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Quick reactions:

Asami looking like Lust is probably a coincidence. She needs to be not-evil for story balance; I would be mildly pleased to see a MFF love triangle for novelty's sake, but otherwise I don't really care about shipping on this show. (Well, Bolin is adorable, but I kinda like him and Korra as platonic jock BFFs. Huh, I guess that is an opinion.)

Apparently the Southern & Northern Water Tribes each get a council seat?

I could have done without effeminate = evil. We knew councilor guy was skeevy without middle-child highlighting his grooming standards.

(The merits of their dispute are an interesting question. I would like to know what Tenzin was going to counter-propose; obviously they can't do nothing about Amon, but I can imagine that the public reaction to the raids might well be divisive.)

Grownup Sokka, Toph, and Aang! Hi, hi, hi!!!

My first reaction was that this episode did less than I wanted it to, but on reflection I think it's setting up some important stuff, and it's really necessary to show how freaked out Korra is and how lost she feels. I guess we'll see when the shape of the whole season becomes clearer.

Date: Saturday, April 28th, 2012 06:59 pm (UTC)
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Yes, I will be very annoyed if Asami (or her father) turns out to be evil. I was also somewhat peeved by the raid on the dojo, since no one has established that chi-blocking itself is illegal (and after all we've heard enough stories about benders attacking and even killing non-benders to make it reasonable that the latter might want to learn to defend themselves), but again I'm hoping that we're still seeing Korra's blinkered point of view and that at some point her world will open up.

I had assumed that the airbender in Korra's vision was a younger Tenzin, since Aang's statue is beardless. But given the reference to some crisis 42 years ago, I suppose Aang makes more sense.

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