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Boskone needed more participants for this panel on Sunday at 2, and on reflection I decided I had some things to say about the last sentence:

New Fantasy -- For Girls Only?

The writer Shauna Roberts observes that publishers think boys won't read about girls, but girls will read about boys [as well as about girls]. Do publishers really think that? Is it true? Why? If that's the dominant paradigm, do fantasies where the protagonist is a kickass warrior, assassin, or thief represent attempts at overcoming it -- or do girls just want to have fun? Neil Clarke (m), Leah Cypess

And if you all have comments or suggestions, I would be happy—indeed, grateful—to pass them along at the panel.

Quarter of ten

Thursday, February 17th, 2011 09:48 pm
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And the last baked good is out of the oven. That's two batches of chocolate chip cookies (60 total, done in parallel because my hand mixer couldn't do them simultaneously; yes, I know about the existence of stand mixers, but we don't have anywhere to put it and I don't bake that often); two batches of muffins (one blueberry, one chocolate chip); one batch of butterscotch crunch cookies (these barely count as cooking, as they consist of butterscotch chips melted and mixed with chow mein noodles); and one cheese bread loaf (made by Chad).

Hurry up and cool, baked goods, so I may face-plant into bed!

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This year's Tiptree bake sale at Boskone (also benefiting the Carl Brandon Society, with permission of the Tiptree Motherboard) will be on Saturday in the Con Suite (downstairs, with the dealers and art and whatnot) starting sometime before 10:00 a.m. and ending when we've sold all the food. If you're bringing something, that's lovely, thank you; come by whenever. (If you need to drop it off Friday night, it's possible we can arrange something; let me know.) If not, please come by anyway, say hi, see what looks delicious, or spread the word!

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I will be organizing another bake sale to benefit the Tiptree Award and the Carl Brandon Society on Saturday at Boskone (February 19th). Please spread the word!

All donations will be gratefully accepted, but particularly welcome are foods suitable for those with dietary restrictions and breakfast-like things (I'm going to take a page from Readercon's bake sale this year and try to offer things for people who don't have time to eat breakfast at a restaurant before panels). I'll post details about the specific time and location when I have them, and reminders closer to.

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