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kate_nepveu: sleeping cat carved in brown wood (wood cat)

incidents and accidents, hints and allegations

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Website:Outside of a Dog

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  • Link to anything public without asking first (though telling me where is greatly appreciated).

  • Comment whether logged in or not; however, if you are not logged in ("anonymous"), please provide a name, handle, or other identifying information in the body of the comment, for continuity of discussion.

  • Use or modify icons in my LJ Scrapbook with credit to me.
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  • Be grossly uncivil. This includes comments that reinforce oppressions based on, e.g., race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, size, ability, and national origin.

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  • Give unsolicited advice.
If you behave in such a way, I will frequently screen your comment and reproduce it with the offensive portions ROT-13'ed. However, I reserve the right to take whatever steps I deem appropriate.

It May Be Useful to Know That:
  • I subscribe to journals to create a reading page of posts and conversations and manage my subscriptions accordingly. I often use LJ/DW's "track" function for journals that, for whatever reason, don't fit the way I use my reading page.

  • On LJ, I have attempted to mimic the DW "subscribe / grant access" split by only reading subgroups of my "friends" list, though I dislike this because it makes it more difficult for people to determine whether I am regularly reading their posts. If you have a question, or would like to particularly draw my attention to something, please feel free to e-mail or PM me.

  • Anything before September 2010 was originally posted at LJ; I've finally given in and imported those posts here so that I can look back through tags more easily, even though I don't like to split discussion, because there is unlikely to be extensive discussion on those posts.

  • The following are frequently referred to in my posts:
    • Chad: Chad Orzel ([personal profile] orzelc), my husband, who blogs at Uncertain Principles. Physicist, college professor, writer of books in which he talks to our dog about physics.

    • Emmy: the aforementioned dog. A German Shepherd mix born in 2002.

    • SteelyKid: the nom d'Internet of our daughter, who was born in August 2008 (fetal nickname: FutureBaby). The nickname derives from Chateau Steelypips, our household, which derives from, my domain name, which in turn derives from Stanislaw Lem's The Cyberiad. We did not intend to reference the alloy when we bestowed the nickname, it just seemed fun to say. You can always get a cute kid fix from Chad's regular picture blogging.

    • The Pip: the nom d'Internet of our son, who was born in November 2011 (fetal nickname: FutureSibling). More pictures.

Some Things About Me:

  • I was born in South Korea, was adopted as an infant, grew up in New England, and now live in upstate New York, where I practice appellate law. I am amused by this fictional biography by [ profile] papersky.

  • I am a cis woman (preferred pronoun: she). I identify as bisexual.

  • It's pronounced "NEHV-you"; the "p" is silent. Don't feel obligated to remember this if we meet infrequently in-person; I know it's difficult.

  • I review books at a separate personal site, Outside of a Dog ([syndicated profile] outsidedog_feed). At, I conducted chapter-by-chapter rereads of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, and currently (October 2014) am rereading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell in fourteen parts.

  • I run Con or Bust, which helps fans of color/non-white fans attend SFF cons.

  • I've got an overdeveloped sense of responsibility; it's going to get me into trouble some day.

(October 2014)

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