Mar. 4th, 2019

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I have posts I want to write but I'm solo parenting this week and didn't feel good last night so must sleep. Sleeeeeep.

(Though upon opening up the draft email where I accumulate things, there is a tiny bit of prose.)


In non-links news, I tag all my ebooks with genre to help me find things, but why don't I also tag them with things "extremely distinctive first-person narration" to really help me find what I'm in the mood for? Grr. (One of the things I want to be writing is about Ann Leckie's The Raven Tower.)

Finally, elsewhere a friend mentioned Crazy Rich Asians and Ralph Breaks the Internet in conjunction, and I was amused to realize that they both made me think about consumerism, probably in an unintentional way (I deliberately did not actually watch Ralph, just listened while I played games on my phone in the theater, because giving it my undivided attention would have mostly made me think about Disney's cultural dominance), and both had a female character I had a bit of a crush on (Astrid; the racer voiced by Gal Gadot). I suppose you can add in a third thing, that the emotional beats all worked and were solid in both, as long as you could roll with the consumerism.

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