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My post about The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is now up at Tor.com. SPOILERS for the movie and everything Tolkien.

Trailers (links to YouTube):

  • The Host: this ought to be full of id-tastic possibilities, but the acting seems boring as fuck, even if it weren't Stephenie Meyer.
  • The Lone Ranger: you have got. to. be. kidding.
  • After Earth: Will Smith and son in a post-apocalyptic child-in-jeopardy story. I notice they don't mention M. Night Shyamalan as the director.
  • Oblivion: another post-apocalyptic grimdark story, this time with Tom Cruise. No thank you.
  • Man of Steel: didn't they just reboot Superman? I'm confused. Also bored.
  • Star Trek Into Darkness: having not seen the first, all I can say is that the soundtrack of Inception has a lot to answer for. *horn blare* Also, look, more grimdark!
  • Jack the Giant Slayer: look! something not grimdark! Unfortunately the title character is clearly trying to be Westley in The Princess Bride (he even calls himself a farmboy at one point). And the actor is so pudding-faced and bland that it's hard to believe he's the title character, let alone Westley. (It's worth watching the first thirty seconds just to hear Ian McKellen's voiceover, though.)
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While feeding the Pip I perused some of the news coming out of Comic Con.

I am unsurprised that nothing about Iron Man 3 sounds good to me—also, somehow I'd missed that the Mandarin is being played by Ben Kingsley, which, really? But I didn't expect to start liking that franchise on the third installment.

I am unsurprised but disappointed that all the things added to The Hobbit sound awful in exactly the ways that I disliked about the LotR movies. I mean, I'll still go for Martin Freeman, but ugh.

But all of that is overshadowed for me by the announcement of the next Captain America movie's title as Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Seriously, opening night no matter what I have to do for babysitting.

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