And finally, music & musicals, webcomics, and games.

'Birdhouse in Your Soul'; Check, Please!; Fallen London/Sunless Sea; Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage )

And again I break alphabetical order to keep a great wodge of recs together.

Hamilton )

Look, it's not quite 1 a.m. yet! Go me. *falls over*

I still have, uh, several dozen fics I meant to reread for possible recommendation (some of which, on looking at my list, almost certainly will be recommended, arrgh), but if these recs don't get done tonight they won't get done before this year's reveals. Still, 77 is a quite respectable number even if I didn't read as widely as I usually do!

As always, I dumped everything I might theoretically want to read into Evernote before reveals, so these were all read with "anonymous" still as the author. They are organized into multiple posts by type of source, with cut-tags and section headings, to reduce tl;dr. Also I have proofread this as carefully as I can but my eyes are literally crossing from fatigue, so apologies if I missed a coding error or typo.

Here are the books recs!

12 Dancing Princesses; Aaronvitch, Rivers of London )

Addison, The Goblin Emperor )

Bradbury, 'There Will Come Soft Rains'; Bujold, Vorkosigan )

Cho, Sorceror to the Crown; Oliphant, Miss Marjoribanks; Clarke, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell; Eliot, Murder in the Cathedral; Leckie, Imperial Radch )

Madame C- C-, The Comfortable Courtesan; McKinley, Damar; Novik, Uprooted )

O'Brian, Aubrey-Maturin; Sayers, Wimsey/Vane; Stevermer, When the King Comes Home; Virgil, The Aenid; Wells, The Element of Fire )

Okay, two more posts. Let's go.

Form/spreadsheet over at LJ; ask in screened comments here if you think I might be familiar with something I didn't list, since I try to stick to rarer things (or things I really really want) for the general offer.
65 "definitely recommend" fics out of last year's Yuletide is more than enough, right? (It's more than I've recommended in the last few years, anyway.) I don't have to reread the 93 stories tagged "maybe" in Evernote in case some of them have turned into gold since then? (Especially since I have a couple of this-year betas to deal with?)

(Edit: oh, damn it, I said to myself "wait, where is that thing that I remember very vividly," and it turned out to be in the "maybe" tag, and when I was scrolling I saw a bunch of things that made me say "wait, what?" so I think I will be doing a slash-and-burn pass through that tag after all. But after this-year beta'ing, as much as I can now. Ugh, my brain.)
Here's the LJ announcement post, and here's direct links to the unofficial Google docs form to offer to beta for Yuletide, and the resulting spreadsheet. As usual, I limited my general beta offer to stuff that seemed rarer; if you think I might know it, feel free to ask here. Comments are screened.

I'm getting my Yuletide recs up early this year! . . . by which I mean earlier than last year, by a whole two days. (Well, it was the 21st before I started reworking my organization scheme on the fly and His Pipliness needed soothing back to sleep, twice. Close enough.) But these are still recs for last year's Yuletide.

Despite the timing, these are all pre-reveal recs: I clipped everything that looked vaguely interesting into Evernote and read it that way, with "anonymous" listed as every author. (In fact I am cutting and pasting so fast now that I am not even registering the author half the time . . . ) There are 59 of these, if my tag count in Evernote is correct, so they are broken down into cut-tagged categories for your convenience; there are headers inside that match the cut-tags for skimming purposes. I am sorry for the lack of detailed discussion, but I hope the headers and my comments give you an idea of whether you want to read the story anyway. Feel free to comment if you'd like more information.

Anime & Movies: Brave, Disney Princesses, E.T., Galaxy Quest, Out of Sight, The Princess Bride, Princess Tutu (2) )

TV: Endeavour, Elementary (4), Fraggle Rock, The Middleman (4), Twin Peaks )

Books: Code Name Verity, Cotillion, Doctrine of Labyrinths, Emelan (Circle series) (2), Five Hundred Kingdoms, Gentleman Bastards (2) )

Books: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (2), Lady's Not for Burning, Lymond Chronicles (2), Mageworlds, Mary Russell )

Books: Miss Marple, Nero Wolfe, The Outsiders, Pern, Queen's Thief, Rivers of London (3), Robot (Asimov) )

Books: Temeraire, Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England, Tortall (Immortals), The Westing Game (3), The Wheel of Time, Young Wizards )

Comics: A-Babies v. X-Babies, Batwoman, Calvin & Hobbes (2), Gunnerkrigg Court )

Miscellaneous: A Dark Room (game), 'Jolene' (song), Minesweeper, Space Vehicles anthropomorphic )

Multi-crossover: Gravity + various )

Remember, if you like a story, please at least hit "kudos," or leave a comment if you can! No need for an AO3 account.

Over at [ profile] yuletide, I went and set up a post for beta readers—using a Google Docs form and spreadsheet—so if you'd like to beta the rare fandom of your heart, check it out.

I've offered a short-ish list of fandoms to the general comm, which is below, but would be willing to beta a wider range of stuff for people I know, as always; please ask (comments are screened).

my general beta offers )

It's true, I'd never get anything done without an external deadline. Below, 51 recommendations from last year's Yuletide rare-fandom fanfic exchange . . . a mere two days before this year's stories go live, le sigh. I didn't even read as widely as I usually do—there's a boatload of mythology and fairy-tale stories I skipped—so this is not comprehensive, but I hope it's useful all the same. Alas, my accompanying notes are all very short because they were mostly done on a tablet while small children played around me.

This year's standout stories are:

Though I Sang in My Chains Like the Sea (10732 words) by lightgetsin
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Thomas Nightingale, Peter Grant, Miriam Stephanopoulos, Lesley May
Additional Tags: Mystery, Case Fic, Queer Characters, Characters of color, Character Study, Families of Choice
Summary: “The world has changed. Yes. I receive undeniable proof of that every day when that electronic coffee pot of yours starts up on its own.”

Amazing Nightingale characterization and voice. (Not Jossed by Broken Homes.)

The Light Always Burning (6749 words) by Raven
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Nation - Terry Pratchett
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Daphne, Mau (Nation)
Additional Tags: Epistolary
Summary: We, the People: a thirty-year retrospective and an examination of the role of the Nation in world history, for Earth Atlantic, 7 December 2035, excerpt.

Stunning future fic that takes the epilogue and runs with it. I cried.

And now, the rest:

Movies: Brave, Dogma, Skyfall, Grosse Point Blank, Tangled, Terminator (6) )

TV, theater, anime/manga: Middleman, Glass Menagerie, Macbeth, Princess Tutu/King Lear, PlanetES (5) )

Poetry: Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (2) )

Books: Aubrey-Maturin, Belgariad/Malloreon, Black Jewels, Circle of Magic (Pierce) (5) )

Books: Cyteen, Code Name Verity, the Culture (5) )

Books: Discworld, Eagle of the Ninth/Tale of the Five, In Death, Kushiel's Legacy (5) )

Books: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Lymond, Mirabile, Narnia, Paper Bag Princess (5) )

Books: Raksura, Rivers of London, Robots (Asimov), To Kill A Mockingbird (4) )

Books: Smith of Wootton Major, War for the Oaks, Wheel of Time, Wimsey, Young Wizards (5) )

Miscellaneous: Greek and Roman Mythology, Classical RPF, 15th c. RPF/Hunger Games, Fairy Tales, Music Videos, Webcomic (7) )

Please leave feedback for the author if you like a story (you can just click "kudos" if you don't have a comment).

Offer comment at the comm, willing to do other things for people I know, especially if we talk about it beforehand (Elementary? Princess Tutu? Many book series I'm not caught up on yet but could be, or books I could reread?).

All comments screened (remember, on DW we can reply to each other without unscreening); say if it's okay to unscreen.

Just under the wire, the last of my recs for 2011 (I cheated and did not re-read two long stories, I admit). Twenty recs in 19 fandoms. Something to read while waiting for this year's stories to go live!

Books: Aaronovitch, Banks, Beukes, Caudwell )

Books: Duane, Heyer, Jones, Le Guin )

Books: McKinley, Pratchett, Tey, Wrede, Wu )

Other: The Middleman; Aliens (movie); Oregon Trail / Pioneer Trail (games); Badass Women in History RPF / The Women of Amphissa by Lawrence Alma-Tadema (painting) )

(Please leave feedback if you liked a story! All you have to do is click the "kudos" button, if you can't think of/don't want to leave a comment.)

Yes, it's time for my almost one-year-late recommendations from Yuletide, the rare fandom fanfic exchange. Unfortunately this time I only have partial recs—I know, 11+ months and I'm still not done, ridiculous, right? But I do have a bunch of stories I downloaded for possible recommendations back in the day that I haven't had time yet to re-read, and the way work's shaping up I can't guarantee I will before this year's stories are revealed. So I thought I should just put together the recs I had so far and get those at least out there. I am pretty sure that these are at least complete as to their individual fandom, that is, I got through all the Vorkosigan stories and all the Pern stories and so forth. And there are thirty-eight of them in twenty-eight fandoms, if I'm counting right, so it's a substantial set regardless.

I think the standout story of this batch is the post-Chalion Umegat story A clear glass window, at a sea dawn by faviconlionpyh (mature, no archive warnings).

Anime and TV: Community, Princess Tutu, Twin Peaks )

Books: Steven Brust, Lois McMaster Bujold (Chalion, Vorkosigan) )

Books: Michael Chabon, C.S. Friedman, Neil Gaiman, Randall Garrett )

Books: Diana Wynne Jones, E.L. Konigsburg, Mercedes Lackey )

Books: Anne McCaffrey, L. M. Montgomery, Tamora Pierce )

Misc. (part-) print fandoms: Fairy tales, Sandman, Saiyuki Gaiden, Wimsey/Vane - Doctor Who crossover )

Movies: Avengers, Chicken Run, The Matrix )

Misc. non-print fandoms: '1952 Vincent Black Lightning', Echo Bazaar, Octopus Steals My Video Camera and Swims off with It While It's Recording (Youtube), 'Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)' )

Looking at the stories I haven't re-read yet, I see some ones I enjoyed a lot, so I will try to put up another set, but my track record isn't great this year, so as always feel free to add your own recs in comments.

(Please leave feedback if you liked a story! All you have to do is click the "kudos" button, if you can't think of/don't want to leave a comment.)

As usual, I have put up an offer in the comm, and as usual, I'm willing to beta a larger selection of stuff for people I know. (I limited my general offer to fandoms with under 10 offers as a proxity for rarity/likely need, so that left off, e.g., Code Name Verity, which I would LOVE to beta for one of you. Or more than one!)

Comments screened; reminder, on DW we can respond to each other's screened comments without unscreening them. Or you can email

I have ridiculously-belated Yuletide recs! For 2010, I downloaded everything that looked remotely like I could read it (that is, either I had some familiarity with the source or had seen it recommended as no-familiarity-necessary), smushed the files into several really big e-books, and read them offline. I don't know if this is why I have so many more this year, but honest, I really did winnow these down: this list represents about the fourth iteration of my "maybe recommend" composite e-book file. (And then after I formatted this post I stalled on it for ages and ages. Oops.)

I couldn't name just a couple standout favorites as I did last year, so I'm just going to list these by genre, with copious use of cut-tags because the list is so long. (If you're not reading this on Dreamwidth, come use the day view and you can inline-expand only the cut tags you're interested in!)

Format note: the first five lines (title, word count, author; fandom; rating; warning; summary) are those provided by the author; they're followed by my notes.

Crossovers: 'Hotel California' / Echo Bazaar; Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations / Chronicles of Narnia; Vorkosigan / Wishbone TV series; Young Wizards / DC Comics )

Misc: Calvin and Hobbes; Hyperbole and a Half; Portal )

Mythology: Norse, Greek and Roman, Chinese )

Classics: Bacchae, Beowulf, Journey to the West, Kokin WakashÅ« )

European fairy tales )

Books: Jane Austen, Peter Beagle, Ray Bradbury, Margaret Wise Brown )

Books: Lois McMaster Bujold, Sarah Caudwell, Susanna Clarke, Susan Cooper )

Books: Diane Duane, Dorothy Dunnett, Neil Gaiman, N.K. Jemisin )

Books: Diana Wynne Jones, Norton Juster, Stephen King, Mercedes Lackey )

Books: Ann M. Martin, Robin McKinley, Naomi Novik, Patrick O'Brian )

Books: Dorothy L. Sayers, Donald J. Sobol, Megan Whalen Turner, Martha Wells )

Movies: The Litle Mermaid; James Bond reboots; Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day )

Anime: Princess Tutu; Samurai Champloo )

TV: The Middleman; Twin Peaks )

Yuletide Meta )

(And if you read and like any of these, do let the authors know! All you have to do is hit the "kudos" button, you don't even have to leave a signed comment.)

If you think I can help, just ask (comments screened); I'm willing to beta a much wider range of fandoms for people I know.


Jul. 5th, 2011 05:33 pm

You guys, I realize I am a time bomb of stress and hormones right now, but I firmly believe this would have made me cry regardless, because it is so gorgeous:

Candles in the Snow (1250 words) by faviconlferion
Fandom: Lymond Chronicles - Dorothy Dunnett
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Adam Blacklock/Kate Somerville
Characters: Adam Blacklock, Kate Somerville, Francis Crawford
Summary: Kate Somerville and Adam Blacklock, married in winter with a million candles in the snow.

I'm not sure I even remember Adam and it's still amazing. (I read the Lymond Chronicles in a fevered haze of sleep-deprived weekends and evenings in 1998 and never since, so I am very, very hazy on large chunks of them.)

And yes, I still plan to do a full recs post for 2010's Yuletide, but I just had to share that now.


Nov. 22nd, 2010 08:04 am

I see people have Yuletide assignments! I (ETA) now have an offer comment over on [ profile] yuletide, but as usual, if you know me and think I might know your source beyond what's listed there, or you don't need a fandom-specific beta, or you want legal-type help with your story, feel free to ask. Comments are screened.

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