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Apr. 2nd, 2019 05:10 pm
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I was busy! But now I get to wander around mentally singing "I'm freeeee!" a la Elsa. And also, err, start our household taxes and do a lot of laundry. Minor details!

A kid anecdote I told elsewhere on social media when it happened:

Me: time to get up!
The Pip: tell me something I don't know.
Me: The square root of 81 is 9.
The Pip: I knew THAT.
Me: New York does not impose franchise tax on certain 501(c)(3) corporations.
The Pip: I have no idea what you just said.
Me: Something you didn't know! So get up!

And here's a video of a marble run the kids and I improvised last night out of a pretty lousy kit. Design mostly by SteelyKid, because she has spatial abilities and engineering instincts and I do not.

Have a bunch of links:

Two Avengers: Endgame thoughts based on teasers )

Finally, io9 has a big piece on Farscape which reminds me that I watched a few episodes several years ago and just never kept going. That was long ago enough that I'd probably have to start over; so is there a spot in S1 that people would recommend I start at, or episodes in S1 that I should skip? (Admittedly I may just need to not watch in the middle of the night while up with a very small child, which I'd forgotten was my previous mode until I checked the tag, but still.)

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This morning, I woke up 90 minutes before my alarm and struggled to go back to sleep. When my alarm went off, I actually thought I hadn't succeeded . . . before it dawned on me that I had not, in fact, just come back from taking the Pip to see Avengers: Endgame.

In my dream, by the way, I fell asleep in the theater with my eyes open (parallelism!) and, while the Pip was in the bathroom afterward, was asking all the cosplayers what happened. None of them could remember either and were quite disgusted about it. I had to ask the Pip, who told me that squirrels and dogs teamed up to keep Thanos still. (And yes, naturally I tagged the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl on Twitter in the abbreviated version of this story.)

One other kid anecdote originally on Twitter:

SteelyKid wanted to fill out a NCAA Men's Basketball bracket because some friends of hers had, and of course what SteelyKid does, the Pip also wants to do. But I made the mistake of telling him that I'd gotten degrees from Yale and Northeastern . . . so he had them meet in the final because, "Mom! I made you win either way!"

This was incredibly sweet but they were 13 and 14 seeds so they went out on the first day.

(I don't think if he's asked about it since, so I expect he's not that invested in it. But he should have gone with one of Chad's teams, Maryland made it to the second round. (The rest of his Final Four was Old Dominion, because it sounded cool, and Vermont, because he had a nice weekend there once. Those were also both double-digit seeds and went out in the first round.))

And a dog picture: Charlie pupper is an extremely innocent dog who is certainly not lying on anything he shouldn't be.


  • A story of a jar of bees left in a bookshop.

  • In which Zen Cho is interviewed by her husband and ought to give us that salty take she's saving for another day:

    Most of the SFF about Empire is about fighting Empire—I think because most SFF is and was produced by white Westerners who are working through their undigested feelings about benefiting from imperial domination by writing stories where they imagine themselves into the position of the oppressed. But that’s a salty take for another day!

  • I never liked having human cultures in natural history museums, so I'm glad that the American Museum of Natural History is revising its exhibits.

  • It was, according to someone-or-other, National Puppy Day yesterday! The Atlantic collected photos.

Finally, I had been trying the podcast Placing Faces because I like how-the-sausage-gets-made podcasts and casting directors seemed like a good topic for that. And the first episode was really great, though the host could have worked a little more not to step on the interview subject's toes. and then, ableism )

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I was going to write something about the kids taking up skiing, but Chad beat me to it. (I am too uncoordinated to take up an activity that involves strapping sticks to my feet and, more importantly, too old to do something that involves falling down a lot. The Pip can fall down every five minutes and bounce right back up without complaint, I really really cannot. Even though downhill looks like a lot more fun than cross-country.)

This comic is super-cute and then I laughed so loud at the added caption that I startled the dog.

I don't even go here but it's really nice to see Anthony Rapp as part of this Rent/Star Trek parody? (My ear's not very good but I think maybe some of those high notes at the end were a little challenging? Still. It's adorable and will only feed my current generalized Rent earworm, post-"live" broadcast. (Which I recorded but did not watch when it transpired that it was 90% a dress rehearsal.))

Finally, some years ago I gave up football on the grounds of fuck the NFL, and I have to admit that it's kind of nice to have thereby neatly avoided the question of whether I still wanted to root for the Pats.

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We did our annual mid-December trip to visit my mom & her husband in Florida, and their Christmas gift to us was a trip to Tampa's zoo, including a behind the scenes tour. The Pip got a little antsy during the more logistical sections, because he is six, but I found it all very interesting. And in more kid-friendly happenings, we:

1) scritched a rhino (such hard skin!);

2) witnessed the rather amazing quantities of bodily waste that an elephant can produce (literally, the sound effect was "splat"; I will spare you the picture);

3) fed a giraffe, well, the kids did anyway: one big leaf of lettuce just sucked in whole;

4) watched elephants play with Christmas trees decorated with produce as an enrichment activity, including one who just picked up an entire tree and carried it around upside-down.

So that was pretty great.

Here's SteelyKid mugging for the camera and the Pip contemplating life while brushing a goat.

(Yes, I completely failed at everything DW again for . . . many weeks, idek. Hi! Sorry!)
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and SteelyKid, playing black, has a very specific defensive philosophy she's imparting to the Pip:

dunno if this image will permanently embed )

(or view on google photos)

Edit: over breakfast, literally all they did was move pieces back and forth behind their defensive lines. I mentioned that at some point, someone would have to attempt to threaten the other's king, but they just shrugged at me. I find this hilarious.
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Who gets to read "Riddles in the Dark" when reading The Hobbit out loud. =>

(I thought I was all set to read it to the Pip, since Chad got to read it to SteelyKid! But, foolishly, since chapter 3 is pretty short, I let the Pip talk me into just a little of chapter four last night . . . without checking how much of chapter 4 was left, or asking Chad to save chapter 5 for me.)

(Last time I read even-numbered chapters through chapter 12, then Chad read chapters 13 & 14 together, so I did odd-numbered from fifteen on; which, to be fair, now that we're back on me doing even-numbered, means I get to do the spiders and Smaug again, which were great fun. Still! "Riddles in the Dark"!)
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So the Pip started kindergarten today (SteelyKid started third grade on Tuesday), and we got a picture of them hugging me while waiting for the bus to match last year's.


photographic proof )

Kindergarten seems to have gone well; he made a delightful self-portrait, and he was cheerful though very very tired this evening. (SteelyKid's an old hand at this now and is also doing great.)
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The Pip rediscovered his camera today (the kids both have real ones, though old, because made-for-kids cameras are terrible) and took 241 pictures, mostly at the fire station for a Girl Scouts tour [*], three of which I thought I'd share, plus one I took.

[*] Without SteelyKid, perversely, because I assist with Girl Scouts and Chad assists with Odyssey of the Mind, which had its first meeting today, so they both needed to be at that, and so the Pip needed to be at one of those, and was much better off rampaging the fire station than sitting at a meeting.

First, a pair of portraits of me: one I took because, for some reason I was never entirely clear on, a social media circle elsewhere was doing selfies in hoodies. As I said then, I don't wear hoodies, but I stopped to take this before I headed out into the rain. I rather like the severity of it and the slightly mysterious air the raincoat's hood provides:

hooded figure selfie )

Next is the one the Pip took today, because it's nice to be reminded of his literal POV (lots of pictures of my belly in the full set) and because it demonstrates his breathtaking lack of personal space. Also, my hair is very shiny in this.

portrait in extreme closeup )

And while we're doing selfies, the Pip's first attempt, which is extremely blurry because it's an old camera and thus doesn't have a flip screen, but amused me:

super blurry Pip )

Finally, one arty picture worthy of his dad, a fire truck's shiny hubcap (also a portrait of us):

selfie in hubcap )

(Probably you want actual pictures of the Pip, too, and Chad's got you covered: leaping into a leaf pile, leaning over a book that SteelyKid is reading him, with said book on his birthday, and sitting in the driver's seat (SteelyKid too). Also, SteelyKid in her taekwondo sparring gear, because I found it while looking for the rest of these.)

And he barely objected to taking his amoxycillin (he got strep a week and a day after his sister), so on the whole, a good night.


Nov. 9th, 2015 09:23 pm
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(Or why there will be no kid developmental update post tonight, despite the Pip turning 4 on Saturday.)

- SteelyKid has strep.

+ SteelyKid gets to stop the loathsome antibiotic she was taking for something else (four times a day!) and take bubble-gum flavored amoxycillin that she actually likes.

- I'm allergic to amoxycillin so we get to watch her for that.

+ She's been in a really great energetic mood since just before dinner...

- ...but still needs to stay home tomorrow, which actually puts a bigger dent in Chad's productivity than if she were a sleepy lump on the couch.

+ The Pip is four, so it's time to do bedtime just like his sister: one of us sits on the bed for two songs, sets a timer, comes back when timer beeps to check up.

- Crying. Lots.

- Eventually had to sit on bed and hold his hand for fifteen minutes until he went to sleep.

- Goal of letting him learn to put self to sleep, in hopes that he will put self BACK to sleep in middle of night instead of waking me up, is going to be a long haul.

+ But I didn't have to lie down and cuddle him until he feel asleep?

- And now, work. And paranoia about my own throat.
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Anecdote one:

A few days ago, the Pip told me that "Mister Nobody" was his invisible friend's first name.

His full name is Mister Nobody Patootie-Booty-Butt Something.

Anecdote two:

Tonight SteelyKid attempted to fend off bedtime through a monologue recreating the history on Earth by going from her and her brother, to her ancestors back to her great-great-grandparents (one generation at a time), then to cousins of cousins, then to the interconnectedness of all humanity, then to humanity's primate ancestors, then a side trip to birds and dinosaurs, then to the start of life on Earth, and then the formation of the Earth itself.

And now, since I was up at five this morning to take the Pip for a minor surgical procedure (probe of not-properly-draining tear duct; required general anesthesia because eye; all's well), I must get the laundry out of the dryer and faceplant into bed.
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FB & G+ tend to get all the kid pictures, so, giant children are giant:

with Kate for scale )

First day of second grade, today. The Pip starts pre-K in a week.

Edit: 49.25" and 41.5", respectively.
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Because if you need a preschooler dressed like a superhero being photobombed by a first-grader, well, that's a very specific need and I've got you covered:

right behind the cut )

And now, to eat the breakfast I haven't yet in order to get them out the door on time, walk the dog, and do all the housework that I comprehensively failed at last night. Also go to work.
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(I am trying to post when I think of things, even if they don't seem "worthy" of posts, because I want to get back in the habit.)

We took the kids to Wild Kratts Live tonight. Wild Kratts is a PBS show about two brothers who, in bookending live-action segments, meet and talk about wild creatures, and in the animated middle, put on "creature power suits" and fly around in a giant turtle-shaped ship with a tech crew of three saving animals from the obligatory villains. (I have never actually seen an episode all the way through, so this is a rough approximation.) The kids love this, though SteelyKid is starting to go off it a bit, and it must be pretty popular because six weeks ago, the only seats left were literally in the second-to-last-row of the balcony.

Anyway. The show was cheesy but hit all the kid-pleasing notes, and they had a great time. But the thing of note was the end special effect [*], which was the brothers using a "miniaturizer" they'd recovered from the villains: they said they were activating it, fog or lights or something covered their exit, and then when the stage lights came back on, there were stuffed toy versions of the brothers on the stage where they'd been standing. (Which were, of course, for sale outside.)

As the subject line says: SteelyKid (now 6.5) and the Pip (now 3.25) nearly got in a major fight over this, because she saw that they were toys, but he insisted that they'd been miniaturized. Fortunately we were able to distract them before someone started crying over this disagreement.

[*] Prior special effects included "caracal power" of high-jumping using a springboard behind a fake rock, and "orangutan power" of moving through trees by swinging on a big swing coming in from off-stage. Also the process of donning a "creature power suit" was a stage blackout while the actor went off-stage to put on a cloth costume, covered by a super-slow animation on the screen, which made me really grateful for the person who put together all the Iron Man suit sequences into one video to clear the palate.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to listen to something other than the show's theme song to get it out of my head, fold laundry, and then collapse into bed.
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Yesterday afternoon, Chad's parents picked the kids up (both kids; their first overnight with the Pip without us there).

Last night, I stayed late at work, had a lovely dinner out, fought Quicken into admitting that my account was too reconciled, cleaned off my desk of a week's worth of mail, took all the ornaments off the tree and put them away, and then slept so soundly that my back is stiff this morning (apparently my body is no longer used to sleeping the night through and, I don't know, doesn't automatically move or something any more?).

The only bad things about this are (a) look how adorable they are! and (b) I am worried about inflicting the Pip's variable sleeping ability on people not used to it . . .

But as changes of pace go, on the whole pretty nice. Now, pack and dress and off for a whirlwind vacation.

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Two things from this afternoon:

I was watching the extras on the Avengers DVD and I note that Tony Stark is listed as CEO of Stark Industries only through 2010 (on the dossier in the Steve deleted scene). Fanon that Pepper remains CEO is hereby supported (though not technically confirmed, but still, who else would it be?).

Earlier the Pip was a bit unhappy so I put him up on my shoulder while the last minute of the Colbert Report segment I was watching finished, and then he was really limp so I walked over to the mirror to see if he was actually asleep. He wasn't, but the reflection reminded me of the picture in my icon, so I had to get a camera and take a comparison picture:

two pictures )

Oh, and the subject line reminds me that about a month and a half ago Chad plotted his growth data, back during his blog hiatus:

scatterplot )

My poor buddy is a bit under the weather, as that face may suggest, but pretty good-natured about it all the same.

And now I am going to see if he will sleep in his crib for long enough for me to do dishes and laundry and job-related work and all that lovely stuff.

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