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At SyFyWire, Small, But Mighty: How Local Cons Are Made. As I said on Twitter, I'm glad to see local fan-run cons being highlighted, but it's pretty weird that there's no mention of anything older than a decade or of the whole community more-or-less (sometimes much less) associated with SMOFs, WorldCon, etc?

Arisia is running a "Reconciliation" programming track; I assume the title is drawing from, e.g., South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission. I hope those who are attending and participating report back. (I am cautiously hopeful, on looking at it; but logistics don't work for me to come at this point.)
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My letter of resignation said that I would not be attending until Noel Rosenberg was banned, because I was trying to get it written before kid bedtime and I was focused on clearly, accurately, and concisely extracting the portions of Crystal Huff's statement that I felt necessitated different action by Arisia.

Accordingly, I've been meaning to say: the ban is necessary but not sufficient. Indeed, I'm not entirely sure it's been accomplished at this point, because Arisia's announcement says that "Per policy, this decision may be overturned by the corporate membership, or revisited by a future Eboard if new information comes to light." This may be an accurate statement of policy, but it strikes me as—at the very least—an ill-advised way to phrase it. (I note that Readercon takes the position that its Board will ratify long-term action decided by the Safety Committee and that this ratification will bind future Readercons.)

Before I decide whether I will attend Arisia again, I need a thorough statement setting forth what went wrong, who was responsible [*], and what's going to be done. This is much more complicated than what happened with Readercon (which sovay reminded us of), because it spans several years and multiple incidents, as opposed to one decision by a single group of people. Moreover, Arisia already has a good deal (if not all) of the on-paper structures instituted by Readercon (forgive me for not compare-and-contrasting them; I know that I noted that Arisia would not meet the minimum standards that Con or Bust eventually adopted back when I proposed them to the Board, but I don't remember how). So, it'll mostly come down to people and culture, which is much harder to evaluate.

I can't imagine that this process will be done before hotel deposits are processed in mid-December (edit: assuming that the con stays at the Westin, which it may not because workers there are striking), so I likely won't be attending in 2019.

[*] Cody Lazri has extracted past Boards out of Arisia's public corporate documents, as part of eir own resignation statement. I have no idea how these Boards overlap with those responsible.

Arisia is having a corporation meeting today to elect new Board members in light of the resignations (actually two, one so that new members can get the attend-one-meeting requirement out of the way and vote, which I regard as a good sign). I wish the best to anyone seeking accountability and positive change.
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Content note: rape, stalking.

Dear Arisia Member Services and Programming:

Effective immediately, please remove me from the org chart as Tiptree Bake Sale staff and from programming as a participant. I will not be attending Arisia until Noel Rosenberg is removed as President of Arisia, Inc. and Division Head of Operations, and is banned from the convention.

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