Mar. 5th, 2019

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This was the past Sunday's installment in our Proctor's subscription. An interview with the director in a local paper says that the production was substantially tweaked between London and Broadway and continued to evolve on tour. The changes for Broadway include a pre-factory relationship between an incognito Wonka and Charlie, which works really well, though I think it might have been better if they'd established that Charlie's ticket was deliberately engineered by Wonka (one can infer that, but it could just as well be coincidence).

cut for various other details, and spoilers insofar as you can spoil this story )

Left on our subscription: Waitress; Shakespeare in Love (not a musical, not taking the kids); and then the whole reason for this, Hamilton, more than five months from now.

We're not renewing our subscription next year, because the lineup doesn't look as kid-friendly. The first two are The SpongeBob Musical and Disney’s Frozen, which we will try to get tickets for. But The Band’s Visit, Hello, Dolly!, and SUMMER: The Donna Summer Musical sound more adult, and Dear Evan Hansen . . . might be SteelyKid-appropriate by that time, but no thanks. And I have no idea how appealing the kids would find Fiddler on the Roof, but even if they did, that's still not even a majority of shows, so it doesn't make sense.

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