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We watched several episodes of Homicide over the past couple of weeks. The airing order and the order on the DVDs appear to differ by quite a bit, but here are quick comments on : "Hate Crimes," "Thrill of the Kill," "Heartbeat," "Sniper" (parts one and two), "For God and Country (2)," and "Full Moon."

spoilers )

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Chad was away last weekend on a debauch, and I took the opportunity to eat a lunch buffet at an Indian restaurant. I had lentil doughnuts (medhu vada, judging by the menu; surprisingly good), and something unindentifiable that was very much like a crepe with a dollop of mashed vegetable curry in the middle, and grilled stuff, and naan, and rice kheer (nice thing about a buffet, I could take just a taste), and then I rolled myself back home to lie in the backyard and read.

On the way to the restaurant, I saw two striking things: a wild turkey winging its way across the road directly in front of me—they seem even bigger than they actually are (which is not inconsiderable) for being so ungainly; and a truck that had replaced the knob below the license plate with a chrome skull, with red LED eyes that lit up when the brake lights did.

Chad got home around 2 a.m. Sunday (delayed flight), and of course the dog woke up when he came in, but she went back to sleep surprisingly quickly; I actually laid awake for about twenty minutes expecting to hear her start crying after him. Chad's theory is that she thought it was a dream, which would explain why she was so amazingly excited when I let her into the bedroom the next morning. She frequently orbits the living room and dining room, running full-tilt in as wide a loop as possible; but when her orbit expands to include the bedroom and the stairs (and she is not good with stairs), well, that's an excited doggie. It was ridiculously cute in a way that probably only other dog owners appreciate.

Chad's folks were up for dinner Friday night. It started inauspiciously, when I opened up the cabinet for plates and saw a house centipede scuttle away in that freakishly quick way that they do. Everyone else helped hunt it down, as I quietly quaked in the other room with the dog; Chad's dad gets credit for finally killing it. However, Chad assures me that this time, my freakout was justified, as the thing was huge, as big as his thumb.

On a more serious note, I was sorry to hear that a great-aunt of Chad's had passed away; though not surprised, since it had been about a year since she was given three months to live. I understand it was a good year, but she was a cool person and will be missed.

After that, though, dinner went fine. We were puzzled to learn of the existence of fat-free half-and-half, which Chad had grabbed unknowingly for the fettucine alfredo; I wouldn't have thought such a thing possible.

We went to the library book sale today, just on a whim, and found ourselves faced with a swarm of literary locusts. It was their bag sale—$2 for a brown paper grocery bag, which you could fill up as you liked—and people were filling those things up like there was no tomorrow. It was kind of heartening, in a way, that so many people wanted books! but it was also frantic and rather claustrophobia-inducing.

We picked up a few random things, and also two hardcover copies of John M. Ford's The Last Hot Time—they had four, which made me sad, so we rescued two of them. [livejournal.com profile] sloanesomething, you need one of these; do I have your address somewhere? The other free to whoever asks first.

And then we read in the backyard some more, and I booklogged a bit crankily, and watched an intense episode of Homicide ("A Doll's Eyes"), and now it's time for bed.

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A very material objects kind of week.

Tuesday the transmission in Chad's car died as he was turning into a parking lot; the replacement was finished by Friday evening, which was faster than we expected, at least. I'd been on my way to get a new iPod and a haircut when he called me; must remember to make another appointment.

On Wednesday I had an inspiration, and after failing to talk myself out of it, acquired a TV tuner-to-USB box on Saturday (along with a replacement iPod. We're, umm, doing our part to help the economy?). I can't presently use the fancy Guide Plus+ software that came with it, which lets you click on a show in a programming grid and schedule recording, because we hooked it in above the cable box, but other than that, it was pretty easy. I am not crazy about the quality of a few test recordings—it's about the same as a VCR recording, but those are pretty fuzzy for us—but since mostly I'm going to use it to record Fullmetal Alchemist episodes, the real test will be Tuesday, when I'll see how an episode that I've already seen looks. (I recorded the new episode Saturday night, but I can't watch it since it's ten episodes ahead of where I am. The file size for the episode, recorded at "DVD quality," was 1.76 GB, which is obviously not sustainable for 51 episodes; I'll be experimenting with import format as well.) If the quality isn't good enough, we'll consider moving the split to before the cable box and/or getting a signal amplifier. Suggestions or comments are welcome.

In other TV news, season three of Homicide continues to be impressive; we watched volume 4 this week, which is the disc with the shooting of three squad members, among other things. Andre Braugher as Frank Pembleton really just owns the screen when he's on; I continue to regret that I missed the first-season episode that's just him and Bayliss interrogating a suspect.

I spent this morning setting up my new iPod and re-ripping my own small music collection, after snagging Chad's collection off his computer. He has tons of stuff that I don't know, so I ended up clearing all his ratings (which took so long that I was afraid I'd broken the thing) and setting up an "unrated" playlist. As I listen to each song, I'll rate it on the iPod and then can sort songs by rating in iTunes. There are currently six thousand, nine hundred, and fifty-eight (6,958) songs in that playlist, so this is what you'd call a long-term project, but it would be nice to have listened to everything at least once.

After that, I watched the Patriots lose to the Carolina Panthers in a rematch of the Superbowl of two years ago; an ugly, sloppy, stupid game. I'd like to think this was just their one lousy game of the season, but they looked shaky in the opener too, so I am not confident. More, Randall Gay was injured, which is not a good thing.

On a happier note, have some links. And tomorrow, there shall be another Sayuki post; and this week, there will be a revamped booklog with automagically generated genre and series indexes, and integrated search (don't worry, it will look basically the same).

  • Why hiccups happen and how to cure them, by Diane Duane in a Making Light comment thread. My personal hiccup cure is to hold my breath while drinking as much water as I can stand (weirdly, just holding my breath doesn't do it), but if that ever fails, I shall go for the sugar.
  • Library Thing has the potential to be the best cat-vacuuming EVER, if I could only think of a reason to have all my books catalogued on the web.
  • [livejournal.com profile] marag has written a short Vorkosigan-books/Firefly crossover. Gen, Ivan-POV, a little too in-joke-ish at first, but there's a reason for it and the punchline amused me.
  • Apparently we're going to be getting actual answers about the hatch in the Lost premiere this week, per this New York Times article (reg. possibly required).
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I'd taken Monday off to recuperate from vacation, so I spent Tuesday clearing up the backlog at work. It really is amazing how stuff piles up over just a few days. Despite that, my new resolution to deal with things as they come in, rather than accumulating stacks, seems to be holding.

Wednesday was not a good day. I came back to my office after a day of long, fruitful, but exhausting meetings, and glanced briefly at the Washington Post's front web page, where I found: more Katrina horrors; hundreds dead in an Iraq stampede; and the head of women's health issues at the FDA resigning over the political delay in approving Plan B. One glance, and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed, pull the covers up over my head, and not move for quite some time. But then I got home and was greeted by a happy doggie (which always is a mood-lifter), and helped get our bandwidth back, and put up NetHack spoilers that a stranger had updated out of sheer random helpfulness, and smoothly upgraded a (not-yet-public) MovableType installation, and felt much better for being productive. I later resolved to filter my news and blog reading a lot more heavily, because I need to be able to function and I just wasn't when I was keeping a close eye on the news.

We watched a bunch of Homicide DVDs in the later part of the week, and the show surprised me quite considerably by spoilers for season 3 )

Took the dog to the vet on Friday afternoon for yet another urinary system infection. If she's not doing better after a week of antibiotics, she's going to get X-rays for kidney stones. She seems to be doing better, though not as dramatically so as last time she was on antibiotics (a different kind). Her energy levels are entirely unaffected (says the human who's spent far too much of today fending her off), so it's probably not too serious.

This weekend we ran a bunch of errands and did a bunch of work, occasionally enjoying the nice weather while we were at it, and I re-watched a bunch of Fullmetal Alchemist episodes (as previously noted). Terribly exciting, I know. And now, back to work.

Okay, one last thing—the server hosting steelypips.org went down last night, and so in the very unlikely event you need to contact one of us urgently, comment here or send e-mail to the address on my userinfo page.

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Dad got out of the hospital on July 3 and was very glad to be home. By the next weekend, when we were out for Readercon, he was already driving. I only went to bits of Readercon (and I do intend to write up the other two panels I went to), because basically the rest of those three weeks was frantic and appalling quantities of work. But, this Thursday and Friday I filed the things, probably close to five hundred pages of things, and was so very happy indeed. Have read the Harry Potter book, obviously, as my day off yesterday, and was very disciplined today and did more work (I have another thing due this week, which ought to be easier, but because I think it will be, I have to be extra-careful to get stuff done ahead of time or it will slide into emergency territory) instead of reading another thing I'm salivating over.

Also, Chad has been Netflix'ing things, and Homicide is a show with some great dialogue, though the camera tricks disconcert me. The first disc of Full Metal Alchemist is on its way, apparently, so watch this space.

LJ posts I am intending to write, on the theory that public promises are motivating, in rough order of likely timing:

  1. Why watch Firefly (has to be this week, since the SciFi re-airing starts Friday)
  2. Fantasy conversion kit (mostly done)
  3. Cruise in Review (still; I have resigned myself to just posting picture links, so it shouldn't take long)
  4. Readercon panel writeups (because the longer I wait, the less comprehensible my notes will be)
  5. Something about Saiyuki [*], possibly an essay on attachment and independence, possibly just notes and questions (requires re-reading vols. 1-9 and taking copious notes, but I want to have it done before vol. 1 of Reload is out)

    [*] Multiple things, actually.

  6. Law and SF (based on post-Readercon conversation)
  7. The fundamental flaw in Angels in America
  8. Notes on the DVD extras and commentary for Firefly (requires watching the commentary for another four episodes)
  9. Part 2 of the Firefly commentary roundup (can't be done until my own DVD commentary post) (changed my mind)

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