Mostly because I am awake and don't want to be.

First: yay, Jesse gets promoted to the opening intro! I am going to hope that this means I can stop worrying that they're going to kill him off.

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Yes, we're so cutting-edge with our entertainment. Anyway, I think it can be summed up in this conversation about whether to watch the second episode next:

Chad: " . . . I think I'm more in the mood for Burn Notice."

Me: "Yeah, I feel awfully grimy."

(And that's with having left the room for the scene that I knew would upset me most.)

(We are about 3/4 of the way through the current half-season of Burn Notice, btw, and is it me or are they just not even trying to paper over the plot any more? The one with the asthmatic kid and the one with the pharmaceutical guy both ended the case-of-the-week bits with "and then some magic happened" handwaves. However, I approve of Agent Pearce and of Jesse, so I'm willing to keep listening while I work on my Christmas presents.)

Really really belated comment on the half-season opener for Burn Notice, back from January:

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We just caught up on the second half of Burn Notice's summer season. Quick reaction behind the cut:

spoilers for most recent Burn Notice episode )

Oh, that was Paul Blackthorne (Harry Dresden) as the Irish baddie, and Ben Shenkman (Louis in HBO's adaptation of Angels in America) as Strickler, which last was driving me nuts.

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