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Well. It's been a while.

Saturday, December 11, Chad went off to a physics conference in Canada, leaving Emmy and I to our own devices until Tuesday afternoon. This would have been fine except for the crushing headache I developed Saturday night which kept me awake all night.

The next weekend was the weekend before Christmas, so we went out to my parents' for holiday celebrations. My aunt and her husband did dinner at their house, with my grandmother and a family friend I haven't seen in years, and that was lovely. The weekend after that was Christmas, so we went to Chad's parents for a Polish Christmas Eve (oplatki and oyster cracker fights [*] and soup and fish and pierogi; no vodka shots this year, but sangria again—why does sangria not give me a headache, but regular red wine does?).

[*] Oplatki (or oplatek) are Communion-like wafers; everyone goes around and shares, oldest first down to youngest, and wishes each other a Merry Christmas. This takes a long time, so the kids used to get in surreptious fights with the oyster crackers that go with the soup. The cracker fights are now a tradition to the point that we have a wedding picture of relatives coming up to Chad and dumping handfuls over his head.

The next weekend was New Year's, and we went to a party in the neighborhood thrown by the organ-builder of the open house and spouse. A good time, and I didn't turn into a pumpkin until after midnight. I gave myself the gift of a day not doing work New Year's Day (having spent considerable time at Chad's parents holed up with a laptop), and dozed for a long time and then watched the extended edition of Return of the King )

This week, I went out to Syracuse on Tuesday for a court appearance, and am pretty wiped from that appearance, the five hours' drive, and the work generated by it both before and after. However, I was so very incredibly sick of law tonight that I decided to bang this out and then go to bed a little early, to gear up for working through the weekend, again.

And we close with 2004 Books )

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This week had good things bookend too much cold and not enough sleep (one night the dog was a pain, another I was feeling rotten). Last Monday, I got very welcome, very unexpected news at work. Yesterday, my football team won. )

Today I had off for the holiday, so I said "what the heck" and saw Return of the King—yes, again. )

I actually cooked this weekend, too. Saturday I made meat lasagna, which was tasty, but not as thick (height-wise) as I would have liked, so I think I'll look for a different recipe. Today I tried Mormon funeral potatoes (simple)—I didn't really know what it would taste like, but it was good, definite comfort food.

Brief dog stuff )

Link things:

I have a booklog post on The Silmarillion mostly done, but I'm stuck on articulating precisely why it pissed me off. Unfortunately, I'm pretty tired from staying up to watch sports highlights last night, so I don't think I'll make any progress on it tonight. Good night, everybody.

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thoughts after re-watching Return of the King, SPOILERS )

[Edited 12/29/2003 to clarify the thing that several people commented on.]

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Before the movie talk, a practical note about going to the theater: don't count on being able to make one last bathroom run during the trailers, because we only had one, much to my surprise.

initial reactions to Return of the King, spoilers and incoherent rambling )
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Wednesday, our first full day back from vacation, we had the exterior house painting finished and more bookcases (the last, we don't have any more room) delivered. Work had been pretty quiet while I was away. Other than that, mostly everything else notable about the week was dog stuff. )

Oh, by the way: if a recipe for sauce calls for an egg yolk, do not use an whole egg because you misremembered the recipe. They're really not equivalent. This hard-won lesson is brought to you by our overly-sticky alfredo from Saturday night.

Entertainment this week: the DVD of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. cut for papersky )

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