If any of you has comments on FNBO versus HSBC online savings accounts, speak up. (I've pretty well researched other options and am happy with these two, but if you have some really great bank you must recommend, go ahead.)

So it's past time for me to start getting a more thorough grounding in personal finance matters, as I met with some financial advisers yesterday and now want to start researching their recommendations. I've bookmarked The Financial Literacy Compendium at Get Rich Slowly (and am already contemplating moving our emergency fund out of our credit union's money market account into an online savings account). What other sites, books, etc., do you recommend? I'm not looking to micromanage our investing, but to get a big-picture sense of options, with an eye toward long-term planning.

Since our financial situation has a few uncommon wrinkles and I don't particularly want to discuss them in public, specific investment/planning suggestions are unlikely to be really helpful, but go ahead if you must.

I wouldn't be rich.

Chad pointed out a Cognitive Daily survey on what it means to be rich, which had questions about both income and net worth. It's interesting reading, and I recommend all of it, but one thing in particular caught my eye.

what would you do if you won a tax-free million dollars? )

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