Mar. 17th, 2019

kate_nepveu: Carol Danvers in space with a glowing fist (Captain Marvel)

Took the kids to see Captain Marvel yesterday afternoon, their first MCU movie, though they are familiar with the MCU overall by general cultural osmosis.

Mild spoilers, a few additional thoughts. )

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I popped into /r/CrossStitch and found it consumed with talk about Target bags? Turns out the dollar bins at the entrance to stores are selling various bags of perforated faux-leather and the cross-stitching community spotted them. SteelyKid and I had to go to Target for something else, so we grabbed a few small makeup bags; she immediately decided that she was going to stitch one as a watermelon slice and spent a happy while last night marking up the pattern template a Redditor made and going through my floss stash to pick colors. She's chosen a full-coverage design, so we'll see whether she actually finishes the stitching, but if she doesn't I will. (I think I'm going to try and do a Captain Marvel symbol on one of mine.)

Other links:

  • The NYT on how museums decide what to get rid of.

  • Carvell Wallace profiles Samuel L. Jackson:

    This becomes clear to me when I later interview him in the country-club restaurant and he sprinkles n-words and motherfuckers about the dining area like handfuls of glitter as Grandpa- and Memaw-type club members look awkwardly into their eggs Benedict. He behaves not only like a man who belongs here but also like one who basically owns the place. His casual inattention to the perceived authority of white power structures is so deeply woven into his way of being that in his presence it seems bizarre that anyone, anywhere, would think to behave differently. A lot of people like to say they don’t give a fuck. Samuel L. Jackson simply doesn’t.

    (Both the above via Go Fug Yourself.)

  • Chad took this two-second gif of a giant crane chomping a campus building, which just really amuses me.

  • This story about the oldest American picture book still in print is a journey. (Via Tom+Lorenzo.)

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Chad made the bread recipe and the first loaf was eaten in about five minutes by all four humans in the household.

kate_nepveu: sleeping cat carved in brown wood (Default)

Nanoblocks are basically Legos except that 4 dots fit in the space of 1 Lego dot, and their undersides are channels so that (alas) pieces can slide around. The instructions are also top-down, one layer at a time, which I usually find easier than Lego instructions. I really like building their more complicated sets; last summer I did Himeji Castle (photo album) for my birthday, and this Christmas I got a deluxe edition bonsai pine, which I finished tonight. Here's the photo album.

(Edit: elsewhere someone said the next step was putting teeny elvish buildings on the branches and boy, I wish I could!)

After I took a picture of the bonsai next to Himeji Castle, I immediately started disassembling the castle. This is probably kind of weird, but we have enough clutter as it is, and the pleasure is largely in the assembly—and this way I can re-assemble sometime if I like.

If you do the more intricate Nanoblock sets, by the way, I recommend the special tweezers, mostly for getting pieces apart that you've put in the wrong place.

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