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Well that was delightful! Pearl, both moving on and returning to her roots, and all the relationships between the three of them, and Steven's lines about the woman looking like Rose and the time Pearl almost let him die, and Greg having adult friends, and SO MUCH GAY. (I suspect this episode is just not going to be aired a lot of places, because I don't think it's censorable.) It was just the right balance of funny and a little sad and loving and I enjoyed it greatly.

Date: Friday, September 9th, 2016 11:46 pm (UTC)
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I loved that episode so much but for some reason what made me laugh hardest of all is Steven being the one to be like "SOMEONE'S GOT TO SAY IT!" in this tone of stressed-out exasperation. Like, it's weird, he knows it's weird, there is no way it is not weird to point out that your adopted mom's crush looks like your dead mom who lives in your belly button, but the room is too full of elephants and Steven is so sick of elephants!!!!
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