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These are available on demand through my cable provider this weekend, so I watched them all in a gulp tonight. (I was going to last night but I was done with Con or Bust stuff too late.) The episodes air Monday-Thursday this week; Season 5 premieres Memorial Day.

I don't know if I'll do individual episode breakdowns, as I'll be very very busy all week and away Thursday night to boot. So come back when you've seen them all!


Uh, going to rough chronological order:

"Lion 4": wrapping up the meta section? (I didn't talk much about meta WRT "Room for Ruby" but it was very much playing with the expectations we the audience had as well as the ones Steven has.) This was . . . fine, I had no tension at all how it was going to end up, but it was nice. Still on the table: the locked chest inside Lion, Lion himself. (Also why Lion didn't just warp there; cat perversity?)

"Doug Out": I'll very grudgingly accept Mr. Maheswaran being ridiculously irresponsible to bring them along, with him wanting to be important in their eyes (and of course don't conform to what you think others expect of you, but of what is true to you). But they really should have given Onion a ride home, thereby avoiding the plot.

"The Good Lars": I do like that the cool kids are cool because they're relaxed in their self-confidence, not that they're status-hungry and exclusionary. Ube is the Tagalog name for that purple yam. Apparently we shall get no resolution of Steven taking Lars' body over for a day, grar. And a tiny bit of character growth for Lars!

"Are You My Dad": well that was not what I imagined "are you my dad" to mean! Arrgh body horror arrgh. And since when does Steven wear khaki?

"I Am My Mom": I mentioned, AAGGH CLIFFHANGER HOMEWORLD WTF? Yes? Okay then.

So, Steven has Lars for company! Honestly I was hoping Lars had had some idea of sabotage/alternate exit when he bolted, but it was Alexandrite that opened the ship. Well, to be fair, I don't know that he didn't, that's to be determined.

(Also there's no reason that Aquamarine and Topaz couldn't have taken Steven after his reveal AND everyone else, there was basically nothing to stop them.)

Does Steven think he's going to "stop all of this" by being executed? I'm very much afraid so. Ooh, maybe that's what Lars is there for, partly, he won't sacrifice Lars too.

. . . I thought there was more but my brain won't come back online. Maybe I will make more posts later.
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