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And now we have the last day of Worldcon, plus a whole bunch of links to other people's all-con reports.

Discussion of Diana Gabaldon, Madeleine Robins reading, Panel on Dead People )

Slightly-Annotated List of Other People's Reports )

(By the way, anyone who responded to my Tolkien and religion post and doesn't have comment notification, sorry for the delay—I've been tired or busy or thinking—but I've finally answered you.)

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Sunday was actually a fairly programming-heavy day for me. This is appallingly long, as a result. But we're almost done!

'DOA: Books that Died Despite Everything' )

Pratchett reading )

'Creating Gods' )

Tor new books; dealer's room; Legal Seafoods )

Masquerade and 'One Man Star Wars' )

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Quick note: summary of the exposition panel is up at the Noreascon blog. Hey, I wasn't awake enough to do actual work. And now must run or will be late for lunch appointment.

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Don't mind me, I'm not really posting content, just dumping possible Noreascon panels of interest somewhere where I can find them later.

Hey, [livejournal.com profile] prince_eric: you coming to this? Friday night dinner, even if you aren't?

everything looks so interesting )
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From the Noreascon 4 Preliminary Program:

Saturday 11:00am: Fantasy of Manners

How do we define it? How do we draw the line, and what is its appeal? Is it a truth (universally acknowledged...) that only women can write it?

You sure you can't make it to Worldcon?

(Kidding! But this is just the kick-in-the-pants I need to re-read Swordspoint like I've been meaning too.)

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