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According to the New York Times, Chad is "witty and clear-thinking" and the talking-to-the-dog thing "allows him to be both succinct and entertaining."

Woo! (Especially on a day when work is freaking me out!)

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Chateau Steelypips has had better medium-durations-of-time, but here's something awesome—

Chad's next book, How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog, is officially out tomorrow (though it's been spotted in a couple B&Ns over the weekend) and it's getting great reviews—including a mention in the Washington Post! Woo, mainstream media!

(Now if only Colbert would call . . . )

Also, the first one is more popular than London call girls, which I find hilarious.
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Bidding at [livejournal.com profile] con_or_bust is now live. I am offering chocolate chip cookies and boxes of books from our collection. Also of potential interest to people reading this: a print of one of the new Wheel of Time ebook covers, winner's choice; copies of Chad's books on quantum physics and relativity; and an ARC of N.K. Jemisin's next novel. But there's lots more stuff than I can link to; please take a look!

It's also not too late to offer items; bidding doesn't close until February 25, and the more auction items, the better! Here's how.

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Because in the last 48 hours I have beta-read somewhere over 40K words (two Yuletide stories and three chapters in Chad's new book) and I find it just so satisfying.

Fortunately for our household income, I can get my editing fix through stuff like what I've just done and won't be tempted to chuck law for the publishing industry. (And someday I may be good enough and fortunate enough to have my job duties include editing, too.)

Meanwhile, best wishes to everyone still working on their Yuletide stories!

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  1. Chad has real books! (On shelf Dec. 22; see dogphysics.com for more information.)
  2. Rubin Museum of Art: excellent new (2004) museum focusing on the art of the Himalayas. Explanatory text that comes close to the Asian Art Museum's (in San Francisco) for clarity and informativeness. If you like that kind of art, go.
  3. Bronx Zoo on an unseasonably warm November Saturday: thumbs-up. Even at 60F, some of the colder-weather animals were more active, and most of the warmer-weather animals we looked for were out. Very close looks at tigers (hello, gorgeous top predators!), a red panda (hello, animate stuffed animal!), etc. But even on a usual November weekend, I bet it would be worth going: the winter signs make a point of saying which exhibits are in heated buildings, and as long as it wasn't too cold to walk between them, with quick pauses to admire the cold-weather animals on the way, well, I think it would be pretty cool.

And now, the stack of mail, and unpacking, and brief-writing, and so on and so forth.

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Chad is participating in a fundraiser for DonorsChoose, and will give away one copy of his forthcoming book How to Teach Physics to Your Dog to the highest donor, and at least one book to a donor chosen at random (you can also get your question answered on his blog for $20). Check out the classroom projects he's raising money for and then, as it says on his blog, forward your confirmation e-mail to orzelc@steelypips.org to enter for the prizes.

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In Library Journal's prepub alert for August 15. Wow!

Also, Emmy is now on Twitter as queen_emmy.

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Win a galley proof of Chad's book [*] by guessing the number of coins in a box over at his blog.

[*] For those of you new here, my husband Chad Orzel is a physicist who's written a pop culture book called How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, which explains quantum mechanics through (imaginary) conversations with our dog Emmy. It's fun and understandable, if I do so say myself, and will be out on December 22 from Scribner. You can learn more at the book's website.

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Chad's book How to Teach Physics to your Dog is coming out in six months, and to celebrate he's giving away two bound galleys (uncorrected proofs). Either caption an Emmy picture or write a short poem involving dogs and physics. See the linked posts for details.

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Behind the cut, an embedded video of Chad reading from his forthcoming pop science book How to Teach Physics to Your Dog. This excerpt is a dialogue between him and Emmy about the Copenhagen Interpretation, and the video features the two of them and a cat in a box.

video )

Enjoy the weekend, long or otherwise!

Recent-Past in Review

Monday, May 5th, 2008 10:03 pm
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Went to a wedding this weekend of a couple who have the best how-they-met story I know. Shortly after my friend met her now-husband, she told the story of how she was going on a cruise for a cousin's wedding, and was asked to room with a friend of the family: yeah, it would be awkward to room with a strange guy, but it wasn't a fixup, they just couldn't get the numbers to even up any other way, and did she mind? Well, they hit it off immediately, and as I said, ended up married.

Found at the wedding that this was not actually the whole story. The cousin's now-wife had dreamed that they'd put the two of them into a room on the cruise together and they'd fall in love and get married—despite the fact that they'd never met, lived on opposite sides of the country, and so forth. And they did, and they did. (I presume, but do not know, that the whole story was not told until after they got engaged, because talk about pressure!)

(And wow am I failing to do this justice, thanks to that whole sleep-deprivation thing. Insert funny faces and hand-waving liberally for effect.)

In other news, construction has started here at Chateau Steelypips. In three days, the garage walls have been stripped down to the studs, the front and side doors have been removed, and something-or-other has been done to the floor. (Chad's been taking daily pictures, which will go up on Flickr eventually.) They may be cutting out the door into the living room as soon as Wednesday, which initially seemed early to me considering that the project is projected to take about four weeks, but I guess you'd want to do all the structural stuff first. Yay, library!

(Two funny things about the construction. First, the contractor discovered that local code for new construction includes an egress window in each room (possibly, each ground floor room, but we're not sure). Said window must be fifty-seven inches tall—which is a door, basically, except that we really didn't want an exterior door in that room (taking space away from the bookshelves!). We decided to put two big windows in the front, stuck together, and maybe get Chad a desk instead of a table so that passers-by aren't looking at his knees . . .

(Second, when the contractor stopped by to drop off the permit, he asked Chad, "Have you ever dealt with the town building inspectors?" Chad said he hadn't, because our only prior permit was all done on paper. The contractor said, in tones of amazement, "They're so nice." Which is not at all where we expected that conversation to go.)

And Chad has another dog physics dialogue up, this time about relative motion, in which Emmy demands, "Why do they call relativity 'relativity?' Why not something cooler, like Superfast Timeslowing Squirrelcatching Dynamics?" It is premature of me to hope that relativity can be the sequel to Bunnies Made of Cheese: The Book, but I'm hoping anyway. (No official title or publication date yet; we'll certainly let you all know as soon as we do.)

Finally, U.S. folks: From now through May 19, you can join the National Marrow Donor Program Registry for free (apparently the cost of tissue typing is not always covered). Registering doesn't commit you to do anything and involves just a cheek swab. Non-whites are especially needed, but I hope everyone will consider it.

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ETA: Beta readers no longer being sought at this time. Thanks to all who volunteered.

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Chad has just signed a book contract with Scribner for "a smart and humorous work of non-fiction that explains the basic principles of quantum physics in language that even our dogs would understand" (according to the contract). It'll consist of conversations with Emmy about physics, plus more detailed explanations (still targeted at a popular audience). And yes, this is all because of his blog.

So weird. But in a good way.

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