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I'm almost back to normal, health-wise (unlike Chad), but work has been kicking my ass this week (I want to write about a minor thing that's contributing to that, reader expectations, but I don't know when). Have a link dump instead.

  • Slate article about pretending to be a lobbyist. My reaction was, perhaps unusually, pleasure at how helpful the offices she visited were. I spent a year working for a U.S. Representative, and it's nice to see that my experience wasn't atypical (I don't think I had any meetings like that personally, but I remember seeing similar discussions).
  • It's Saiyuki week and I don't have time to re-read or do an art post or anything. Wah. I console myself with a procrastinatory Hakkai icon, which pleases me quite inordinately.
  • My law review article on special verdicts in criminal trials has been cited by an actual court, the Third Circuit! Eleven page PDF, page 9, footnote 2. I hoped, when I wrote the thing, that it would be a useful resource for practitioners, and so I am very chuffed that at least one person found it worth referencing.
  • New anti-spam plugins for Movable Type 3.2: HM Passphrase, which looks like an accessible "prove you're human" test; and Blacklist32, which lets the old plugin MT-Blacklist run alongside 3.2's built-in SpamLookup.

Finally, I've been in the same room as a lot of basketball games this week, and I'd like to say "Go, UAlbany!" The #16 Great Danes led #1 seed Connecticut by twelve in the second half before they ran out of steam and Connecticut woke up. It was a heck of a fun game until then.

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This week was mostly a continuation of last. The cold continues, which made driving ~300 miles on Wednesday interesting; and, just to keep things fresh, it mutated into a sinus infection very early on Friday morning. Antibiotics are helping and I'd probably feel relatively good today, except that last night around 1:00 I decided to add a cough suppressant to my cocktail of drugs. I'm sure there must be some decisions made at one in the morning that are good, but let's just say this wasn't one of them.

(Instead of Mercedes Lackey, I've gone to Tamora Pierce for this cold. Her books about Kel are very good for the middle of the night while waiting for coughing fits to really go away. I'm not going to booklog them because I don't have anything new to say about them—well, Owen is just the cutest thing ever, but that's not really useful.)

In happier continuation news, my cheap modified CueCat arrived and works a treat; I highly recommend it plus LibraryThing if you have a lot of books you want to catalog. The Internet Review of Science Fiction bought my Sunday-at-Boskone report—my first writing sale! I'm thinking of sending them a review of Bad Magic whenever I get around to re-reading it; I brought it to Chad's doctor's appointment yesterday, because it's so weird that it would probably fit quite well with the cold-pill state of mind, but instead I ended up writing most of a booklog entry on those Suzanne Enoch books (and coughing. Don't forget the coughing.). Syracuse won the Big East championship last night; the phone rang immediately after and, since I expected it to be Chad's father (he usually calls after big games), I answered it with "Go, Josh Wright!" Of course, it wasn't his dad; fortunately, it was his mom, who puts up with my weirdness admirably. (And hey, a five seed! Yeah, there's that whole 5-12 thing, but that's much higher than we expected.)

Ooh! Mom's just told me that the World Men's Curling Championships are going to be in Lowell in April. I have no idea whether it's going to be practical to go, but I want to. Must investigate.

Finally, it looks like there are cool though hectic things coming up at work, so I am going to go back to doing some preliminary research in that general direction.

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Last week was the kind of week where I repeatedly labored under the delusion that it was actually this week (and left at least one completely incomprehensible phone message as a result), and where I had this conversation with Chad:

Chad wakes me up by saying, "It's twenty of eight, didn't you set your alarm?"
Me: "It's Saturday." (meaning, leave me alone so I can sleep in. I am not articulate upon being woken.)
Chad: "No, yesterday was Thursday, which means today is Friday."
Me: "Oh. Damn."

Anyway. Lots of basketball [*], punctuated by a nice trans-Atlantic phone call and a trip to see Richard Thompson in concert. Chad's said most of what I was planning to; there's also a Times Union review (though there weren't four encores but four encore songs: "Dimming of the Day, "I Feel So Good," "The End of the Rainbow," and "Beeswing," which last is gorgeous) and an old Washington Post article about his adaptations for solo touring that captured the flavor of yesterday's show. I quite enjoyed the concert, though I had a hard time with Thompson's accent (and why is it that he sings with an accent? I'm used to not being able to tell what side of the pond a singer is from.); for instance, I thought the song "Cooksferry Queen" was about a fairy queen. I was amused by his accent on "1952 Vincent Black Lightning," though; my other comment about it was that only a Scot could make the "r" of "ride" last as long as the rest of the line . . . .

However, there will be no more Richard Thompson before bed for me, as I had dreams brimming over with death and betrayal last night.

[*] Basketball: the most interesting game, to me, was the second-round Syracuse vs. Maryland. I was rooting for Maryland, because I admire their guts and scrap, and after a very ugly first half it looked like they were going to pull off another improbable come-from-behind win, but alas. At least they made a game of it. And I was quite impressed with the baffling Syracuse 2-3 zone.

And work is piling up again, so I must attend to that lest I have work anxiety nightmares tonight.

[ Edit: I forgot to say that I'm cross about having to work tonight, as I read A Scholar of Magics this weekend and it's a joy, pure delight, but I wanted to look more closely at the magic (which kind of got lost in my rush to find out What Happens Next), and now I don't have time. Wah. ]

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Another cranky week; not really worth talking about. Well, Madrid would be worth talking about, but I have nothing to say. The world makes me sad, but we have to live in it and make the best of it all the same.

Much basketball this weekend; see this post and the post above on Chad's blog for details. Poor Chad looked like someone had hit him on the back of the head when the brackets were announced: Maryland and Syracuse, his teams, are seeded in such a way that if they make it past the first round (not guaranteed; they're playing Western-area teams in Denver), they'll play each other.

Yesterday, we bought lots and lots of books: handfuls of Westlake for both of us; presents for Chad's father, including Doyle and Macdonald's The Price of the Stars from me; and more for my inpile, including [livejournal.com profile] pegkerr's Emerald House Rising, SeaWasp's (Ryk E. Spoor) first novel Digital Knight, and Laurie J. Marks' Earth Logic. As of today, I'm almost up-to-date on the booklog; I have a re-read of Tooth and Claw to get through before I can log it, and that's it—just in time for a lot of other books to pop into the queue: new J.D. Robb out of the library, new Caroline Stevermer and Guy Kay on their way from Amazon, and then I want to re-read all of The Viscount of Adrilanka before logging Sethra Lavode, and then we're into April and new Westlakes . . .

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Nervewracking game, my goodness, but what a beautiful block on the second-to-last play. First Maryland and now Syracuse: Chad's teams are having good years . . .

Good night, everybody.

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Friday morning, there was a quarter inch of solid ice on my car. It took me half an hour to clear it off so that I could go to work. Schenectady got another quarter inch during the day; I got less in Albany, where it's generally warmer. It continued spitting ice Friday night, and wasn't supposed to let up until mid-day Saturday. Since my parents were getting the same kind of weather out in Massachusetts, we said, "Well, guess we're not going to visit them this weekend."

Friday night at 10:00, the power went out, flickered back on, and then went out for good. When it went out the second time, we said, "Well, guess it's time for bed."

[ The important thing to note here is that, though our furnace is gas, the heat gets disturbed through a forced-air system. Which runs on electricity. Which means no heat when the electricity's out. Which is incredibly stupid, in my opinion: if you've got gas coming in for the heat anyway, why not rig the fans and such so they run on gas, too? ]

Saturday morning the power still wasn't on, so we went to Bruegger's for a leisurely breakfast. Came back, power still wasn't on, so we went to Chad's office. Came back around lunchtime, cleared an additional inch of snow and ice off the other car, discovered that power still wasn't on, and said, "Well, guess we're going to Whitney Point for the night." Chad's parents weren't getting the same bad weather, live closer than my parents, and had his grandmother and one of his great-aunts up anyway, who we wanted to see.

Went to the Point, had a nice dinner, watched Kansas *thump* Marquette—who knew?—and Syracuse pull it out against Texas. Go, Syracuse. Slept a bit fitfully (we've gotten out of the habit of sleeping in a double bed) but warmly. Stayed through lunch and then headed back: power or no power, we had things to do that couldn't really be accomplished there. Chad's parents are really way too good to us.

Still no power. It was about forty degrees in the house. According to the recording on the power company's phone, power is expected to be restored late Monday. We said, "Well, guess we're going to a hotel." Before we do that, though, we have the exciting experience of bailing out an alarming quantity of water from the sump pump hole (because, of course, the sump pump runs on electricity) and moving around some stuff that got wet. (It's a good thing we didn't put the paperback shelves in the basement . . . )

Between this and the 100+ inches of snow we've had this season, this has really been a great introduction to the joys of home ownership.

To be fair, I usually don't get too worked up over things I can't control, like weather and traffic, so it could be much worse.

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