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  • I'm sure I'm behind the times here, but I'd never seen actual Quidditch pictures before! (For certain values thereof, I mean.) Via File 770.

  • At Vice, A Cancelled Board Game Revealed How Colonialism Inspires and Haunts Games.

  • I love learning about linguistics and was excited to see this list of linguistics podcasts. I particularly liked en clair, on forensic linguistics, because it has beautiful complete transcripts so I caught up just by reading.

  • The movie Fast Color stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw and is, per the AV Club "part superhero origin story, part multigenerational family drama, part near-future dystopian fable," which sounds relevant to our interests.

  • The Wound of Very Contrition (3940 words) by cosmogyral
    Chapters: 1/?
    Fandom: Hilary Tamar Mysteries - Sarah Caudwell, Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis
    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Selena Jardine/Julia Larwood
    Characters: Hilary Tamar, Selena Jardine, Julia Larwood, Michael Cantrip, Desmond Ragwort, Kivrin Engle, James Dunworthy
    Summary: The Royal Historical Society seeks from all those who once worked with him a reminiscence of James Dunworthy, lately retired at the peak of his eminence, and I believe the time has come at last for me to give mine. “After all,” as my young friend Selena Jardine said when I asked for her legal advice, “it’s not actually libelous. And I suppose no one but me will be harmed at this stage.” // * // In which Hilary Tamar kidnaps a child from the Middle Ages; and other academic crimes which are, properly considered, James Dunworthy's fault.

    Hi this is the best. (WIP but first chapter is satisfying on its own.)

  • National Geographic, a few years ago, on how extremely precise measurements were taken of Notre Dame. I get emotional when overtired, so I had to stop looking at the news, but I wonder if architectural restorations include all the kludgy bits?

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Everything has spoilers.

Commentary )

Fic )

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I made a couple long comments elsewhere and I should archive them somewhere less ephemeral, for reference.

on defining fanfic )

on deciding whether to become a parent )
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Attolia sings "Fight for It " to the tune of "Wait for It."
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But in advance of the certain deluge of Hamilton/Burr hatesex from Yuletide, may I suggest to the slash writers Hamilton/Laurens, which is also suggested by the lyrics and has the advantage of being a genuine historical possibility? As in, here's an academic article (PDF) on the subject?

(I'll also be interested, in a sort of anthropological way, how much fic writers take up the blatant Hamilton/Washington daddy issues--not my thing, having recently-ish acquired a power-differential squick--but really, the lyrics are flat-out inviting it.)

I would also like to strongly encourage everybody-lives-and-nobody-cheats AUs; here's a delightful modern one from magneticwave called "the challenge demands satisfaction" (4k, teen and up).

*goes back to mentally practicing "revolutionary manumission abolitionists" while waiting for doctor*
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We saw this last Friday and I haven't had the time to write it up, but honestly I'm doing more so out of obligation/putting things on the record: it's very enjoyable and I've barely thought about it since.

Okay, that's not true, because I am an analytical type when it comes to my entertainment, but much less than some other things.

In short: very entertaining; successfully adapts the book in terms of streamlining and making emotions more present (Mark is a very peculiar brand of unreliable narrator, in that he says "I cried" and you don't really feel it on a gut level); surprisingly resists the urge to Hollywood it up until the end; could've done better on casting in terms of racial representation, but it could've been worse, too; whoever did the soundtrack was having a lot of fun.

As for the casting bits: Kapoor is Hindu in the book and is played by Chiwetel Ejiofor in the movie; he does have a line about his father being Hindu and his mother being Baptist in the movie, but when Irrfan Khan turned them down (h/t [personal profile] musesfool), well, it's nice they didn't go with a white guy, but it's not like there's only one Indian actor out there in the world, you know? With that casting, the only visibly Asian main characters were of East Asian ancestry. On a similar note, point for casting Rich Purnell (race not specified in book) with Donald Glover, and minus for not casting Mindy Park with an actress of Korean ancestry. (Point for making one of the guys in China a woman, as well.)

Finally, I don't know what Sean Bean and his non-American accent were doing in this movie. I am entirely willing to believe it was solely in the service of a particular meta joke that had the entire theater laughing uproariously, but I shamefully admit that I think it was worth it: tiny, tiny spoiler ).

And now, some spoilers about the adaptation and ending:

spoilers how for the movie ends, and the book too )

I dipped into the fandom tag on AO3 and was depressed to find it was full of Watney/Beck (a.k.a. the power of two vaguely conventionally attractive white dudes—seriously, they have minimal interaction in the movie, and if you must break up canonical m/f pairings, Martinez is his best friend in the book), so I will take any gen recs from you all, but I can enthusiastically recommend the Interstitial series by Lanna Michaels, which is a book-style continuation (so far two short-ish pieces) that's perfectly in character and just terrific. Also, for the brilliant crack, Lanna also did a fusion with Jonathan Strange. And now the kids' morning TV is done so I will save the trailers until later.
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I have to start generating draft post link dumps as I post things to G+.

On movies:

You should be reading Wesley Morris, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his movie criticism, regardless of whether you want to see the movies he's writing about. Here he is about the truly appalling Ted 2:

For people of color, some aspect of friendship with white people involves an awareness that you could be dropped through a trapdoor of racism at any moment, by a slip of the tongue, or at a campus party, or in a legislative campaign. But it’s not always anticipated. You don’t expect the young white man who’s been seated alongside you in a house of worship to take your life because you’re black. Nor do you expect that a movie about an obscene teddy bear would invoke a sexual stereotype forced upon you the way Kunta Kinte was forced to become “Toby” [in Roots].

And as a palate cleanser, his review of Magic Mike XXL.

The AV Club's Random Roles series is almost always great. Here's Diana Riggs, who I've never even seen on screen and who I now want to be when I grow up.

I also love their Expert Witness series; here's a recent one on being a second-unit director on Hollywood blockbusters and one I somehow missed on from a camera operator on the Puppy Bowl.

On TV:

I don't watch Penny Dreadful but [livejournal.com profile] glvalentine's recaps of it are worthy of live-blogging on their own. The one about the most recent episode contains such gems as "Somehow opting not to just go full Gothic and have sex in front of the corpse" and "(He had so much trouble just facing his mother’s death that he made three more people. Then he had sex with at least one of them. The man is troubled.)"

I also don't watch Parks and Recreation (though I'm considering it), but I suspect fans of it would like this vid by [personal profile] such_heights.

On books:

This review of For Such a Time by Kate Breslin makes you wonder how on Earth anyone could possibly think that it was a good idea. (Content notes: Holocaust, dubcon.)

Palate cleanser: absolutely hilarious Imperial Radch AU by Rachel Swirsky.


@AcademicsSay: The Story Behind a Social-Media Experiment, an interesting look at the growth of that Twitter account and what the academic behind it decided to do with the social capital it had.

Yakhchāls: "By 400 BCE, Persian engineers had mastered the technique of storing ice in the middle of summer in the desert."

A Mostly Accurate Norse God Family Tree, in comic form, with research notes. A.K.A., "TIL that Odin's grandparent was a cow."

The Poet Laureate of Fan Fiction, an interview with someone whose work was appropriated by Supernatural fandom.

Did my boyfriend just get married? on AskMetaFilter; search the poster's username for updates.

What This Cruel War Was Over, the meaning of the Confederate flag in the plain words of those who bore it.

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Fix-it fic in the comments of a dark AU of Beauty and the Beast over at the Toast, in fact. (If comments collapse and the direct link to the fic doesn't work, search for my last name and then expand replies.)

Go read it!
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to validate my belief that I don't want to watch Agents of SHIELD: that's the length of the previously-on for the season opener and it just made me want to yell "WRONG! WRONG!" and then flip my desk over.

(I wanted to see the flashback, of course. I have extremely grave doubts about the ability to make a satisfying Agent Carter series post-Cap 2, but, Peggy!)

. . . I suppose this post should have some actual content. *pokes at bookmarks* Here, have some fic I bookmarked to rec a long time ago and don't have time to re-read now.

seven recs )

There's more, but I don't have time to sort through the maybe-rec tag now.

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This is impossibly long, so, broken up by theme!

Two fics about media representation )

The Sholio section: heartwarming gen team stories )

The OC section )

The AU section )

Bucky backstory & adjusting stories )

The Sam and Sam/Steve section )

Miscellaneous team-ish stories )

Relationships can be complicated but it all works out in the end. )

Silly. )

. . . I need to not let these pile up so much next time, huh? (To be crossposted in relevant part to [community profile] mcugen.)

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So I figured I should make another rec post, because I can feel my tolerance for scrolling past a million indistinguishable angst-ridden ship fics on the AO3 RSS feed diminishing rapidly [*], and because this week is going to be overwhelming, meaning I don't know whether I'll keep up with new fic for a while.

Crossposted, in part, to [community profile] mcugen.

the recs; actual spoilers )

And outside the cut, because it seems likely to have broader appeal (but still has movie spoilers): a pastiche, inspired by fanart, of Frozen's "Do You Want to Build A Snowman?", which is absurdly cute.

[*] whining about ships, feel free to skip; implicit spoilers )

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I'm home with the Pip this afternoon because daycare is closed, and I can't take a nap because I had to do things and now it's too close to the time he'll wake up, so to keep myself awake, some more fic recs post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Spoilers below; organized chronologically except the one that I had to yell about.


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Oh my god this day. Here, let me dump some more Captain America: The Winter Soldier feelings. (I haven't seen it again, because free time, hah!)

Spoilers for the MCU )

additional spoiler from comics )

Some fic recs, which I think ought to be pretty clear what they're like from the tags and summaries:

cut for length )

Finally, an addendum to my post about the trailers: an important critique of Lucy.

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The next set of recs, only eight stories this time. The prefatory notes to my first post still apply.

Steve-centric stories )

Next up: Natasha and others.

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Dear readers, I have been collecting links to Avengers post-movie fanfic that I think has wide appeal. I had been planning on making one big post of them, but then I realized that (1) I would never actually be done with the post, because people would keep posting stories that I wanted to add to it while I was working on it and (2) it would be so long anyway that no-one would want to read it.

But the team-goodness section is done, so have it (twenty-odd stories, yikes) plus the surprisingly long prefatory notes.

Surprisingly long prefatory notes: )

Team goodness stories, with occasional meta digressions or canon questions )

Stay tuned for a Steve list (halfway done), a Natasha (-Clint, -Bruce) list whose organization is still under construction, a Bruce list, and a miscellaneous list.

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Panel report one of two. Description:

Fanfiction is being produced online at a rate of millions of words per month. Fanfiction can expand on a shorter work, change a work’s themes, or even attempt to “fix” things the author is felt to have done “wrong” (e.g., provide a backstory to explain otherwise undermotivated behavior). These dynamics are not unheard of outside of Internet fandom communities—Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway attempts to “fix” James Joyce’s Ulysses (which itself retells Homer’s Odyssey). In what ways can fanfiction be a valuable part of the criticism of a text? Can it appeal as criticism to readers outside the fanfiction community? If so, how can they find the most interesting works?

Victoria Janssen (L), Alaya Dawn Johnson, Erin Kissane, Ken Schneyer, Cecilia Tan.

important note about pseudonymity )

panel notes )

a very very short reading list )

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Nerds of the Earth, take note!: a Leverage/Iron Man-movieverse crossover fic (set after Iron Man 2), by [personal profile] brownbetty and [livejournal.com profile] emeraldwoman. General audiences, 7890 words, Hardison-POV: SHIELD needs a hacker. Funny and insightful.

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which I saw last night [*], is to recommend you all these two long, meaty, very well-written fanfics that are, in fact, genuinely transformative and critical of the source:

  • "Concession," by [personal profile] obsession_inc, 28K words, PG-13 for strong language and implied violence. AU after the first movie: Tony and Pepper are both missing, and Christine Everhart slowly discovers just what went wrong.

  • "Almost No One Makes It Out," [personal profile] atrata, 28K words, R for strong language. What the first movie would have been like if Tony hadn't been born rich.

I'd read both of these before watching Iron Man 2 [**], but collectively they embody my serious problems with that movie in a much more interesting, entertaining, and eloquent way than I could. Yes, despite being written before the movie came out. Go read them (but if you read both, read them in that order; there's a reason).

(But we can talk spoilers in comments if you want. I can always rant.)

[*] You might reasonably ask, "Kate, you didn't much like the first movie (spoilers), why did you bother going to see the sequel, which no-one is saying is better than the first?" To which I say, "Yes, but I had the rare opportunity to go out to dinner and a movie with Chad last night (thanks to SteelyKid's grandmother) and it was this or Robin Hood."

[**] You might reasonably ask, "Kate, why are you reading fanfics of a movie you didn't much like?" To which I say, "often the fics are better than the source, as here; also, it's [personal profile] cofax7's fault."

Link dump

Dec. 16th, 2007 10:33 pm
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In haste, so have some links, mostly entertainment:

weekly links for your perusal )

How did it get to be less than a week before I go off on holiday treks?

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We bought and put up our tree today. It seemed to have a few thick branches and a lot of thin ones, which made distributing the ornaments a challenge, but it looks nice. Chad's talking about doing another "science on the tree" series, so watch this space. Or his, I suppose.

Last night, we went to see The Golden Compass. Short version: I agree with most reviewers who say that the look of the film and the actress playing Lyra are great, but the pace is too fast. (As various people have said, this is a big-budget movie based on a fantasy novel coming out from New Line in December. It's allowed to be more than two hours.) I will add that the shortened pace leads to some anvilicious exposition, which I haven't seen any reviewers say, but they're probably not allowed to say "anvilicious" in print reviews. Enjoyable, but kind of exhausting.

Spoilery version: )

We got a mostly dire batch of trailers, though The Spiderwick Chronicles continues to look promising, and Inkheart might be good—Andy Serkis in a main role. (I haven't read the book yet. Either of the books, actually, though Spiderwick isn't high on my list.)

And now, a selection of links, starting with two about His Dark Materials, then more entertainment, politics, and seasonal stuff (holidays and otherwise).

links )

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