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Kate ([personal profile] kate_nepveu) wrote2017-01-19 10:26 pm
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The Good Place post-season finale (no spoilers)

I love this show A LOT but it hasn't been renewed for another season yet and I really really want it to be so please go and binge it on your option of choice; if nothing else you can watch all 13 episodes on NBC's website. Because it does stick the landing and it's AMAZING but I really, really, really want a second season. A lot.

As I said in my original post, "it's using admirable pacing to unfold a lot of plot and character development in a very compact space," and that continues right up to the very end. So if you're puzzled by certain aspects stick with it, it's worth it, and it all really works as a single thing. And I love everyone in this bar, they're so great, and it's so delightfully off-kilter in all the little details, and it just makes me happy. And amazed. It's so good.

(Yes, there is a rather open end to the season, but it's also one that allows you to pretty easily write your own closure if you want and if for some reason it's not renewed. So I wouldn't call it a cliffhanger, but YMMV.)

A spoiler post will follow.
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[personal profile] hebethen 2017-01-20 04:49 am (UTC)(link)
Hah, I hadn't realized that the very last episode had aired, and assumed that I'd already seen the whole thing... one sentence into your spoiler post was enough to inform me otherwise! (I hastily scrolled, haha.)

In any case that certainly explains why I was thinking "well I GUESS you could call that an ending but..."
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[personal profile] pameladean 2017-01-20 08:05 pm (UTC)(link)
We are either one or two episodes from the end and have reached the ends of the several previous episodes just goggle-eyed, also often giggle-eyed. I had no idea that Kristin Bell had quite such good comic timing. And the sideways nature of so many things is splendid. I will have to come back to your spoilery posts after actually finishing the season, but I'm relieved to see that you think they stuck the landing.

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[personal profile] likeadeuce 2017-01-21 01:10 am (UTC)(link)
What a great reveal. . .and I think this will be a satisfying end point if we don't get more but I really hope we do.