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So the stuff in the prior post reminded me that I've always thought of Bruce Springsteen's "Livin' in the Future" as a Dark Tower song, and now that the movie is not good, I was daydreaming what a constructed trailer for the . . . TV show, probably . . . that we should have got would look like.

This is almost certainly impossible because of the footage that would be needed to be created from whole cloth, so this is just for fun.

Here's the song:

So my initial concept was that the verses are Roland's past and the choruses & instrumentals are the next cycle where things are better?

Also: keep Idris Elba for present-day Roland. Mmm . . . let's age up the W&G kids a little; Aldis Hodge is still 10 years too old, but for purposes of argument. Let's cast a black woman, maybe Angel Coulby, when she was Merlin-Guinevere, as Susan Delgado. Also, let's make Jake Asian-American.

A letter come blowin' in
On an ill wind
Somethin' 'bout me and you
Never seein' one another again

And what I knew had come
Stars struck deaf and dumb
Like when we kissed
That taste of blood on your tongue

This is definitely Roland/Susan in W&G.

Don't worry, darlin'
No baby, don't you fret
We're livin' in the future
And none of this has happened yet

What if Eddie and Susannah are happy and in love and Susannah gives birth to an ordinary human baby? (Maybe the birth is delayed until the end of the song.)

Woke up election day
Sky's gunpowder and shades of grey
Beneath the dirty sun
I whistle my time away

Then just about sun down
You come walkin' through town
Your boot heels clickin' like
The barrel of a pistol spinnin' round

This gives me the image of Roland's test, where he challenges Cort, and Marten and Roland getting ready for conflict.

Chorus: Eddie, Susannah, and Jake training and becoming gunslingers.

The earth it gave away
The sea rose towards the sun
I opened up my heart to you
It got all damaged and undone

My ship Liberty sailed away
On a bloody red horizon
The grounds keeper opened the gates
And let the wild dogs run

Beams starting to give out; I don't actually remember what the fall of Gilead is like, but this may go here, maybe transitioning into the Wolves of the Calla? This is tricky because the bit after the bridge is:

Alone I limp through town
A lost cowboy at sundown
Got my monkey on a leash
Got my ear tuned to the ground

My faith's been torn asunder
Tell me is that rollin' thunder
Or just the sinkin' sound
Of somethin' righteous goin' under

Which seems like it ought to be Roland's obsession with the Tower, dropping Jake and going to palaver with the Main in Black, which is totally the wrong point in the song for it to come in; but what if it were all the addictions, Roland considering whether to drop Jake, Eddie and drugs, Detta's shoplifting, Jake's . . . desire for his parents to love him? So if we leave them on the verge of a big battle with the Wolves of the Calla, looking back on where they were, then go into:

Chorus, then repeat "None of this has happened yet", instrumentals, and "Na na na na" out.

Where they all make better choices, free the Breakers, and then come to the foot of the Tower together?

Someone give me a bazillion dollars and I'll make it happen.

Date: Friday, August 11th, 2017 09:03 am (UTC)
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Man, I want to see this.

Date: Friday, August 11th, 2017 05:54 pm (UTC)
musesfool: Bruce! (the cosmic kid in full costume dress)
From: [personal profile] musesfool
Oh, that would be pretty awesome.

Date: Friday, August 11th, 2017 08:24 pm (UTC)
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