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The rest of the Japan album we made for my grandparents, thirty-three pictures with captions.

If you'd prefer to click through the album picture-by-picture, here's the Scrapbook gallery. All of Chad's pictures are on Flickr, and mine are in another Scrapbook gallery.

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As a Christmas present, Chad and I gave my grandparents albums of our trip to Japan. Though the pictures were chosen, and the accompanying text written, for a pretty specific audience, the sixty pictures we ended up including are a decent sampling of our many, many pictures from the trip, so I thought I'd share them here. This first post has twenty-seven pictures; click on the pictures for larger versions; the second post has thirty-three pictures.

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I'm finally going through all our 1500+ Japan pictures, and Chad reminded me that we saw a really great exhibition of modern Buddhist art at Kodai-ji in Kyoto, of very lively anthropomorphic animals, plants, and temple fixtures being drawn toward a Buddha and demons fighting to get away. There weren't English labels and we weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but we do have a picture of the poster that was outside:

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Anyone able to get any useful identifying information out of that? Thanks.

ETA: a commentor at Chad's translates the poster as identifying Toriyama Sekien.
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I've put my pictures, with very minimal editing, up in this LJ gallery. They are rather peculiar, in that I mostly took pictures of (1) stuff that interested me that Chad wasn't going to take a picture of (he took many pictures and usually has a better eye than me) or (2) things in museums because my camera is supposed to be better for no-flash situations. So this is not representative by any means.

I apologize for the minimal editing and annotations, but I will never finish posting them if I don't do a hasty job. Feel free to ask questions about any of them and I will elaborate if I can.

ETA: now with cross-references to the relevant travel posts. Offer to elaborate still open.

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We're in a hotel that rents out laptops, so I've just posted two other travel updates and am now current. We're arriving home sometime late Saturday or mid-day Sunday.

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Oh, and I intend to write a post summing up Worldcon and summing up Japan; I'll probably work on those in airports and such tomorrow.
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We left Yokohama for Takayama on Wednesday morning, stayed two nights, and are now in Ôsaka waiting for our flight out tomorrow (Saturday). This was written piecemeal from Wednesday to Friday.

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(Written Wednesday on the train to Takayama.)

On Tuesday we took the long trip to Nikkô.

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not Japan

Sep. 5th, 2007 10:07 am
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Nikko yesterday, it was great but a long day so no report yet. Today we are going to Takayama to stay in a ryokan and will be without internet access until probably Friday afternoon, when we plan to arrive in Osaka and spent the night before flying out of KIX Saturday afternoon.

(The typhoon appears not to be a problem. I hope. *crosses fingers*)

Look for further reports--and answers to comments, I promise--in a few days.
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(Written Monday night, posted Tuesday morning.)

Worldcon ended today but I didn't get to any of it because I was waiting for laundry machines to open up. (Who knew that Monday morning at 9 a.m. was such a popular time to wash clothes in Yokohama?) I missed Chad's blogging panel, which I regret--the topic doesn't interest me, but I expected it to be sparsely attended and he came and helped a lot at my panel.

Instead, we did tourism after lunch.

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(Written and posted Monday.)

We spent most of Sunday away from the con.

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(Written Wednesday night, posted Thursday morning.)

It rained today in Kamakura.

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Worldcon runs until Monday. I intend to do panel reports, but my Palm keyboard is being a bit flaky lately. So reports may have some gaps in, or may not appear at all if the keyboard is too much trouble--there's no way that I can manage to post paper notes from home later. Anything that does get taken, though, I will try to post quickly.
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(Written Tuesday night, posted Wednesday morning.)

A really good day.

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Finally, the morning paper contained an obituary for Edward Seidensticker, translator of the first unabridged English _Tale of Genji_ (and the edition that I didn't manage to finish reading before I came here). He leaves behind an impressive body of translations, criticism, and essays.
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(Written Monday night, posted Tuesday morning. It took us a bit to sort out the Internet situation here, as we decided to try the Internet-by-TV. Well, that was a disaster--trying to post to LJ crashed it, just for instance--so at least until the con starts on Thursday, I'm back to half-hours in the morning on the hotel computers, and posting & checking e-mail only.)

(As a result, there is a long post about the prior days just below this one.)

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(Written Sunday night, posted Tuesday morning.)

We're safely in Yokohama, having spent a day in Nara and a day and a bit in Kyoto since last I wrote. This is going to be even longer than usual as a result.

Also, I am very tired, but wanted to write before even more time passed, so if I make any egregious typing mistakes, please feel free to ask me what I actually meant.

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No real travel update today because we went to Nara yesterday and I was too tired to write when we got back. Today, northwest Kyoto, and packing to leave; tomorrow, maybe (famous shrine with lots of torii that I can't remember the name of before breakfast) and Uji (still kicking myself for not finishing _Genji_) before taking the train to Yokohama. Kinda full days, so may not have time to write before we're on the train; but we're alive and well, so worry not, if you were inclined to.
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(Written Thursday night, posted Friday morning.)

A relatively short day for me, because I bailed on the afternoon.

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(Written Wednesday night, posted Thursday morning.)

Lots of cool stuff, but a very long day in which my inner two-year-old kept wanting to throw a temper tantrum (being insufficiently recovered from yesterday). So I will attempt brevity.

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Oh, and Chad is also doing travel updates in the Japan category of his blog.
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A really great day today (Tuesday).

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Oh, and FWIW, I'm getting online once a day, checking email, posting, and responding to a few comments--I'm not reading blogs or LJ at all. If this changes when we get to Yokohama on Sunday, I'll let you know.
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Here are the books that I am definitely taking to Japan:

  • Scott Lynch, Red Seas Under Red Skies
  • Kij Johnson, The Fox Woman and Fudoki
  • R.H.P. Mason, A History of Japan
  • Sei Shonagon, The Pillow Book

I am possibly bringing various John M. Ford books that I haven't read yet, in case that memorial panel actually happens—does anyone know if it's going to? If not, well, Ford is not my ideal vacation reading.

For the last half-dozen-ish slots, I find myself with a plethora of mass-market paperbacks, so, like everyone else: a poll!

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