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Because, reallly, my life has been boring lately. A summary: blah blah work-work-work-work blah blah acid reflux blah blah holiday prep blah blah work-work-work-work. See? I told you.

So have some links instead:

And now, back to work (-work-work-work).

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This is part 2 of 2 of the Firefly commentary roundup; part 1 contained episode-specific commentary. Again, these are largely plundered from [livejournal.com profile] ealgylden's memories; however, unlike last time, I've given up on annotating the posts and just organized them, since they were collected ages ago and I still haven't gotten around to it. It's theoretically possible that I might annotate some as I go when I refer to them myself, but, well, don't hold your breath.

Contents )

On the whole series, including DVD features: )

Characters )

World-building )

Miscellaneous )

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(Really weekend in review, like many previous ones, but usually the week proper is just work, which is either boring or not for public consumption.)

I spent a lot of time this weekend reading the new Diana Gabaldon out in the backyard; fall's earlier sunsets have been hitting me hard this year, so I've been trying to really store up nice weather against winter while we have it. This morning, for instance, I had an appointment to donate platelets but couldn't, again—this is the third time in a row. Disappointing, but on the other hand, hanging out in the backyard with the dog and a book and a short nap was a much nicer way to spend the day.

(The quality of my afternoon, while sleepy, was much improved by the Pats game not being on TV here, as they got shellacked; as the quickie post-game story led off, "Injuries finally caught up with the New England Patriots." Uh, yeah. OTOH, the Giants won quite handily, so perhaps we're into zero-sum football karma again.)

We saw Serenity last night, of course; my reactions are basically the same as to the preview (posts: no spoilers; spoilers). I don't quite agree with Chad that I would have liked it better if I hadn't seen the series; the changes from the series bothered me, but the lack of familiarity with the characters might have been more difficult. Hard to say, of course. Additional non-spoilery things: still love the pre-credits sequence quite ridiculously; also love the credits sequence after noticing (thanks to some reviews) that it's just one loooooong unbroken camera shot. Cool. Another thing I noticed is the way it could switch instantly between tense and funny and back again, which is really impressive. Overall, not perfect, but I'm glad I saw it and I think it's worth seeing.

And I am still sleepy from staying up late talking about the movie with colleagues of Chad's who we bumped into at the theater and getting up early for the ill-fated blood donation appointment, and I seem to have hit a temporary wall on this legal research, so it's definitely past time for me to head to bed.

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The international trailer has some different content than the U.S. trailer that's been out for a while.

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The SciFi Channel is broadcasting the entire run of Firefly, including the three episodes that Fox didn't air, starting with the first hour of the two-hour pilot on this Friday, July 22, at 7 p.m. (6 Central). (It appears that through August, they'll be airing one episode a week; I don't know if they'll speed up in September, because at that rate, they won't be done for the movie's premiere.)

(If you miss tomorrow's airing because I was so late in getting this post up, the first half of the pilot will also be shown next week at 6 p.m., so you could watch the entire pilot at once.)

Hence this post: why you should watch Firefly, starting this Friday (or rent/buy the DVD set—no commercials!). There are two reasons:

  1. Because the characters are great.
  2. Because you should go see the movie Serenity when it comes out September 30, and it will be more engaging if you already know the characters.

    (I realize this raises the secondary question of why you should go see Serenity—that one's easy, because if it doesn't make a bunch of money there won't be more Firefly movies, and I want more.)

More details on what it is, why to watch (and why not), and which episodes are key )

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Okay, per the poll, I'm posting part 1 of the Firefly commentary roundup now. Part 2 will cover covers the series in general, character analyses, and worldbuilding thoughts. I largely plundered these from [livejournal.com profile] ealgylden's memories, and just organized them and annotated them, because I am weird like that. Posts added after the series started airing on the Sci-Fi Channel are designated by a (new).

Commentary on specific Firefly episodes; long )

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I have collected a huge number of links to Firefly commentary and have been slowly organizing and annotating them. The top-level table of contents presently looks like this:

  • Commentary on specific episodes
  • On the whole series, including DVD features
  • Characters
  • Worldbuilding
  • Miscellaneous

The section of episode-specific commentary is done (and has been for a while). The rest is not, and probably won't be for some time, because I want to finish listening to commentary tracks before I go into the rest of the commentary.

(I also intend to do a "what Firefly's all about, and why you might want to watch it" post closer to July 22, when it goes into re-runs. Hell, that's next Friday. Arrgh.)

Just for the novelty, I give you, my potential readers, a poll!

[Poll #530555]

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Please don't read this if you haven't seen the movie. A great deal of it probably won't make any sense anyway (as I find myself writing around things in case someone succumbs to temptation), but I do firmly believe that it's a movie best seen without any more information than what's in the trailer (at most).

I was spoiled by accident for one major development and I regretted it a lot—and frequently I don't mind spoilers. Honest.


Also, feel free to provide links to interesting spoilered commentary that I was resolutely ignoring before yesterday. I'd appreciate it.

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I have seen Serenity, thanks to a kind benefactor who saw my plea on the Browncoats board. I'm cutting my general reactions for the super-paranoid; there are no actual plot or content specifics. Spoilery comments and questions will follow in a separate post.

Big Damn Movie )

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I have a ticket to Serenity! Again! As of two minutes ago!

Gawd, I love the Internet.

*dances, goes to eat something and then head out*

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Vanishingly unlikely, I know, but I find myself in Boston rather than Albany this week—anyone have a single spare ticket to the Boston preview of Serenity?

(Have also posted on the Browncoats forum.)


Jun. 9th, 2005 10:23 am
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*does the I-have-tickets-to-Serenity-screening dance*

(Albany purchase link)

Thank you thank you, [livejournal.com profile] schulman, for telling me Albany was on the list! I'd seen another list that didn't have Albany so I wouldn't have even looked today.

*dances some more*

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We watched these a week ago Sunday. Alas for the end of the series; I'm listening to the commentary tracks, which will be a separate post, and browsing for good commentary and fanfic, but it's just not the same. Oh, for September 30 or preview screenings in our area . . .

Firefly 112, 'Heart of Gold', and 113, 'Objects in Space' )

[Edited 5/31/05 after re-watching "Objects in Space."]

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One more episode to round out the weekend.

Firefly 111, 'The Message' )

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Another weekend, another couple of Firefly episodes. Also, the debut of my (slightly lame) homemade Firefly icon. (The "Also, I can kill you with my brain" icon is more of a mood thing (and probably even lamer, but I've no talent for this kind of thing). Stop me before I try to make a "too pretty to die" of the whole cast . . . )

Firefly 109, 'War Stories,' and 110, 'Trash' )

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I really need a Firefly icon, I think of that shot of Mal and Zoe in the opening credits standing against the sky and firing, with "Big Damn Heroes" over it. *goes looking for screencaps, fires up GIMP* Anyway, here's the angsty and suspenseful portion of our Saturday evening.

Firely 107, 'Out of Gas,' and 108, 'Ariel' )

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We watched four Firefly episodes Saturday night, "Our Mrs. Reynolds," "Jaynestown," "Out of Gas," and "Ariel." Yes, kind of a major tone shift there, so I'll write them up two at a time.

First, a note on airing order: )

Firely 105, 'Our Mrs. Reynolds', and 106, 'Jaynestown' )

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Two more Firefly episodes last night. We were only planning on one, but we didn't like the first so much.

Firefly 103, 'Shindig', and 104, 'Safe' )

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Well, while I'm in TV-writeup mode, I might as well say something about the other two Firefly episodes we watched this weekend. Episode numbering borrowed from FireflyWiki.org's Episode Guide.

Firefly 101 and 102, 'The Train Job' and 'Bushwacked', plus pilot deleted scenes and general thoughts )

[ ETA next morning: [livejournal.com profile] misia has posted some pointed criticisms of "Bushwhacked." I don't disagree with them, but they're within, or close by, the world-building bits that I'm ignoring. ]

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Other than movies and TV, it's been working and setting up my spiffy new laptop (I hate adjusting to new keyboards), so here's what I thought of Kung Fu Hustle, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and the Firefly pilot.

Chad called Kung Fu Hustle a Bugs Bunny cartoon with live actors, and while I would not have thought of this description on my own, it's pretty reasonable. I was briefly dismayed by the level and type of violence in the opening sequence, but the following scene of the Ax Gang doing a little dance number (with their axes) generated the kind of half-incredulous laughter I expect when watching a movie by the guy who did Shaolin Soccer. If you're allergic to musicals, don't worry, as that's the only dance number in the movie—though there is a very cool fight sequence later involving music, which also happens to be a example of the movie's use of cheap CGI to good effect. (Such as a riff on the Matrix Reloaded's scene with dozens of Agent Smiths fighting Neo, which is vastly more interesting at probably a fraction of the cost.) About as silly as Shaolin Soccer, but with less emotional whiplash, and the same nice multi-generational mix of characters.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is about what I was expecting from the reviews: silly, great visuals, with an earworm-inducing opening song and an annoying romantic subplot. (Trillian is not like that, I'm sorry, she just isn't.) It had more narrative cohesion than I'd expected, for all that the cohesion came partly from the aforementioned romantic subplot. The Guide sections, the dolphins, and the Vogon sequences were sufficient to have me feel that I hadn't wasted the time or money, but I'm not particularly looking to see it again.

Oh, there's another Guide section in the closing credits. And I now want a knitted Arthur, a jeweled crab, and a Deep Thought as desk toys.

We didn't get the Serenity trailer on the big screen yesterday, alas. The trailers were a dire lot, with the exception of Batman Begins, which might be interesting. I did watch the Firefly pilot on DVD last night, which was (to borrow a word) shiny. What fun—spaceships and smuggling and sharpshooting and snark. The characters are terrific, and I like them all already, except for Jayne of course (as he's the deliberately unlikeable one).

FireflyWiki.org's Episode Guide has translations of the Mandarin phrases and shooting scripts, which among other things answers why they didn't use subtitles.

I am suddenly awash in serial-format narratives: more episodes of Firefly to watch, more volumes of Lucifer to read (I've read the first so far and am salivating over the rest), and the whole darn Dark Tower series to re-read. Mmmmm, big crunchy narrative arcs.

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