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It's my birthday, and though I'm not a hobbit, giving away presents seems like a good idea. Since we're digital here, all I can offer are digital things. I'm not very creative at icon-making (and I prefer simpler icons anyway), but for what it's worth I've put up a bunch of icons for public use. They're mostly Saiyuki, since that's what I have artbooks and scanlations of, but there are a few from the first four Fullmetal Alchemist episodes, my two existing Firefly icons (the River one has been slightly improved), the headdesk icon, and an icon of the picture below the cut. Like I said, not fancy, but some of the Saiyuki ones should at least be novel.

Also, for those not interested in fannish icons, behind the cut I have the very cutest puppy picture EVER, from the Dog Gallery Calendar (Workman Publishing Co.) for June 16, 2005:

124 KB of astonishingly cute puppy )

I got the calendar for Chad as a Christmas present; I regret that I did not buy myself the cat version so that I can share an equally cute kitten picture. Instead, have a link to a dog and kitten sleeping together, and while we're at it, a ridiculous bunny picture, both from [livejournal.com profile] baaaaabyanimals.

Finally, have a compliment.

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