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Fun fact: according to the writer of the show, who was interviewed for the same podcast I was, the BBC offered the show up to 8 episodes. They chose to go up from their original proposal of 6, only to 7.

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Look for a Tor.com post with hopefully more coherence, and definitely screencaps and thematic organization, possibly next week.
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I am under the weather so this will be even less coherent than usual.

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Episode 6 is starting even as I type this, but I'm really tired and I need to do dishes. But I'm not going to be able to watch episode 7 on BBC America, because I'll be traveling and I need to finish the series in time to get a Tor.com post submitted after the official U.S. end, so I'll be sacrificing the big-screen experience and posting about it before next Saturday.
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More insta-reactions, though this time almost a week late.

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Super-quick reactions before one kid or another wakes up, without doing a lot of book-checking or sleeping on it (a refined, overall version will come to Tor.com at the end of the story). Basically I liked it.

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Two Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell links:

I was interviewed by Lost Hope, a podcast discussing and, eventually, reviewing the show as it airs on BBC America. The first interview is Peter Harness, writer of the series; mine starts at 23:34 (with a Drawlight-style introduction that does a commendable job of pronouncing my last name, even though I'm not technically a Mrs.). Having steeled myself to listen, I think I kept myself to a reasonable speed and only rambled a little bit . . . ?

A couple interesting tidbits from the Harness interview, which I will cut for super-minor spoilers:

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Also: BBC America has put the entire first episode up on YouTube! The schedule on my TV—this coming Saturday!—shows it as an hour and fifteen minutes, so at least the first aired episode will not be trimmed for US commercials; we'll see if the subsequent episodes follow the same plan.
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AV Club article on restoring The Apu Trilogy and its burned negatives. I assume those of you who do this sort of thing professionally know about this project already, but, way cool.

The Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell TV adaptation finally has release dates: Sunday, May 17 for BBC One and Saturday, June 13 for BBC America. (I am sure I will have many words to write about this! I'm not sure in what form or where yet, though.)

MCU & Ultron stuff (is that how we're referring to it? A:AoU looks like a werewolf howl): Max Gladstone has interesting thoughts, of which my favorite is the bit about character totems at the very end.

Did I really not link to [personal profile] skygiants's hilarious Ultron summary? Well, there you go.

I transcribed Natasha's speech in That Scene in a comment at Tor.com, which I will probably want to be able to find again (ugh).

Finally, All Trailers Are the Same.

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