Date: Monday, March 13th, 2017 02:05 am (UTC)
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I love the way this show does its worldbuilding so much. Because I do not believe for one instant that Navy crashlanded outside the temple accidentally. Not when this show demonstrably knows how big Earth is.

Which means that Navy, possibly with the help of the other Rubies, arranged her trajectory, using asteroids and such, in a plan to infiltrate enemy headquarters and steal back her/their ship. She must have known the Crystal Gems had the ship, and that it was operational, because we saw Rubies smack into it on the trip to get Greg. And the Rubies were all pretty much in a clump then... (I want to go back and see where Navy is in that splatter.)

But! We never saw the Rubies find out that the temple is Gem headquarters. We only saw them at the barn. So they either found out about it via orbital scanning at some point, or snuck around near ground level way more than the Crystal Gems realized. Either way, that basically confirms something I'd been wondering about earlier: the Rubies are not remotely stupid, in any way, at all.

They didn't miscount during the baseball game. They went with it in order to see how dumb they could get the Crystal Gems to think they were, and for intel. I think Navy is even telling the truth when she says it was fun. But then the Rubies outsmarted themselves-- they concluded that the enemy was, you know, pretty bad at being devious, so when the Crystal Gems said Jasper was on Neptune, that meant the Rubies actually had to check it out. After all, there were definitely gem facilities off-Earth and in-system, and they spent the last couple of hours concluding that the Crystal Gems are bad at lying. So cue one pointless trip to Neptune, that they probably strongly suspected of being pointless, but couldn't get around if they were really doing due diligence.

The Rubies being, individually and collectively, just as smart as the one who's part of Garnet, if they're also well-trained in espionage, produces results identical to what we've seen happen already. After this episode, I am now certain of it.
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