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All the things that didn't seem to make sense, like the reason for Jason's mixup being so thin compared to Eleanors with the same name, and Tahani's selfish motivations, and Chidi not seeming to have done much, and the whole concept of soulmates to begin with: it was ALL FAKE.

AND CANONICALLY BI ELEANOR THINKING SHE MIGHT BE INTO TAHANI FOR REAL, be still my beating heart! I was convinced Eleanor was bi based on her comments to Tahani and actually-fake Eleanor but I didn't think we'd actually get out-loud acknowledgment of it, let alone the possibility of a canon queer relationship.

It's so elegant! Sheer elegance in its . . . well, no, it's not simple at all. But the reason for such a tight focus on the four of them, and the weird uniformity of age of everyone else, and just everything, wow, I'm so surprised and delighted, I can't believe it did this and it worked, it's a masterclass in plot.

Random bits:

Jason/Janet is surprisingly sweet! So is Jason, honestly, Manny Jacinto does amazing puppy-dog eyes that do a lot to offset Jason's remarkable stupidity. I loved the wedding episode that kept undercutting Chidi's romantic importance -- I am so impressed with the casting for this show, William Jackson Harper hasn't, on a quick glance, had a lead role before, and this is Jameela Jamil's first role as an actor in IMDB, it's been all TV/radio host work, but they're both wonderful, and of course Kristen Bell and Ted Danson -- how CREEPY did he get all of a sudden there, whoa, and then the slide back into reassuring benevolence even before he wipes their memories!

Oh, hey, in Mindy St. Claire's story, she doesn't mention having been judged, so that was a hint. I thought there was a clue in a different direction, Shawn gives a case number that boiled down to "3" and I figured she was 2 and someone else must've been 1, and maybe there was precedent in the prior case.

I wonder what the actual Good Place is like, and whether it's as exclusive as Michael claimed? Probably not, is my guess, because that did not seem right. I suspect it doesn't have soulmates, either.

Argh, I don't know what else to say, come yell with me in the comments and I'm sure I'll remember stuff that was driven out of my head by shock and delight!

Date: Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 07:13 am (UTC)
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Having finally managed to watch the finale, I find myself saying OH THANK GOODNESS, since I watched the whole show in a peculiar state of suspense.

I called the twist in episode one, is the thing, because of Michael's bow tie. When Michael does Eleanor's intake interview, he is wearing an (amazing) bow tie which has the eye of a peacock feather as each side of the bow. One of the more entertaining titles of Lucifer is the Peacock Angel, and Lucifer is also the opposite/nemesis of the Archangel Michael, so I said to Ruth, Michael is trolling everybody and the question now is whether this is Hell or Purgatory (i.e. has this been set up to make them into better people or just to torture them, which until the finale could have gone either way).

And then Ruth pointed out that the peacock angel thing is actually kind of obscure, and I have to admit, I don't know what bits of angel/demonology count as obscure, although Lucifer as the Peacock Angel has come up some in Western newspapers recently because of the ongoing Daesh genocide of the Yezidis, who worship that aspect. But we couldn't figure out how esoteric the show was willing to get-- all of the philosophy was correctly cited, which was a point towards very, and they were putting in a lot of details which reward freeze-frame or rewatch, but-- and it would have been SO DISAPPOINTING if they'd done something less cool with that beautiful setup.

So when we watched the finale, it was a nice moment of OH THANK GOODNESS I AM NOT OVERINTERPRETING I have not yet fallen into that critic's hell where you think every tiny thing is meaningful when it isn't, and also this show is as smart as I wanted it to be.

That was an amazing season of television. And thanks, because your rec is the reason I picked it up.

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