kiezh: Text: Apparently it was going to be one of those days when people made no sense whatsoever. (mina de malfois says people make no sens)
kiezh ([personal profile] kiezh) wrote in [personal profile] kate_nepveu 2016-11-18 12:38 pm (UTC)

Yeah, that episode fell really, really flat for me. Because it took a show that has developed a bunch of diverse, emotionally complex characters, most of them coded as female, and made them all a mostly-undifferentiated* mass of supplicants to a straight white guy bigot whose Issues took over everyone's lives and priorities, and were ALLOWED to do so. Because God knows we don't have enough shows already where the spotlight is on angry, lonely white men who can't quite grok that if they'd stop being assholes they might be less miserable.

I felt like there was a whole different episode being set up with Peridot and Lapis and the pumpkins, with more worldbuilding about Homeworld and gem reproduction, and some exploration of the emotional complexity of being a refugee from your own people, surrounded by an alien culture. (How does Lapis feel about Homeworld now?) I would have been really interested in that episode! The title would have made more sense, too.

Too bad Andy literally dropped in out of nowhere and derailed the whole thing.

*If the writers don't know what to do with all the gems in one place, and fall back on making them a weirdly passive audience for a new character, maybe they should go back to writing scenes of 2-4 people interacting in complicated ways that do justice to every character's separate emotional arc? They were really good at that! Here's hoping for lots of crunchy family dynamics in the Dec 1 episode...

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