Date: Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 06:12 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I am leaving this anonymously because like many, I am still nervous about the influence of certain individuals and their persistence in tracking down those who speak against them. I am somewhat frustrated by my need to leave this opener, at that, because of the habit of persons involved in this of insisting anon commenters are trolls, cowards, and not worth listening to or believing.

But I feel impelled to speak up because I have read this several times, and I no longer have the slightest idea of what you are trying to say.

The closest I can come to is "The Mixon Report is bad and Laura Mixon shouldn't win a Hugo for it because I see certain names I have terrible associations from in Racewank associated vaguely with it, and I don't think she entirely perfectly presented things, but I'm going to be vague about it. And no one should read the comments here that might provide further clarity."

No, really. That is the message I take, despite rerereading.

Sources of this belief include you citing " Elizabeth Bear or Teresa Nielsen Hayden lauded as being especially clueful on questions of oppression" despite the fact EBear and TNH had no more to do with the Mixon Report than supporting it and linking it (and if we are going to judge all things as terrible by the supporters they have, I believe we will have no Hugo noms at all), and the rather vague mentions of "but it also places people on the "target" list for being called "misogynist" ("Anon, MOC Writer") or for criticizing their writing only (Kress, Adrienne; Lord, Karen)", which willfully ignores that they were in place for patterns of behavior, which are absolutely vital in the analysis of abuse.

Furthermore, if you desire not to come across as defending Requires Hates' actions, you have achieved the exact opposite.
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