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Spoilers for all versions.

Prior rewatch post of FMA:B 5-9. Very short additional thoughts.

FMA:B 5, "Rain of Sorrows": I like this episode because it's about consequences that follow through very naturally post-Nina: Scar is still trying to kill State Alchemists, and Ed and Al are angsting about alchemy's limits.

FMA 9, "Be Thou for the People": So this is not really a distinguished episode or anything; I added into the schedule to introduce Yoki. However, with the exception of the female alchemist, it's almost verbatim from the manga, so for once we can't really blame it on the adaptation.

FMA:B 6, "Road of Hope": Pinako mentions the Elrics' father as an old drinking pal of hers. Ed exposits the importance of the blood seal on Al's armor. They are 15 & 14 years old.

FMA:B 7, "Hidden Truths": this is a really good episode! Lust is reporting to Father in Central, and Mustang's ambition is to become Fuhrer.

Date: Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 01:21 am (UTC)
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I have to admit, it's not maybe the best storytelling choice for arc/character cohesion, but I have a very soft spot in my heart for Yoki's "...oops, we forgot to intro this character and it turns out he's -- NEVER MIND GIVE HIM A WACKY SILENT FILM MONTAGE IT'S FINE" intro in FMA:B.

(I also always want fic about Pinako and Hohenheim's drinking buddy days. How did they meet?)

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