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So this whole week's worth of episodes was briefly available on my cable system on-demand back at the start of the month, and I binged them, but I will confine these posts to only things I thought at the time or on rewatching as aired this week, not about stuff that becomes retroactively relevant.

Soooooo yeah, Garnet mishandled that. (Judging by her visor, which was dominant red, Sapphire froze and Ruby jumped in.) But I really do think that Steven should have trusted her -- I understand why he didn't, but I think he was wrong. And, also, it was very understandable that he wanted to leave quickly, but he did rush them and they didn't get a proper briefing from Peridot -- the Gem shape stuff was kind of forced to me, the show didn't sell it as more than inconvenience and so messing around with their shapes seemed like just a plot device to isolate him -- and I think he was right to feel guilty and ought to take some lessons away from this. (Garnet ditto!)

Where's Lion to take them to Korea?! This does NOT justify Andy in the least.

Visiting animation studio: fourth wall, what fourth wall! Poor Greg.

Who gets to be a super cinnamon roll in a painfully ironic way, comforting Blue Diamond on the loss of Pink Diamond by comparing it to his loss of Rose Quartz! I just can't even.

I love that Pearl says, "Our Greg?!" How far we have come. And "When I still served . . . Homeworld." I once thought that if Pearl were White Diamond's (because of gem location), she should've mentioned that, but if there was something particularly traumatizing about how she left White Diamond's service, she might have reason to avoid talking about it.

Speaking of possible guns on the mantel: Connie, Lapis, and Peridot protecting Beach City?

They really do have to do something about the Rubies, I agree.

Extra-pointy-nosed Pearl was a ridiculous distraction. I realize this show doesn't strictly enforce character designs but that was just too much.

Oh, and the tiny Gem shapes that they briefly poof into! I still don't understand the Heaven & Earth beetles (who live in Earth-human-like habitats despite being corrupted), but I bet they were originally that size?

I love the setup here but I'm a little dubious about these episodes in specifics, basically.

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