had seen the man tasered on the steps of the train station yesterday evening
    • A picture of a burnt-out car
    • The news that a gourmet grilled-cheese and burger joint that also does mocktails is going to open
    Of course the taser thing was more concerning than just justifying my impression of where I live. But it got worse.

    Later in the day, after I'd utterly forgotten about all of these things, Andrew was trying to sort out his travel to and from London for a gig he's going to. I was listening even though I was idly scrolling through twitter when I came upon a tweet with a link and "I bet blind man was a PoC - I hope he is OK & remains anonymous if he wants to." I noticed the link was to the Manchester Evening News, so I clicked on it and...

    ...interrupted Andrew in the middle of saying "National Express" with "HOLY SHIT!" So of course he was worried, asked me what was wrong, and it took me a while to get the sentence out in the right order.

    The man who was tasered at Levenshulme station is blind.

    And of course he only got tasered because he was blind. He wasn't dangerous, threatening, hadn't done anything. Two people called the cops saying they thought he had a gun. All he had was his folded-up white cane.

    This is my train station. It's like two minutes' walk from here. I'm in and around the area all the time. And I often have my white cane folded up.

    Now, I think my friend whose tweet I originally saw had a good point about the likelihood of the man being a person of color. (Andrew said "yeah, he'll be Asian" matter-of-factly when we were talking about this. We don't know, of course, as is only right.) As a white person and a woman, I know I am not in the same danger of having the cops called on me first of all and them overreacting if they are.

    But I was pretty shaken up at first, all the same.

    And then I started thinking what can I do?

    I just had a meeting of the Visually Impaired Steering Group on Wednesday. Had an e-mail from the manager of the council's sensory team who's helping facilitate it for us, so I'm going to ask him. And I'll try to get in touch with the RNIB and see if they're aware of what sort of training the police get on stuff like this -- it's probably them that do it, if anyone does -- and of course there are mad-keen Levenshulme community groups to try to get involved too, maybe do some kind of education event locally. I'm happy to field questions people are usually too embarrassed to ask blind people, let them see my cane, dispense information or resources or whatever.

    One of my friends asked if I'd like people to walk with me to/around the station, which I was really touched but and think it's a nice idea, some kind of little march.

    The ongoing conversations in my facebook and twitter feeds after I posted this link have been really thought-provoking. As has a BBC article about it which I read this morning, saying that the man doesn't intend to make a complaint and that he "acknowledged that his behaviour could have led to people being concerned."

    What really disturbs me is the guy agreed his behavior might've concerned people. Let me be clear: I 100% support whatever reaction he has in the apparent immediate aftermath of being tasered and still surrounded by police. I am not blaming him here at all, I am raging at the systemic ableism in society that made this possible or necessary for him to say.

    I know my behavior seems agitated/weird if people don't know I'm blind. I also get anxious a lot (especially when I'm doing something like waiting for a train! I was at a different train station around this same time, waiting for a train that ended up being delayed by 45 minutes, and in freezing awful weather it was so miserable I probably would've looked weird to anyone scrutinizing me too carefully). I do things and I get around in weird ways, and so do a lot of people with a wide range of disabilities: it affects our posture, movements, expressions, body language, all sorts of things.

    And it's weird only because people have such a narrow, and an ableist, idea of what "normal" behavior is. It's weird because they're not used to us, because it's not easy for us to get out or because it's expected that we wouldn't do so on our own. That shouldn't get anyone tasered.

    I don't blame the guy for saying he could understand why his behavior would be concerning (if he did as the BBC have reported, I think we're just getting the cops' side of the story here) because I can imagine just wanting to get out of this situation.

    I can also understand apologizing for the stuff your disability makes you "bad" at, because I do that all the time in a social-lubrication kind of way. I will say sorry for not seeing things and sometimes even as I'm doing it I know it's something I'd object to but it's so ingrained.

    That's why it disturbs me. I could see myself doing the same. Even though that is the last thing I want. But the cops have a lot of power over you, especially when they've just tasered you, and when you were just going about your day.

    Things I've learned:
    1. SpecSavers' advertising has worked really well because I'm already sick of the jokes about it.Not only are variations on "maybe it's the policeman who's the real blind one!" not actually funny, but they're ableist. Remember how I'm always banging on about the uses of "blindness" to indicate ignorance of something? This is that. If you're equating stupidity or ineffectualness with blindness, you're also implying blind people are stupid and unable to do things. This is something that hurts blind people every day, and unlike getting the police to stop tasering people, it's really easy to fix so please do consider it or mention it to your friends.
    2. The police-defenders on the local fb group are really concerning me. They don't seem to understand that once someone tells the police you have a gun, it's almost impossible to prove to them you don't without getting yourself hurt in the process. (I know this is something my friends of color know very well and I'm sorry I'm only realizing it recently.) It's enraging.
    3. And sometimes even the people on the "right" side are so fucking ableist. There's been lots of "this man had to be so courageous for using public transport by himself!" that edges into cripspiration which just makes my brain itch.
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    Posted by Don Gonyea

    President Trump speaks on the final morning of CPAC at  the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Maryland.

    Conservatives embraced their new leader at their pre-eminent annual gathering. Meanwhile, Trump's team was quick to draw comparisons between the new president and CPAC's longtime hero, Ronald Reagan.

    (Image credit: Marian Carrasquero/NPR)

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    Posted by Anya Kamenetz

    A screen projection shows U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos addressing the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, in National Harbor, Md.

    Our weekly recap of the latest national education news. Highlights: Betsy DeVos spoke to a major conservative gathering, and the College Board took steps to fight cheating.

    (Image credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

    [syndicated profile] npr_news_feed

    Posted by Akinyi Ochieng

    In the United States, black Muslims have to balance multiple identities.

    The intersection of these two identities has become more acute thanks to Black Lives Matter and protests against the Trump administration's executive order on immigration.

    (Image credit: Erik McGregor/Getty Images)

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    Posted by Macworld Staff

    Apple headlines for the week ending Feb. 24, 2017
    The week in Apple news

    Image by Apple

    There are rumors of an iPad event next month, and we’re seeing more speculation about the next iPhone as the year progresses. But besides anything i-related, there are plenty of Apple-related headlines in this week’s roundup. Check them out in this slideshow. Just click on the link to get more information.

    To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

    Killer drug

    Feb. 25th, 2017 06:26 am
    [personal profile] supergee
    Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) (that’s two) warns that marijuana bales would be a uniquely efficacious way to smuggle in nukes. Reminds me of the joke that Irish Customs caught someone smuggling in condoms disguised as cocaine.

    (no subject)

    Feb. 25th, 2017 11:25 am
    [personal profile] oursin
    Happy birthday, [personal profile] brigid, [personal profile] choirwoman, [personal profile] tigerflower and [personal profile] toft!

    Music, feels, and works

    Feb. 25th, 2017 01:13 pm
    [personal profile] extrapenguin
    I've rediscovered Delain and their new album, Moonbathers, is very pretty. A bit melancholy and slowish, but beautiful. I especially like "Suckerpunch". I've also grown to appreciate The Human Contradiction better – "Tell Me Mechanist", "Don't Let Go", etc.

    It's a bit too bright outside for Rammstein's "Sonne", which is prime winter solstice music.

    Last week, I was feeling very much under the weather, but then I Did Things With Visible Impact (and acquired a crush that might even be reciprocated) and I'm feeling much better. If all else fails, I just have to think about the vacuum chamber at work. It's amazing.

    I've also discovered the Wikiquote page for Wolfgang Pauli, which has some A+ quotes:
    This is to show the world that I can paint like Titian. [A big drawing of a rectangle] Only technical details are missing.

    I visit my property

    Feb. 25th, 2017 10:21 am
    [personal profile] the_comfortable_courtesan

    I am unable to come about any conclave with Lady D-, that will sit with little Arthur among a deal of ladies that convey maternal advice &C and not be drawn into anything concerning philanthropick matters.

    I take opportunity to enquire of Agnes S- is there some reason for this strange reserve in her sister towards me. She says sure puzzles her: perchance 'tis because you favour Mr L-'s suit and are consider’d somewhat in the light of a patron to him? But 'tis somewhat childish, if so. Have you not ever stood quite the greatest of friends to her? Have you not guid’d her steps thro’ the curious ways of philanthropick ladies? Did you not show most extreme generous of spirit after Lord D- behav’d so ill at your soirée? Sure shows in very poor ton.

    Why, says I, I will not make myself particular by running after her. But you might go about to discover does she intend return to her excellent work in philanthropick causes, might you do so discreet.

    Agnes S- sighs and says, she was never us’d to be this tiresome. 'Tis very unlike Dora.

    We look down from the ornamental bridge at the pretty little cygnets. I do not say to Agnes S- that the change in her sister is like unto that from a pretty downy little cygnet to a nasty grown hissing swan. And indeed, 'tis not a general line of conduct in her, for she will show a pretty deference to the opinions of experienc’d mothers.

    Sophy tells me that Copping says that Lord D- shows a very admirable forbearance towards Lady D- at this time; but that Copping does not think that Lady D- shows a due appreciation and gratitude for it. Tho’ at least she does show extreme doating towards the babe.

    'Tis about what I have come to apprehend.

    I will leave it be the while: perchance 'twill all come sort itself out without I have to take it in hand.

    But comes the time when the party is to break up and I still have not come at any rencontre with Lady D-. I mind that 'tis likely that she will be among the guests at C- Castle when I am there and I may find occasion then.

    However, at present I am bound for my property: will stay a few nights in the exceeding comfortable and clean inn where I stay’d last year, take the opportunity to have the agent show me over the house, so that I may more effective go cry it up to those that might desire take it as a hunting box (I daresay one might go advertize, but one knows not who that might bring), inspect the dispensary and the dame school that Mr R-'s wife has set up, view the fine new steam-pump &C, and convoke with Mr M- more generally about matters. I have also give instructions to provide a feast for the whole of the community that resides within the parish, and there will be a roast’d ox.

    I have been very kindly invit’d to go stay with the M-s, most exceeding civil of 'em, but I had far rather stay at an inn where of an e’en after dinner I may write a little upon my novel, that I come about to see some end to. Also I am like to think 'twould put that excellent woman Mrs M- in somewhat of a fret to be oblig’d to accommodate me along with Sophy. But I have said I will go take tea with her.

    So Sophy and I sit exceeding comfortable in our private parlour, and I sit scribbling at my traveling desk, and she undertakes a little mending, and 'tis entire agreeable.

    The morn comes the agent call for me so that we may go look over the house, and I take Sophy with me so that I shall be attend’d as befits my station.

    'Tis a pleasing enough small house I find, but indeed one could not go hold grand house-parties there, and 'tis by no means in the fine modern way of things like unto my Surrey property. (Sophy indeed wrinkles her nose somewhat, I hope she does not become spoilt with all this grand living.) 'Twould do, I daresay, for bachelor parties that would be out all day shooting or hunting. Or one that desir’d be a hermit, for there is not a deal of society in the district. 'Tis, however, all in very good order, and I commend the agent.

    (I wonder might one go about improvements with indoor accommodations, a fine range in the kitchen &C: but sure I should not go be extravagant.)

    I then take the agent back to his offices, and have Ajax take me to Mr M-'s so that we may convoke on mine-business. 'Tis all, I find, most extreme satisfactory, the steam-pump answers extremely, the various matters of the smelting works have been got in hand; and he finds it most gratifying that Mr K- would desire enter into some arrangement.

    I say that is there no other matter we need discourse of, I will go visit the dispensary and then come take tea with Mrs M- (sure I can smell that she goes bake some fine lardy-cake).

    He says, that indeed, now there is one will authorize necessary works so expeditious, and they have such fine fellows as Mr D- and Mr F- to call upon for any advice, sure all goes exceeding merryly.

    'Tis very agreeable to hear, and I am also most extreme prepossesst by how Mr R- conducts the dispensary. I look over the register of cases he keeps and his accounts and the record of the deliberations of the committee, all very well-kept. His wife is about her dame-school, but I peep in to the chamber in which she holds this, and 'tis entire orderly and the children are learning rather than being merely kept from mischief out o’doors.

    I mention to her Miss N-'s notion of little rhymes that will introduce matters of letters and numbers to infant minds and she says, o, what a very fine idea, would greatly desire correspond upon the matter. And, she does not wish presume, but there are matters of slates and slate-pencils… Why, says I, sure you require the tools necessary just as Mr R- requires lancets and scalpels.

    She smiles and says, she also goes hold evening-classes for those of greater age that wish to learn.

    'Tis all most commendable, says I, you do not find it tires you? – for I perceive she goes increase.

    Why, she says, there is such interest in the matter that does not tire me – perchance later – she glances down – but 'tis a matter one may sit to.

    I say that I wonder, is there such a wish for learning in the place, one might set up a reading-room?

    Oh, she cries, 'twould be the finest thing! but, Your Ladyship, do I not go back into the classroom there will be uproar I fear.

    Most like! says I. Perchance we may talk further of this?

    Indeed, she says, she has been invit’d come take tea by Mrs M-, and confides that there are other ladies might favour such a plan.

    I go back into the dispensary, and Mr R- discloses that he thinks 'twould answer to take an apprentice, and I say does he think so, should be about the matter.

    Next Mr M- and Mr McA- go show me from a prudent distance the steam-pump, and the smelting works that does indeed have a most extreme tall chimney, and I am able to make suitable remarks from having talkt with Josiah and Mr D- upon the matter.

    Then I go take tea with Mrs M- and the other ladies of the middling sort in these parts, and there is a little shyness that I confide I break by consuming Mrs M-‘s lardy-cake with great relish and licking my fingers after, and I open the matter of a reading-room and there is a deal of interest. They overcome their timidity so far as to ask me about Town fashions and various matters of gossip that have very much after the fact come to their ears.

    The next day is set aside for the feast. Most fortunately, 'tis a fine day, and tables are laid out upon the village green, where the ox is already roasting and a deal of other matters are in preparation. There is a band. There is beer and also cider, tho’ I do not think the latter is as fine as Sir C- F-'s.

    When all are come, there is a group of little girls that come sing to me and one that presents me a nosegay. 'Tis entire charming. I say a few words in which I convey, I hope, that any at all may direct themselves to me is there any matter they would wish disclose, and then I desire the parson to say grace - I confide that 'tis diplomatick to do so, even tho’ there are a deal of Methodists in the place. I have give the parson somewhat towards charitable purposes in the parish, but have also done the like to the minister at the chapel.

    There is a fine deal of eating and drinking, and some singing.

    I have desir’d Ajax and Sophy to join in this revel do they so desire. I look down the tables and see Ajax yarning to a group of fellows. When the meal draws to a close, the younger folk take to dancing, the band playing suitable melodies. I observe that there are several young fellows stand and gaze upon Sophy and go nudge one another, to see if one dares go ask her to dance.

    One that is bolder than the rest goes approach her, and she concedes to join him in a boisterous country dance, after which she is in entire demand in that set, for she dances exceeding lively. I daresay she might wish stay, but indeed, we must take our leave, for I am like to think my presence may somewhat constrain the revelry.

    Sophy is quite panting when we get into the carriage – for country fellows, she says, they are no bad dancers.

    (I wonder would Docket approve of this, but 'tis agreeable to see Sophy enjoying herself.)

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