Mar. 6th, 2019

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  • Great piece from Elsa Sjunneson-Henry at, What Sabrina Needs to Do to Depict Blindness Realistically, the start of a series "which will delve into how abled people are shown what blindness looks like, and what the reality of blindness is off the page, stage, or screen."

  • Important breaking news via [ profile] Nicole_Cliffe: per the recent biography The Good Neighbor by Maxwell King, Fred Rogers was bisexual, saying to one of his friends "that if sexuality was measured on a scale of one to ten: 'Well, you know, I must be right smack in the middle. Because I have found women attractive, and I have found men attractive.'"

    Here's the page at Google books; scroll up for context on his initially not encouraging one of the cast members to come out, and don't scroll down for the biographer being biphobic.

  • A good dog who just wanted to race. (Nb. sled dogs are chained outside because they need to develop their winter coats; they have houses and their humans will put out insulating straw or give them coats or whatnot as necessary.)

  • I quite like this rule over at Ask A Manager, in response to question #4 regarding a dog bite. But there are also funny different approaches in the comments.

    The only rule on cover stories for accidents is that they can’t be more glamorous than the actual story. (I just made this rule up.) So you can’t say “I got injured sky-driving with Hugh Jackman,” but you can say “I fell while doing some yard work” or “I had a run-in with a fence” or anything else that could plausibly explain the wounds.

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I actually posted! And since I never do that probably no-one will see it if I don't link, so: Sing for the Coming of the Longest Night is a modern-day-London fantasy novella in which a Hindu woman and a Jewish non-binary person have to find their missing boyfriend, by authors who also write fic (one of them introduced the sedoretu to fandom), so it is extremely relevant to many of your interests. It's great, go check it out.

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