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So the first four episodes of season five of Steven Universe aired tonight as a "one hour special event." They will be re-airing individually throughout the week -- two tomorrow at 7:00, then one Wednesday & one Thursday.

Aside: my DVR didn't know what to do with a block that didn't have proper season/episode information attached and shoved it down at the bottom of the list, which made me think it hadn't recorded at first, that is, panic.

There is not enough OMGWTFBBQ in the WORLD.

The episodes are:

* Stuck Together
* The Trial
* Off Colors
* Lars' Head

I watched "Stuck Together" a while ago, it was released on-demand just after the episode. And it does not do really well on its own, because ARRGH LARS, and because of course Topaz can hear you, immediately after you decided she couldn't, she acted on an order from Aquamarine. Also there's this dead spot where Aquamarine asks Topaz what she's going to do, which is where if not for the requirements of plot, Steven would say "come to Earth!" But, mostly, ARRGH LARS.

(Fusions always become sentimental, hmm, Aquamarine?)

It does a little better in context, because it's no longer as disappointing that the hoped-for growth with the baking didn't happen, but still, not great.

"The Trial": WHAT?!?!?! Of all the things I was expecting to get out of a trip to Homeworld, doubt about Rose Quartz shattering Pink Diamond is NOT one of them.

Okay, Yellow is being set up as the obvious answer, but I no longer trust anything. And obviously we didn't know enough to know that there were holes in the story, so we don't know enough to know who might've done it. I maintain that our Pearl was not Pink Diamond's, and was if anything White Diamond's, because of Gem placement and color, so all the talk about Pink's Pearl was is a red (excuse me) herring meant to make us think Rose was protecting our Pearl. Might Rose have knowingly collaborated with Yellow/White, having been promised a withdrawal, and then been betrayed when they left and used the corruption song? There were no other Rose Quartzes around, we're told that, and Amethyst can't shapeshift her color/the color of her Gem, and there were eyewitnesses.

. . . this reminds me of this meta about Pearl shapeshifting. So maybe our Pearl shapeshifted into Pink's Pearl? Or into Rose Quartz, though into the Pearl seems to make more sense logistically?

Also, the whole point, err, raison d'etre of the Breaking Point is that Rose's sword didn't shatter Gems, so did Rose poof her and the entourage get told later that Pink was shattered (perhaps after someone else, a Diamond, did shatter her)? You'd think that would be pretty hard to manage, though, since poofing is pretty common and you would think shattering would be a lot more dramatic. I mean, I know that eyewitness testimony is unreliable, but you wouldn't think it would be that unreliable absent mass mind-control, which seems like cheating, honestly. (I do think we're supposed to think that Eyeball was sincere.)

Also, a moment of silence for Zircon (knockoff Diamond, though mostly the show doesn't try to map Gem rank with our-world gem associations, witness Sapphire & Ruby), being a zealous advocate for her client almost despite herself.

"Off Colors": "Don't beat yourself up like that, Lars. That's what the killer robots are for."

The joke about the not-Sapphire who only predicts the recent past got old very quickly. Otherwise, I didn't form really strong opinions of the new Gems, because I was distracted by Lars realizing he doesn't have a Gem and therefore is safer than the others and being brave and then DYING, holy shit, and then being resurrected . . . pink??!!

"Lars' Head": Steven, now you care about consent, when it comes to saving someone's life?

Of all the things I was expecting to get out of a trip to Homeworld, Lion's origin story was also not one of them. (We still don't know why it works that way. And I have used up all my speculation on the Pink Diamond thing.)

Steven being forced not to self-sacrifice, woo. Do you think we are going to get frequent visits back to Lars? It seems very artificial to not use the connection to him for intelligence-gathering, but it's also dangerous since Steven would never know if it's a bad time to come out. Send Connie through first? I just don't feel good about him being left like the Famethyst at the Zoo, you know?

. . . no, that's it, I'm done, completely tapped out. I will update or comment with further thoughts later, I imagine.
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