My mom is selling two laptop systems and a Wii with Rock Band. She's willing to ship the laptop systems at cost to the buyer, but the Wii stuff is too big. She's in Eastern Massachusetts.

The computers are in good condition, have been wiped clean and reinstalled with the OS and original software, and come with the original discs for repair/reinstall. The Wii is in like-new condition.

Here's the details:

  1. HP Compaq nx7400 Business Notebook PC (system specs) with a docking station (PDF), a 15" flat-screen monitor, a keyboard, and a carrying case. $450.
  2. Compaq Evo Notebook N180 (specs) with a docking station (specs), a 13" flat-screen monitor, a keyboard, and a carrying case. $350.
  3. Wii game system, including: 3 controllers and 3 nunchucks; Wii Fit system; complete Rock Band (guitar, drums, microphone) and Wii Sport; plus "Wonder World Amusement Park", "Order Up" and "Spy Games: Elevator Mission." $450.

Leave a comment or e-mail me at knepveu at steelpips dot org if you're interested.

Last post for tonight:

I'm selling a PDA on eBay, a used HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise (wireless, big color touch screen, Windows Mobile, etc.).

I'm auctioning off help with fictional legal matters over at [ profile] care_faith_hope, a fundraiser for the medical expenses of [ profile] faithhopetricks and her husband; they have no health insurance and no savings, and [ profile] faithhopetricks's husband requires immediate heart surgery.

There's a lot of other cool stuff there too, so go look; bidding closes October 10, 2009, Saturday, 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.

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