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  • I've added this peasant bread to the "recipes I will never actually make" file, based on this glowing rec from [personal profile] rachelmanija. (Edit: and in "small world" news, Chad tells me the author is local, which he knew because the source cookbook was displayed in our corner grocery store for quite a while.)

  • I really like the poem "Ishtar Awakens in Chicago" by Mohja Kahf, which is quoted in this Tumblr post about an art installation that projected part of it on a building.

  • "(O)ne foretelling of doom is happenstance; two seems like attention-seeking" — words of wisdom from Sunless Sea's patch notes. (I have played about twenty minutes of Sunless Sea and I'm not sure my laptop or my sense of direction is up to it, but I'll give it another try soon. Ish.)

  • Please enjoy this review of an extremely obscure and gay book by [personal profile] skygiants; spoiler/content note )

  • On discussing racism in knitting social media, via Reading the End. I felt like a bit of a Fandom Old about this article, partly because I'm very tired and partly because it's about Instagram as a medium for discussion and I find Instagram baffling (seriously, Chad "took over" Union's Instagram for a day and I couldn't figure out how to find what he was doing).

    Minor note: there's a comment about how white knitters would ask knitters of color to meet and discuss in person, which was seen as a way of attempting to exert control. The article says, "online, everyone is closer to being on equal footing; you can’t pressure someone into following the social norms of 'polite conversation.'" I'm not clear if this is paraphrasing the knitter of color quoted earlier in the paragraph, or if this is the article's author; either way, my reaction was definitely "uh, you can't?!" Sure, it's easier in person, but . . .

  • Did you know that there exists Cruel Intentions: The '90s Musical? Now you do.

  • I never watched Project Runway, but this review of the new season makes it sound quite interesting.

  • Stashing for later reading: the current issue of the OTW's journal Transformative Works and Cultures is "Fans of Color, Fandoms of Color."

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