So after the kids were in bed I snuck out to see Catching Fire. (Well, okay, I didn't sneak, I told SteelyKid so she would know she had to get Chad for anything, because normally it would be my night for that. (And I told Chad, of course.) This briefly looked like it might backfire when a very tired SteelyKid briefly turned mulish at teeth-brushing and declared she wanted to come to the movie with me. Uh, no.

I am almost dizzy with fatigue but there's no way I can sleep right now so I will FEELINGSDUMP all over you all. Spoilers for both movies and vague spoilers for all the books, which I haven't read but which I've read people's posts about.


Trailers tomorrow. Those are quick, at least.

We were at Chad's folks over Easter weekend, and they were kind enough to watch the kids, so we squeezed in a viewing of The Hunger Games. Neither of us have read the book, though when it looked like I wasn't going to get to see it, I did read some spoiler posts. (But I held off on the book on purpose, and am going to keep doing so for a bit longer; there are some things that apparently the book does better, but not being limited to Katniss's first-person narration worked very well for the movie, by most accounts.)

I thought it was excellent. Yes, the pacing went a little wonky in the second half; I was able to infer some things that apparently the book makes more explicit, but how well that worked for people who hadn't been reading spoiler posts, I have my doubts. Yes, there are things having to do with the racial makeup of the cast that I have very conflicted feelings about. But I was glued to the screen the whole way through, am suppressing a surprisingly-strong urge to take up archery, and on the whole found it just a really well-done movie.

And now, for some spoilers (book to a certain extent as well as movie).

may the spoiler-protection be ever in your favor )

Oh, as a data point, and the hand-held camerawork did not give me motion sickness, unlike, say, the last two Bourne movies, which made me very ill.

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