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I watched Thor: Ragnarok several months ago and never got around to writing it up, and might as well now to keep myself awake.

The experience of watching this movie was extremely weird because it was exactly like all the Tumblr posts? only extremely mild spoilers )

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Wednesday morning links are sitting in a newly-renovated car dealership waiting room that is extremely spacious and comfy. If only I'd known that they had free pastries too (though, admittedly, odds are against them being good).

notes on more Avengers: Endgame clips )

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big backlog

Apr. 2nd, 2019 05:10 pm
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I was busy! But now I get to wander around mentally singing "I'm freeeee!" a la Elsa. And also, err, start our household taxes and do a lot of laundry. Minor details!

A kid anecdote I told elsewhere on social media when it happened:

Me: time to get up!
The Pip: tell me something I don't know.
Me: The square root of 81 is 9.
The Pip: I knew THAT.
Me: New York does not impose franchise tax on certain 501(c)(3) corporations.
The Pip: I have no idea what you just said.
Me: Something you didn't know! So get up!

And here's a video of a marble run the kids and I improvised last night out of a pretty lousy kit. Design mostly by SteelyKid, because she has spatial abilities and engineering instincts and I do not.

Have a bunch of links:

Two Avengers: Endgame thoughts based on teasers )

Finally, io9 has a big piece on Farscape which reminds me that I watched a few episodes several years ago and just never kept going. That was long ago enough that I'd probably have to start over; so is there a spot in S1 that people would recommend I start at, or episodes in S1 that I should skip? (Admittedly I may just need to not watch in the middle of the night while up with a very small child, which I'd forgotten was my previous mode until I checked the tag, but still.)

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This morning, I woke up 90 minutes before my alarm and struggled to go back to sleep. When my alarm went off, I actually thought I hadn't succeeded . . . before it dawned on me that I had not, in fact, just come back from taking the Pip to see Avengers: Endgame.

In my dream, by the way, I fell asleep in the theater with my eyes open (parallelism!) and, while the Pip was in the bathroom afterward, was asking all the cosplayers what happened. None of them could remember either and were quite disgusted about it. I had to ask the Pip, who told me that squirrels and dogs teamed up to keep Thanos still. (And yes, naturally I tagged the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl on Twitter in the abbreviated version of this story.)

One other kid anecdote originally on Twitter:

SteelyKid wanted to fill out a NCAA Men's Basketball bracket because some friends of hers had, and of course what SteelyKid does, the Pip also wants to do. But I made the mistake of telling him that I'd gotten degrees from Yale and Northeastern . . . so he had them meet in the final because, "Mom! I made you win either way!"

This was incredibly sweet but they were 13 and 14 seeds so they went out on the first day.

(I don't think if he's asked about it since, so I expect he's not that invested in it. But he should have gone with one of Chad's teams, Maryland made it to the second round. (The rest of his Final Four was Old Dominion, because it sounded cool, and Vermont, because he had a nice weekend there once. Those were also both double-digit seeds and went out in the first round.))

And a dog picture: Charlie pupper is an extremely innocent dog who is certainly not lying on anything he shouldn't be.


  • A story of a jar of bees left in a bookshop.

  • In which Zen Cho is interviewed by her husband and ought to give us that salty take she's saving for another day:

    Most of the SFF about Empire is about fighting Empire—I think because most SFF is and was produced by white Westerners who are working through their undigested feelings about benefiting from imperial domination by writing stories where they imagine themselves into the position of the oppressed. But that’s a salty take for another day!

  • I never liked having human cultures in natural history museums, so I'm glad that the American Museum of Natural History is revising its exhibits.

  • It was, according to someone-or-other, National Puppy Day yesterday! The Atlantic collected photos.

Finally, I had been trying the podcast Placing Faces because I like how-the-sausage-gets-made podcasts and casting directors seemed like a good topic for that. And the first episode was really great, though the host could have worked a little more not to step on the interview subject's toes. and then, ableism )

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Took the kids to see Captain Marvel yesterday afternoon, their first MCU movie, though they are familiar with the MCU overall by general cultural osmosis.

Mild spoilers, a few additional thoughts. )

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New Avengers: Endgame trailer at YouTube.

first, hasty thoughts )

In conclusion, yesterday I bought myself a Captain Marvel figure and positioned it carefully atop the White House, to join the movie monsters already here.

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non-spoiler reaction )

where to see the cameos, how many post-credits scenes there are )

And now for the SPOILERS.

no second billing, 'cause you're a star now )


Finally, what comics do people like? I read all of Kelly Sue DeConnick's Captain Marvel and related Avengers volumes, but that's it. If you liked the movie, I would recommend that with qualifications, mainly that I find the art of the 2012-2013 run actively off-putting (the first main artist, Dexter Soy, has a tendency to do more boobs-and-butts that I'd like, and the coloring is horrifically muddy; and then the second main artist, Filipe Andrade, is all Delirium pixie-deformed-waif?). And there were definitely times when I felt the weight of the backstory pressing, unlike either Unbeatable Squirrel Girl or Ms. Marvel (the latter of which I am not remotely caught up on). However, DeConnick gets specially name-checked in the credits for a reason (as does David Lopez, the artist on the second run), so if you can roll with the art and a little Googling, go ahead.

Comixology is having a sale, as it should, and the ones I've read are the first six collected volumes (plus Avengers Assemble: Science Bros): the 2012-2013 run, collected as In Pursuit of Flight and Down; Avengers: The Enemy Within, which picks up right after; and the 2014-2015 run, collected as Higher, Further, Faster, More; Stay Fly (which has a lot of stuff about the cat!); and Alis Volat Propriis.

So what else should I read, comics-reading friends? Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps sounded awfully tied-in to bigger-picture stuff, so even though it was co-written by DeConnick, I didn't read it. Obviously I'm not reading anything that's Civil War II, and neither should anyone else.(Really! I had to suffer through it via Ms. Marvel and nope nope nope.) But how's Margaret Stohl's run?

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Everything has spoilers.

Commentary )

Fic )

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Ant-Man and the Wasp (IMDB). This has been out a while and I haven't watched it because I don't care. I still don't.

Solo: A Star Wars Story (IMDB). See above. You just can't do young Han unless you digitally age down Harrison Ford, I'm sorry, you can't.

Ready Player One (IMDB). It is as bad as everyone says. Wow.

Red Sparrow (IMDB). This looks like the least-interesting possible version of a Black Widow knockoff. Where is a Name of the Rose adaptation?

Uncle Drew (IMDB). I'm assuming the bad old-age makeup is deliberate.

Venom (IMDB). No, seriously, where is my Name of the Rose adaptation?
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So I got to see Black Panther tonight!

General reaction, vague spoilers )


I'll be going and seeking out all the spoiler stuff that I've been avoiding, but feel free to drop links here. I can recommend this ten-minute video of the director breaking down one of the fight scenes, to start!

Morning edit (spoilers) )
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Saw Saturday night. Just for the record, a few thoughts.

spoilers, all the spoilers )


Alpha, wholly unnecessary prehistoric adventure story about teenage boy taming a wolf, thereby creating dogs;

Rampage, which is apparently based on a video game? and is about giant animals and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the man with a special bond with one of them (innuendo not intended but it's very late and I need to go to bed);

Incredibles 2 teaser, which I have no feelings about, having not seen the first;

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which, well, they are sure making more of these, aren't they; and

Avengers: Infinity War, which almost certainly cannot be a good movie, as overstuffed as it is, but you give me a big screen and Cap's appearance as the emotional high point, I'm going to be happy, I can't help it.
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Reactions only )


edited to add two morning spoilers about Sam )

A note about post-credit scenes: there are two, but you don't have to stay for the second unless character name ) is your absolute favorite because it's really nothing.
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It's now out in at least two non-US countries, so, Internet who knows me and has seen it/reads spoilers, should I see it? I originally thought I wasn't seeing this without thorough spoilers, and I've changed my mind, I just want to know the following:

spoilers only insofar as you consider trailers spoilers )
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because it won't take long and I can't do anything involved at this very moment.

See the spoiler-riffic summary of concept art from Doctor Strange and actual footage from Captain America: Civil War at io9.

spoilers )
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AV Club article on restoring The Apu Trilogy and its burned negatives. I assume those of you who do this sort of thing professionally know about this project already, but, way cool.

The Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell TV adaptation finally has release dates: Sunday, May 17 for BBC One and Saturday, June 13 for BBC America. (I am sure I will have many words to write about this! I'm not sure in what form or where yet, though.)

MCU & Ultron stuff (is that how we're referring to it? A:AoU looks like a werewolf howl): Max Gladstone has interesting thoughts, of which my favorite is the bit about character totems at the very end.

Did I really not link to [personal profile] skygiants's hilarious Ultron summary? Well, there you go.

I transcribed Natasha's speech in That Scene in a comment at Tor.com, which I will probably want to be able to find again (ugh).

Finally, All Trailers Are the Same.
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Another pretty dire lot.

Southpaw: dead wife, daughter taken away, boxing, blah blah manpain.

Jurassic World: I'm pretty sure I'd get more enjoyment of out re-reading If The Velociraptor From Jurassic Park Were Your Girlfriend.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: holy shit it's actually worse than everyone's jokes about it.

Pixels: here I was, desperately hoping for something fun, I actually laughed at the appearance of Pac-Man, and then boom! Adam Sandler. GAH.

Fantastic Four: it might be the contrast, but this didn't look actively terrible? Not, like distinctive or necessary or anything, but not actively terrible. (It was this one; I gather others were different.) I still roll my eyes that they couldn't cast Sue as a black woman too—I mean, yes, it's absolutely possible that she and Johnny are biological sibs, rather than adopted, but actual literal visibility matters. (Yes, I'm aware about the potential relevance to Sue's powers, but still: cast a very-light-skinned black woman if that's what you're going for.)

Tomorrowland: this is the second trailer I've seen for this, and at least it gives me way more of a sense than the first one? I'm still unsure about it, though.

Ant-Man: well, this trailer was more appealing to me than Guardians, which pisses me off because it'll probably do just as well and I don't want it to, because of (presumed spoiler) and also because I still resent its existence.
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Elaborating and expanding on last night's.

Here's a non-spoiler version:

I told Chad that I had pretty low expectations and it exceeded it. And in the light of day, I stick by that, but only barely, now that the high of action scenes and that last shot have worn off. I suspect one main problem of the movie may have been insoluble: Avengers couldn't even juggle six team members, and the number of characters goes up considerably here. But until now (absent Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: The Dark World, which I haven't seen), I've generally felt that the MCU has done a good job of rewriting comics canon to suit itself. Not so much this time. Add that to the "include all the things" problem, and what should have been the core of the movie felt hollow and warmed-over to me.

(Apparently there is to be a Peter Jackson-style director's cut on the DVD release, which is really something I do not wish to encourage: do it right the first time, for fuck's sake. But I admit to interest in what it might contain, I can't help it.)

Also, the levels of heteronormativity were almost literally toxic.

That said: it didn't do one thing I was dreading, in the moment I was entertained more often than not, and the very very end made me super-happy. So, on balance, exceeded low expectations.

Finally, before the spoiler cut: news articles beforehand said that there was a scene during the credits and none after, which a friend of mine stayed all the way to the end to confirm, so once you've seen the fancy credits and the extremely short scene after that, you're good to go.

all the spoilers, now, plus speculation based on information released about forthcoming movies )

But hey, on the bright side, I can catch up on the last . . . month, probably . . . on Tumblr now!

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