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This morning, I woke up 90 minutes before my alarm and struggled to go back to sleep. When my alarm went off, I actually thought I hadn't succeeded . . . before it dawned on me that I had not, in fact, just come back from taking the Pip to see Avengers: Endgame.

In my dream, by the way, I fell asleep in the theater with my eyes open (parallelism!) and, while the Pip was in the bathroom afterward, was asking all the cosplayers what happened. None of them could remember either and were quite disgusted about it. I had to ask the Pip, who told me that squirrels and dogs teamed up to keep Thanos still. (And yes, naturally I tagged the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl on Twitter in the abbreviated version of this story.)

One other kid anecdote originally on Twitter:

SteelyKid wanted to fill out a NCAA Men's Basketball bracket because some friends of hers had, and of course what SteelyKid does, the Pip also wants to do. But I made the mistake of telling him that I'd gotten degrees from Yale and Northeastern . . . so he had them meet in the final because, "Mom! I made you win either way!"

This was incredibly sweet but they were 13 and 14 seeds so they went out on the first day.

(I don't think if he's asked about it since, so I expect he's not that invested in it. But he should have gone with one of Chad's teams, Maryland made it to the second round. (The rest of his Final Four was Old Dominion, because it sounded cool, and Vermont, because he had a nice weekend there once. Those were also both double-digit seeds and went out in the first round.))

And a dog picture: Charlie pupper is an extremely innocent dog who is certainly not lying on anything he shouldn't be.


  • A story of a jar of bees left in a bookshop.

  • In which Zen Cho is interviewed by her husband and ought to give us that salty take she's saving for another day:

    Most of the SFF about Empire is about fighting Empire—I think because most SFF is and was produced by white Westerners who are working through their undigested feelings about benefiting from imperial domination by writing stories where they imagine themselves into the position of the oppressed. But that’s a salty take for another day!

  • I never liked having human cultures in natural history museums, so I'm glad that the American Museum of Natural History is revising its exhibits.

  • It was, according to someone-or-other, National Puppy Day yesterday! The Atlantic collected photos.

Finally, I had been trying the podcast Placing Faces because I like how-the-sausage-gets-made podcasts and casting directors seemed like a good topic for that. And the first episode was really great, though the host could have worked a little more not to step on the interview subject's toes. and then, ableism )

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Very sorry to hear that Tom Magliozzi, the one who laughed all the time on Car Talk, has died. I have actually three different pretty strong associations with Car Talk, which is impressive considering that I've never done anything more with a car than add windshield wiper fluid. First, the two years in New Haven when Chad was doing a post-doc and I was in law school; NPR was his alarm clock station and whichever morning Car Talk was on, was timed perfectly for lazy weekend waking-up. (Especially as they've moved into re-runs, the show's occasional but very tired sexism has become more grating to me, so it's weird to have my principal association be soft-focus romantic contentment.) Second, around about SteelyKid's birth I went back to listening to the show, this time as a podcast, and blitzed my way through quite the backlog up in the nursery with her (this association is less strong because I was so out of it during that time). And third, continuing up to the present day, I start my week with Click and Clack: the podcast is released over the weekend, and I default to listening to it on Monday's commute to and from work. In fact, I did that today, but I came home early (more on that in a moment) and had already finished it when I heard the news.

I have spent literally hundreds of hours listening to these guys. I knew what I was hearing was exaggerated personas, but I still enjoyed their company. And hey, their show taught me enough that I knew to take my car in for service for what turned out to be a bad wheel bearing, before the wheel actually fell off: so it was useful too.

The reason I was coming home early is SteelyKid had a tooth out today (she's fine) and Chad had class. But irresponsible though it would have been, I would have been not-so-secretly happy to stay home with her the whole day, because we realized a little bit ago this was the perfect opportunity to show her The Princess Bride for the first time—it's too scary for the Pip—and it was done by the time I got home. I asked her about it after the bleeding stopped and her mood improved (both of which happened at the same time, almost like flipping a switch; it was incredibly bizarre though of course welcome), and we agreed that Wesley's head flopping around on the castle wall was very funny, as was when the Prince got tied up; she also liked Fezzik and the horses, and "the ninja" (the Man in Black) fighting, but thought the Machine was too loud, especially when it went to 50. Chad tells me that Fred Savage's character was a note-perfect stand-in for her, not that this was a surprise; and that she spotted the Man in Black as a good guy right away, which is interesting. I'm sorry I didn't get to see her face—I'm calling dibs on showing it to the Pip now, though we'll have to do it solo so SteelyKid doesn't spoil it all for him—but now I'm flashing back to countless weekends watching it on UHF in my childhood, and feeling warm and fuzzy that I've passed along something so great to her. (Also feeling like a rewatch is due; I know what I'm putting on during stitching the next couple of sessions.)


Mar. 2nd, 2008 08:39 pm
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For reasons too long and boring to mention, I'm only just looking at this whole new-fangled podcast thing. And today I was inordinately delighted to discover the Car Talk Podcast — Click and Clack! free and without any effort on my part!

I also discovered, through iTunes, a free Cook's Illustrated video podcast (which doesn't appear to be available through their website). And behind the cut are a bunch of audiobook-like things that I'm going to try:

audiobook-type podcasts )

Any other recommendations? Note that I prefer to read my news, and don't have time to watch more than short videos (the Cook's Illustrated ones are in the five-minute vicinity). Things like audiobooks, radio plays, and other entertainment listening are best.

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