On the theory that just because the Olivier Mira Armstrong figure was super-hard to find, that didn't mean other cool FMA: Brotherhood figures would be.

And, well:

super-terrible picture )

[Image: blurry phone pic of figures of Edward Elric, Scar, Winry Rockbell, Greedling, Ling Yao, and Fuhrer Bradley]

This picture came out even worse than usual, so here are links to the Greedling and group figures snagged from the eBay auctions (except for the different Bradley hand-sword combination).

I swear, they were really not expensive averaged together, even with shipping across the Pacific included, honest! I wasn't going to put up the Ed and Winry, since I already have them (that set's been moved to another bookshelf to share space with an art print, since they're smaller), but I do love Ed's dramatic red cloak, and Winry's wearing more clothes here, so I couldn't help it, I kept them.

And now, since I appear to have a fever, fucking hell, I am going to bed.
So, back in November, I was re-watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and re-reading the manga. And I wrote up the last three episodes with accompanying manga notes and then froze up on turning my final-thoughts notes into actual sentences. And so these complete episode+manga reactions have been sitting in a text file ever since.

Clearly I am never going to get back to this, and so I am putting up this blast from the past just for completeness' sake; the episode+manga reactions are untouched from November except to fix a few typos. (I will expand and annotate the final thoughts just slightly, though.)

Spoilers, obviously.

Episode 62 )

Episode 63 )

Episode 64 )

Final thoughts (incomplete) )

Dear self, no matter how many fond nostalgic feelings you have for this show and this manga now, you are not allowed to rewatch it or reread it, because you have way too many other things to be doing. Post timely next time and you won't give yourself belated warm fuzzies.
More catchup from old notes, trying to get back on track for Mark to finish the series this week. Ugh, I wish I hadn't gotten so far behind, this feels so suboptimal at such a critical time. Reminder: spoilers for everything.

Episode 57 )

Episode 58 )

Episode 59 )
More catchup, turning old notes into posts, so this is going to be short. Reminder: spoilers for everything.

Episode 55 )

Episode 56 )
Gah, so behind on posting. These episode reactions were written last week, but I never turned the manga notes into actual sentences, so re-reading this is kind of hilarious from the vantage point of episode 61 . . .

Reminder: spoilers for everything.

Episode 52 )

Episode 53 )

Episode 54 )
Dear self, you have to actually type for your notes to become posts, you can't just think hard in the direction of your text files. Reminder: spoilers for everything.

Episode 50 )

Episode 51 )
I am way, way tired but my notes for the first three of this week's episodes aren't much and at least I can get this off my plate. Reminder: spoilers for everything.

Episode 47 )

Episode 48 )

Episode 49 )

This is way less polished than usual, but beeeeeddddddd.
Reminder: spoilers for everything.

Episode 45 )

Episode 46 )

(And somehow I'm not ahead of Mark any more, despite last week off. Oh well, that's what weekends are for . . . )
Oh, hey, Mark's on a break this week, so I can catch up! Wow, I don't know how he does it.

Reminder: spoilers for everything.

Episode 39 )

Episode 40 )

Episode 41 )
Reminder: spoilers for everything.

Episode 37 )

Episode 38 )

I post only two episodes because I haven't turned my notes from the next into actual words yet.
Mark took a week break, so I'm not behind! Since I had a leftover episode from the previous week, going to post three episodes now. As always, spoilers for everything.

Episode 31 )

Episode 32 )

Episode 33 )


The major character we met in this last episode? Has a figurine and I WAAAAAANT ONE. Except not for sixty-odd bucks or more, which appears to be my only option. (Really. Really, self!)
Not going to get to the last episode Mark did for the week before Monday, so have a two-episode post. As always, spoilers for everything.

Episode 29 )

Episode 30 )
I have posts about two episodes ready to go now and will not have the rest of the week's for a while, so here you go.

Reminder: spoilers for everything.

Episode 27 )

Episode 28 )

Finally, now is a good time to cut and paste back in a list from comments at Mark's, of episodes with post-credits scenes: )
Back, trying not to get behind Mark. Reminder: spoilers for everything.

Episode 25 )

Episode 26 )

And one final note above the cut: if you're reading the manga for the first time, DO NOT READ the preview at the back of vol. 13, as it spoils a really great plot twist. (If you can't remember which volume, you're probably safer just not reading any of them, because seriously, it is just egregious.)
Reminder: spoilers for everything. Also, I am no longer putting episode titles in the cut tags (and have taken them out of old posts, too).

Episode 22 )

Episode 23 )

Episode 24 )

Mark is doing daily episodes from now on, but I'm going to post with 3/5 of this week's done because I'm not sure when I'll be able to get to the remaining two, and anyway this might make things a little less tl;dr.

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