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My new motivational reminder is "be the competence porn you want to see in the world," because I realized that I get the same nice warm glow when I accomplish what I know that I'm capable of. (Shocking, I know.) We'll see how long that is effective.

Meanwhile, rec your favorite competence porn, ideally text because time and access, and ideally not dude-heavy, as I have just finished an Aubrey-Maturin skim/skip re-read and am likely about to embark on a Dick Francis binge.

Also, speaking of Dick Francis, rec me your favorites. I think all I've read is Proof--or at least if I've read more, I don't remember a thing about them. I've already checked [personal profile] rachelmanija's tag and seen [personal profile] skygiants's review of The Edge.

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This animation of a dragon accordioning into a wall is, as they say, a mood.

Via Courtney Milan, did you know that Stacey Abrams also writes romance novels published by HarperCollins? Because I didn't.

Abigail Nussbaum raises important big-picture questions about S3 of The Good Place that I hadn't gotten as far as because I was being grumpy about smaller-scale stuff. Spoilers, obviously.

I haven't had much time for stitching lately--at home I've been working on my Christmas Nanoblock set--but I really like this freebie curly heart from Mary Corbet. Into the ever-growing stash it goes . . .

Finally, I had a root canal a few years ago, and in the late fall the tooth got infected again. Happily, the endodontist went back in today and didn't find any fractures or other stuff that shouldn't be there, so I guess it was just one of those things. And it only took four and a half hours for me to be able to fully move my face again!

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I am experimenting with accumulating a post over the day in an email draft, because I keep putting links in my bullet journal and then never posting them. Possibly this way I will also journal more broadly? Let's see how this goes.

This morning I posted a selfie on Twitter taken at the end of the dog walk demonstrating two of my personal temperature metrics: breath frozen in the tips of my hair (20F) and breath freezing directly onto glasses (-5F). Not pictured were two others, glasses immediately fogging over after stepping inside (32F) and nostrils trying to freeze over (-5F). What are yours?

(Also I think my hair looks cool like that, I admit. You can see my naturally white hairs up above my glasses.)

Caroline Siede's When Romance Met Comedy series continues to be a joy, this time looking at Bride & Prejudice:

Of all of the modern day adaptations of Pride And Prejudice, I’m not sure any have ever more accurately captured the spirit of Mr. Wickham than the way Bride & Prejudice reimagines him as a hot British backpacker with a performative laid-back cultural sensitivity.

Which condiments need to be refrigerated? at The Takeout: I feel very smug that we have all of these correct.

Interesting Twitter thread about using consultations in game design (for, in this case, colonialism, plotting horror mysteries, and trans/NB representation) and how it worked out. This is about Sunless Skies, the Fallen London folks' new PC game, but no spoilers; and the general principles aren't limited to games.

This morning I listened to a podcast about Dürer's Rhinoceros, which reminded me of the Patrick O'Brian bit about exercising a rhinoceros on a ship's deck, which gives me great joy and I hope will do likewise for you.

Finally, a cozier Twitter selfie, of me sitting on the floor with Charlie pupper's head against one hip and the Pip leaning on my other side.

Posting-by-email experience:

  • I thought email posting automatically used Markdown, but apparently that's only replying to comments, because I still had to put "!markdown" (no quotes) just after the post headers.
  • Markdown allows horizontal rules by three+ hyphens/underscores, but DW thinks that's your email sig, so use three+ asterisks instead.
  • Markdown inline links--square bracketed link text followed immediately by parenthetical link address--didn't work for me. (I think it's because DW is using the GMail plain-text version which wraps the lines and therefore appears to have a blank space between the opening parenthesis and the link.) I used reference-style links instead, which worked great: link text in square brackets, followed immediately by reference in square brackets; elsewhere in document, reference in square brackets followed by colon, space, link. More examples.

Despite all that, this first attempt does seem congenial, since I always have email open and the formatting is easy now that I've worked the bugs out. On the other hand, I'm intending to gradually import all my old public posts into a self-hosted WordPress blog (I apparently can only do it a month at at time) and then cross-post, and maybe just saving stuff as draft in WP will be easier. We'll see.

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Yesterday afternoon, Chad's parents picked the kids up (both kids; their first overnight with the Pip without us there).

Last night, I stayed late at work, had a lovely dinner out, fought Quicken into admitting that my account was too reconciled, cleaned off my desk of a week's worth of mail, took all the ornaments off the tree and put them away, and then slept so soundly that my back is stiff this morning (apparently my body is no longer used to sleeping the night through and, I don't know, doesn't automatically move or something any more?).

The only bad things about this are (a) look how adorable they are! and (b) I am worried about inflicting the Pip's variable sleeping ability on people not used to it . . .

But as changes of pace go, on the whole pretty nice. Now, pack and dress and off for a whirlwind vacation.

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SteelyKid and Chad have been away since Thursday afternoon. They return this afternoon.

Thursday and Friday I went to work. In the evenings, I walked the dog, did Christmas shopping (all done except for one thing!), wrote a badly-overdue LotR post, and worked on Yuletide beta stuff.

This morning so far I have walked the dog, had breakfast, and spent too much time reading the Internet. Now I'm going to pick up the house, shower, get a few groceries at the store, finish at least one of my Yuletide beta reads, and then work on a badly-overdue review of The Other Lands.

And the possibly-sad thing is? That all looks pretty good to me. I think it's the two nights of actual uninterrupted sleep, making me giddy . . .

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This morning, just before 7 a.m., the dog and I were walking through the sunny suburban morning, when there was a sudden burst of movement about twenty feet behind us. As we turned to look, two rabbits bolted out from near the house to our left, ran across the street, and vanished into the backyards on the right.

They were followed by a fox, who paused briefly at the edge of the yard to contemplate us, before crossing the street at a purposeful—but never desperate, no, never that—trot, continuing its pursuit of breakfast.

While I grew up in another suburb, it was a lot further to actual wilderness there, and also I didn't have a dog to walk; so it still seems exciting to see even semi-wildlife like foxes or red-tailed hawks just hanging around my neighborhood. Fox!

(I remember [livejournal.com profile] telophase's post a couple months ago about foxes with knowing looks, and I have to say, even a garden-variety Northeast U.S. fox is pretty darn good at them. (Note to self: look up local fox legends.))

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1. Did Nancy Kress pretty much exhaust the field (or the functional equivalent) for speculative fiction regarding sleep or the lack thereof?

2. Someone could probably write a thesis tracking the distribution of reproductive methods in SF (pregnancies by genetic parents, pregnancies by non-genetic parents, and non-pregnancies) by time and by sex of author. (Brought to you in part by Kate having finally got around to writing up Excession.)

3. Oh, yeah, this is going to be a productive day . . .

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Half an hour ago, I stepped out the back door and into what seemed more like a rainforest than the Northeast United States. The air was warm, humid, and smelled of wet earth and plant growth. Water dripped from the trees; mist hung between them. Birds seen and unseen made an enormous racket in all directions. And the bright, bright sun streamed through the trees and lit up the mist.

My mood will undoubtedly crash into the basement again as I spend the rest of the day banging my head against work, but until then: yay, spring!

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My sock drawer, I learned this morning, contains eleven (11) single black socks.

(Originally I thought it was thirteen, but closer inspection revealed that two of them did match.)

I thought I'd heard munching noises from the basement . . .

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Saturday, dinner table conversation included tales of credit cards being compromised by small unauthorized purchases, as lead-ins to bigger unauthorized purchases. Today, I learned that someone attempted to charge $15 to a German long-distance company off my credit card. It's been blocked and I will have a new card in a week.

Yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] telophase posted about trouble with her iPod. Five minutes ago, my iPod stopped playing, made repeated descending clicking noises, and upon reset displayed the sad icon. It is two months past its extended warranty.

Today, a co-worker told me about the flat tire she got over the weekend. I am now afraid to go out to the parking lot.

So, please, nobody tell me any bad things that have happened to you lately, because apparently my life is now being run on imitative principes. Or something.

Edit: tires not flat (Chad's pulled a muscle in his leg, but: not the same thing). And the iPod has come back to life, and if it dies again, there may well be a DIY solution (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] agrumer for the link). So I think it may be safe now. *knocks on wood, performs other supersition-based propitiatory rituals*

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In heavy rains, fallen leaves effectively disguise deep puddles.

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I don't drink coffee. Chad doesn't drink coffee. The last time coffee was drunk in this house, it was Thanksgiving, and the drinkers stirred their coffee with spoons.

Why, then, was there a coffee stirrer in the drain of the kitchen sink this evening?

(I would be more disturbed by this if I weren't still all gleeful.)

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Good to see you all again. Vacation was great and an enormous trip report is in progress.

Now I and my slightly-glazed-over eyes must go to bed.

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