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Thursday, July 18th, 2013 09:43 pm
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Quick-ish notes on Readercon; I meant to do this Sunday night when we got home and it was all still fresh and timely, but the only energy I could drum up was for angsty booklogging, and then work resumed. (And is still there, but I'm writing this up in time that would otherwise be unproductive.)

I had very little free time this con because the hotel room situation meant I was in the room with the Pip after 8:00 p.m., and because programming/safety committee/family demanded a lot of my daytime. So I didn't ever really feel like I'd gotten immersed in the con, if that makes sense.

Anyway. Saturday morning we got the kids up and herded them to breakfast in the hotel restaurant. There we bumped into [personal profile] oracne who joined us, but I barely spoke to her because I was busy chasing the Pip all over the place. (He's not a huge breakfast eater and there was stuff to explore. Stairs! Windows! A ramp!) Then the kids & Chad went off to the beach, and I took a shower and went to my first panel, A Visit from the "Suck Fairy": Enjoying Problematic Works.

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Then I had a restorative lunch with [personal profile] yhlee and spouse at Legal Seafood, where I had my traditional lobster bisque and crab cake and enjoyed it very much. Then I took a nap, because His Pipliness slept really poorly the night before and I'd also been awake longer than I should have been wondering if my phone was going to ring with a safety committee call. (It didn't on any of my shifts, but I know other reports were received, and I'm hoping we'll be able to share some general data on the safety committee's activities in due course.)

Next I went to a panel that I was on because I was on the safety committee, Making Readercon Safer.

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Then I rushed off because Chad and the kids were back, and I chased the Pip around as SteelyKid & Chad swam. We rode the elevators for a while, played "Help, help, I'm being oppressed" on the floor of the indoor pool (I sit down, he stands behind me and presses me forward, I bend at the waist and say "Help, help, I'm being oppressed" in the world's least convincing voice, he laughs and either tugs at my shoulders to make me sit back up or drapes himself over my back so I can gently shake us from side-to-side), and generally bopped all around the pools and accompanying area.

Then I took the kids into my hotel room while Chad showered and decompressed and saw them off to the mall for dinner. This was poor planning on my part because it left me way too little time to get dinner in the hotel restaurant before my next panel, so I made do with snacks I had on hand and found in the green room.

My last panel of the day and the con was Women's Bodies, Women's Power.

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I recommended the Trans101 handout and my notes on the dispelling trans myths panel from this year's WisCon, so here those links are up-front for those who missed them.

And then, bed. Well, cross-stitching instead of the work I really should have been doing to decompress, then bed.

Sunday morning, same breakfast routine, then sent the family off to the Museum of Science while I had a visit with [ profile] glvalentine and then packed up our remaining stuff before [personal profile] yhlee's panel on writing the Winterstrike browser-based game, which I'd promised to attend as one of the game's beta testers. I enjoyed this and learned stuff I hadn't known about writing the game (the fledgling ironbird was once a giant robot!), and the other audience members also seemed engaged and interested, though I regretted that the panel necessarily spoiled part of the game for those who hadn't played it. The Storynexus platform is free for anyone who wants to try designing their own narrative game, though I believe there are hoops if you want to try and make money off it. (The game is also free to play, though you can buy in-game currency to speed things up.)

And then I had the pleasure of having lunch with Chad, the kids, and [ profile] prince_eric and kids, who'd gone to the museum too; I'd not met his kids before and they were delightful. And then the drive home.

So that was my Readercon. In a way, this was a good one to have such little free time at, because the hotel renovations meant that the spaces for casual hanging were so limited. How was your Readercon, if you went? Oh, and if you have comments about safety committee-related stuff, you can feel free to contact me privately and we can talk about how I pass on your feedback. If we put out a report/summary/whatever, I will try to remember to link it here.


Friday, July 12th, 2013 10:52 pm
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The Readercon hotel lost my request for adjoining rooms. I hope tomorrow we can lay hands on a baby monitor so one of us at a time can leave the premises when they're asleep. (If I get a safety committee call tonight Chad will come over because the Pip is way more likely to wake up in the night than SteelyKid, and we'll just have to risk it.)

Meanwhile, [ profile] glvalentine is a hero for making conversation with SteelyKid while Chad and I made unhappy faces at each other figuring out what to do.

Anyway. See you tomorrow, Readercon.

Readercon schedule

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 10:18 pm
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Three official things, all on Saturday, and one unofficial thing on Sunday (full schedule):


  • 11:00 AM F A Visit from the "Suck Fairy": Enjoying Problematic Works. John Benson, Cathy Butler, Barbara Krasnoff (leader), Yoon Ha Lee, Adrienne Martini, Kate Nepveu. Encountering problematic elements within fictional works isn't uncommon. As readers develop awareness of racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism—development that occurs on both a personal and a cultural level—they may be appalled to stumble across bigotry in childhood favorites or long-lauded classics, or struggle to appreciate a book that everyone around them is enjoying. Can you still love a work after you've seen something horrible within it, or does continuing to enjoy it mean tacitly approving of not only that specific work but problematic works in general? How can we make room for complex reactions in conversations among critics and readers?
  • 3:00 PM ME Making Readercon Safer. Rose Fox, Crystal Huff, Kate Nepveu, Kim Riek (leader), Veronica Schanoes. In the best of all possible worlds, Readercon would be confidently safe and welcoming for all. What can each of us do, in our different roles, to get closer to that state? Join members of Readercon's concom and safety committee as we talk about safety and safe spaces. We invite you to share your concerns and suggestions in order to make Readercon 25 even better.
  • 7:00 PM ME Women's Bodies, Women's Power. Athena Andreadis (leader), Alex Dally MacFarlane, Kate Nepveu, Vandana Singh, Sabrina Vourvoulias. In many times and places, cisgender girls and women have been evaluated by their bodies, including their choice of dress, sexual behavior, virginity, and fertility. Juxtaposed with this are the mystification and taboos surrounding menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. This outlook has migrated wholesale into speculative literature. It's still standard fare in fantasy for women to lose (or be thought to lose) any extranormal powers they possess when they first have penetrative sex, menstruate, or become pregnant, from André Norton's Witchworld adepts to Zamia in Saladin Ahmed's Throne of the Crescent Moon. Athena Andreadis will explore the tropes and assumptions around this issue, including variants applied to trans* and non-binary characters.

I will also definitely be at Sunday's

  • 11:00 AM ME Adventures in Linear and Nonlinear Narration. Yoon Ha Lee. Fallen London (formerly known as Echo Bazaar) is a popular web-based game whose experience includes textual narrative served out through randomly-drawn "cards" and "storylets." Recently its creators opened up a streamlined version of the platform, StoryNexus, for those who wish to author similar games. Yoon Ha Lee was commissioned to create a planetary romance game, Winterstrike, to help showcase the platform. Lee will discuss the similarities and differences between writing a short story (static, linear narrative) and a StoryNexus game (dynamic, fluid narrative), and compare both to the experience of writing an interactive fiction game (text adventure), Moonlit Tower.

No bakesale this year because of hotel renovations and the resulting lack of space. Night availability may be limited because Chad & the kids may be coming to do touristy things while I am doing con stuff. Also I will be taking some on-call shifts for the safety committee. That said:

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And because ticky was at a work retreat at a riverside facility today,

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