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drive-by rec: The Good Place

The Good Place is a half-hour comedy airing on NBC currently; it's eight episodes into a thirteen-episode season and I'm enjoying it very much. Eleanor (Kristen Bell) wakes up in The Good Place where Michael, the architect of that particular neighborhood (Ted Danson), tells her that her deeds as a human rights lawyer won her a rare spot in the desirable afterlife (which most religions get only about 5% right). Except . . . that wasn't her. She's there by mistake.

Fortunately for her, she is also assigned a soulmate, Chidi (William Jackson Harper), who was an ethics professor and who reluctantly agrees to help her so that she isn't sent to The Bad Place.

I really like the way the show keeps complicating things; it's using admirable pacing to unfold a lot of plot and character development in a very compact space -- again, thirteen episodes, which were plotted in full ahead of time (per this interview with creator Michael Schur). Also, it's funny. And as with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Schur's other currently-running show (which I also enjoy greatly), white dudes are in the minority: in fact, there's only one, Michael, among the six main characters (three women; three POC).

Anyway, some very interesting SFF happening here, in a pretty low-commitment form; check it out.
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Oh, yes, this is by far my favorite show of the year.
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drive-by rec: The Good Place

I hadn't even heard this was happening! [edit] I am also fascinated that someone is writing an afterlife fantasy for mainstream TV, because that is a very rare genre nowadays—the type-species is Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941) and there was a flurry of them in the 1940's, but the last modern example I saw was The Adjustment Bureau (2009) and it was fun but not what I would call one for the ages. How is it handling the religious aspects?
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I also recommend Superstore, on right before it; I don't rewatch it the way I do The Good Place, but it's been very relaxing entertainment this election season.
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I don't usually watch sitcoms, but this keeps catching my attention.
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Oooh, I never even heard of this show, but [personal profile] coffeeandink posted about it and linked to your rec. I'm so glad you wrote this; I'm definitely going to check it out! (You pretty much had me at Michael Schur and three women/three POC.)